Veronica has a new “hobby”, Yoga! Yes Yoga!! She tells everyone she wants to stay fit, flexible, reinforce her bones, live long and healthy.

Yeah, sure… I don’t believe a word of it. I’ll tell you why; it’s because of Lululemon!

IMG_1020 2

Lululemon is an athletic apparel brand. She discovered it in the US and now ALL her dog wear is Lululemon. “It’s very comfortable” so she says, (lame explanation; she loves the design!)

One day she bought some specific Yoga wear, and a Yoga mat. Probably because she thought they looked cool, and Yoga is trendy.


Veronica, who considers herself quite fit, took a few private lessons. Reality hit her hard!! I heard her tell everyone; “OMG!! Yoga is exhausting”. What did she expect? A few simple movements on a mat??

The lessons became fewer, the official justification was that she travelled too much. I suspect laziness.

However, one day, for some obscure reason, she announced proudly to her family and friends; “I’m taking up Yoga again”. She even bought the season package.

I think it’s because she want’s Dennis to exercise too…on his bike.


This is Constance, the Yoga Master. She must be a great teacher; she loves dogs!


Akash was Constance’s dog, sadly he had to leave for Fairyland not long ago. He was very sweet and so gentle, he even did a little Yoga. Lego was his friend.


She has two cats. Me, I don’t care much about those. They have enough sense not to come into our garden. So we haven’t been properly introduced.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike cats per se. Oh no, they can surely be charming…at times…


Veronica loves cats, she even had a cat, Yaourt. He’s in Fairyland with Lego. He was cute, sure, but look at that; taking up half of Lego’s bed, really? Who does he think he is? King of the house?

Cats have all these privileges: They can walk wherever they want, us dogs have to stay on a leash and behind fences. They’re allowed up on beds, chairs, sofas, the works.

When I meet a cat on our walks in the neighbourhood, it sits down, and stairs at me. Giving me the “Yes, can I help you?” look. The superior, provocative “I own the world”, kind of look.

Cats…charming? On second thought, I don’t really see it!


Constance lives very close by in a beautiful big house with a magic garden. It even has a little pond and Bee hives.


It’s called the “House of Yoga” and has a special gate just for the Yoga classes.


Sometimes they have Yoga lessons in the garden.


Even the cat joins them…see, typical cat attitude!


Every Monday morning Veronica, dutifully, goes to her Yoga class. I wait by the door. (I don’t appreciate her leaving without me!! This is usually our Big walk time!!)


Sometimes I hang out in the Garden, looking for her. Waiting impatiently. I feel quite offended she replaced our walks with her new “hobby”

Suddenly walking with me isn’t enough?? Does she really care for Yoga? Is this new trend going to last??


The other day a small miracle happened; I was invited to a lesson!! Yes me, Felicia von Der Andreashöhe!! Now I’ll see what it’s all about!

(It was a private lesson mind you)


Constance is a pro, no way Veronica can to “Downward dog” like her!


Veronica told Dennis, and the children and her friends, she has an excuse. She’s much older then all other members in their group.

I have news for you Veronica. Apparently there is this super old Lady who’s a real Yoga champion!!

Age is no excuse in the Yoga world!!


I got my own Yoga mat. C’mon, that’s very easy!  Bet you I could do all the Yoga poses. I’m a near Agility champion, remember?

I could be a pro too…

IMG_5879 2

..only I don’t really have the right “Yoga Spirit” right now. Everyone knows that you have to feel your soul at peace in order to achieve the more complex postures.

I’ll take a rain check on that one…


I pains me to admit it, but Veronica looked happy! Yes she really enjoyed the lesson. Unbelievable!

Constance;  she’s the best, not only does she love dogs, but she made Veronica actually love Yoga!!! And I tell you what; that’s quite the achievement!!

She’s a great teacher!

With all this Yoga zen spirited atmosphere around me, honesty seems in order: we do go for a long walk after her lesson…she does NOT neglect all…I just felt left out!


Yoga? Yeah it’s cool. Personally, what I prefer is the SAVASANA! It’s my specialty! I could even be a champion, I mean just look at me!!


Thank you Constance for introducing me to the marvels of your Yoga world.

Constance Itin, learn more:

“Always a great pleasure to read you! Thank you for your tribute to Akash, we all got very emotional reading it😢
It was a great pleasure to have you and Felicia! 🙏

Need athletic wear, Lululemon:

A Boxer Girl at SOCIETY


Today is a special day, I’m going shopping with Veronica. Not shopping per se, so she told Dennis,  “CS and I are only going to check out the new store and the spring collection”.

He didn’t look convinced. She kind of has a “reputation”. Though amazingly enough she does like to just browse the various stores, clothes, furniture etc…

Perhaps she feels it’s like a sort of museum.


