Postcard From Sweden

I’m very upset, if not downright angry: Veronica has started traveling again. How come you say? She got the Covid vaccination as did all her Swedish friends.

Nobody had bothered telling me anything… as always, I’m last to know.

This is what happened: The other day, as I was strolling around the house, minding my own business, I suddenly…

…stumbled on a suitcase!! In Veronica and Dennis’s bedroom. The truth unfolded; Veronica was going to Stockholm, alone. To see her friends.

What about Dennis? No he had to stay here, partly to take care of me, but mostly because Veronica, very egotistically, did not want to share her friends with him.

I felt hurt on Dennis’s behalf. He, on the other hand, said he perfectly understood. He’s such a gentleman. Thank god I was there to keep his spirits up.

There is a common denominator among her friends: dogs. I have mixed feelings about this fact. I am, to be perfectly honest here, a tiny, minuscule bit jealous that she gets to hang out with other dogs without me.

And before you say anything, I absolutely know how to behave, as we’ve already established on multiple occasions.

She had lunch with Monica and Yvonne and sweet little Bubblan. I say little. but there is nothing little in her energy level! She can jump and run forever it seems.

Bubblan even got Ice cream! Why don’t I get that?

Veronica told me when I swim like Bubblan she might consider ice cream for me.

That’s what I call blackmail. She should feel ashamed of herself. I don’t even want to discuss the matter. I’m offended!

Incidentally I can do tons of other things, off the top of my head: I’m the best photo model ever, patient, gorgeous, elegant, smart…! Does that count for nothing? I totally deserve ice cream, don’t you agree Monica?

Veronica spent a fun day with four beautiful, slightly wild Boxers and their plus one’s: Yvonne and Tom with Lux and Qarisma.

Maria and Christer with Vinci and Qastor.

Veronica was thrilled to meet the Andreashöhe Q siblings again. She would, of course, report back to Andy and Jacky.

All four had so much fun. The older siblings, Lux and Vinci, played with a certain dignity. Probably wanting to show the youngsters how it’s done…

…meanwhile the Andreashöhe lot couldn’t care less and had a blast!

Vinci showed off his tricks, I wish he wouldn’t, it gives Veronica unrealistic ideas…for me.

Veronica absolutely wanted a pic with the two Q’s. Considering their level of energy, a photo session was only achieved, and with considerable difficulty, at the end of the day.

She very much wanted to meet Simon v d Andreashöhe too, but he lives a little far away. Perhaps some other time. He reminds her of my mother Ondra and he’s gorgeous. (Duh, he’s an Andreashöhe!!)

Apparently he’s very sweet, so Niclas and Christine tells Veronica. I now have 3 cousins in Sweden, so cool!

Next stop, two days with Eva, my Eva! She lives, south of Stockholm, it’s a beautiful place. Surrounded by woods, the sea, lakes and many wonderful walks.

Will-Ja and young Pike are the most obedient, well behaved dogs Veronica has ever met, so she tells everyone.

Of course they are! They’re Eva’s dogs! Also let’s put things in perspective here, we’re talking about a working dog breed, Field type labradors. (Us Boxers are just a little…let’s say “imaginative”)

I hope Veronica boasted about how much progress I’ve made, all thanks to Eva’s advice. I’m no Will-Ja mind you, let’s not be unrealistic here.

Eva once told Veronica I’m a great dog! Hear that? THE Eva said so, and she’s among the movers and shakers in the dog world.

Just a little tip, read her book, it’s fun and informative. (“Kontakt kontraket”, in English “Follow me” Eva Bodfäldt)

Will-Ja and Pike need daily challenges.

Like swim out to retrieve balls, in an orderly fashion, following precise instructions as to who picks up which ball. Veronica was very impressed.

FYI I have a ton of cool tricks up my sleeve!

Will-Ja is a very special dog, she’s sensitive and has an independent mind, she likes things done her way. She even has her own book. (“Det handlar om Will-Ja” Eva Bodfäldt).

A deep bond ties her to Eva, two strong ladies. Veronica is particularly fond of Will-Ja, apparently it’s mutual, so Eva says. Should I worry?

Hippie is a fun, no nonsense, happy go lucky kind of dog. She’s a Schapendoes and lives with Veronica’s friend Ulrika.

Veronica has told me, on numerous occasions, I should take a leaf out of her book. I’m kind of sick of her little pointers. Don’t get a Boxer, I say! I’m as perfect as they come!

Veronica loves their beautiful summer house in the Stockholm archipelago. Sometimes I get the feeling she misses Stockholm.

She keeps on telling everyone that nothing can live up to a Swedish summer.

Finally, the last day in Stockholm, is spent with Ann, and her magnificent, elegant poodle Felix. (Why is it that Poodles are so elegant? They have this kind of aristocratic superior look, I think)

I love Ann, she’s known me since I was a tiny pup. She used to be an Agent for opera singers, and whenever her singers performed at the Geneva Opera house, she would stay with us.

We welcomed Veronica back with the Chef’s, a.k.a. Dennis’s, special pesto. We were both very happy to have her home again.

She talked about her friends, the dogs… beautiful