On today’s Menu;  SOCIETY.

A linen brand Veronica discovered a long time ago. She loves the sheets, the towels…etc… let’s just say she’s a BIG fan! She used to go to Milan to shop. (Without me!!).

I heard she spent hours in the store…HOURS!! Told you, she’s a little crazy. Good news, no need to travel to Milan anymore. We now have our own SOCIETY store!

I’m wearing my beautiful lilac leash; “Look Felicia, you’re in harmony with SOCIETY colour palette”.



Let’s face the truth; I love SOCIETY sheets too! They’re super fun. As a pup I played hide and seek in them. Until Veronica caught me in the act and put an end to it.


Now I sneak into the room for a nap whenever she changes the linen set. It’s super comfy!


The bed is out of bounds, however, I find ways to climb up…discreetly…


The bathroom towels are less interesting for me, and the rug’s not very soft.

I come here quite often, just to annoy Veronica, make her hurry up and get ready faster. She usually orders me out. “Felicia you’re in my way, out”.

IMG_5548 2.jpg

The New Store is in the Old Town.

Veronica gave me the “Shopping etiquette” speech this morning “Felicia this is a small store, you’re NOT allowed to jump on the bed, or to smell any sheets, or blankets, be discreet, if not you can stay home.”

Staying home ?? NO way! And misbehave?  HELLO; this is not any boring store, we’re talking about SOCIETY!


The door is open…somebody’s there?


It’s Alessio, he greets us warmly, he loves dogs and makes me feel very welcome.


I admit the store is gorgeous. There are many ‘oohs and ahhs’ from Veronica and CS. I decide to take up the most interesting position: By the window.


Here I can leisurely observe the passers by in the street. Wish a dog would walk by so I can show off “Look at me, I’m INSIDE the store, I’m friend’s with Alessio!!”


Unfortunately the window station is not “Veronica approved”. Apparently she’s worried I might slip out and live my own life. Now why would I do that??

As you probably guessed, this will be no express visit…oh no… Everything has to be thoroughly looked at. Each item and new color studied in detail (and discussed at length.)


I’m used to the whole “shopping bazaar” and choose my next spot. By the bed, in case there’s an opening, to sneak up on it. Not that I’m planning anything, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

As a matter of fact I look great here. My beautiful coat with the colours of the sheets, the blanket, yes perfect. I even think I’d look fantastic ON the bed.


I could be in a SOCIETY ad: “Felicia, the Boxer girl looking beautiful on a SOCIETY Bed”. Don’t you agree? They should contact me. And I am very patient, I can pose. (I said this before, I’m the perfect advertising dog!)

Should I just try the bed?


Sometimes I think Veronica can read my mind. “Felicia the bed is off limits” she takes me close to the bathroom area.

Come think of it all SOCIETY colours look good with my complexion. Well I do have a beautiful coat, everyone says so. That new Yellow colour with my brindle, nice.

I know it’s new, first because CS and Veronica immediately spotted it, secondly because we don’t have it.


Once the ground floor is visited, and all the new items admired, it’s time to try some clothes on, in the lower level.

There’s a special cabin. I’m not allowed inside.


I’m such a perfect Boxergirl, I should get a special medal for my patience, and then of course one for posing.


Finally after a VERY long time the “let’s try this on” session is over. Would have been much longer had there been more items.


I kind of want to leave now. That’s when her Iphone rings, it does that a lot, most of the time it’s her children. You’d think being adults they’d stop calling her ALL THE TIME.

She ALWAYS answers, even if she shouldn’t “I need to take this, might be important”. Ridiculous! Sometimes there’s a minor question or story, sometimes it’s some kind of emotional drama.

Kids: Grow up! (I love them but hey, all that phone time should be dedicated to me!)


When she finally hangs up, and just as I think we’re leaving, they get offered juice and biscuits.

Really??? Is that necessary? Like they haven’t spent enough time here!! And what about me? Don’t I get something??? (Ok, to be fair Veronica gave me quite a lot of treats for my perfect behaviour)


Suddenly CS remembers she wants to ask about curtains…Seriously??? Now??? You need to focus here, we’re leaving…well, not anymore, Curtains it is!

Now I’m beyond bored, I can’t even look through the window properly!


Finally we say goodbye to Alessio.

I’ve been such a perfect, obedient, pleasant, well educated Boxer girl (Everybody said so!).

SOCIETY is a beautiful store and Alessio is really nice, but most of all, as always, I love spending time with Veronica.


SOCIETY people, a word;  make Dog beds!! I can’t risk this behaviour much longer, also Dog biscuits in all stores!



Many thanks to Alessio for your patience and kindness, and to CS for the photos




Juices and Biscuits: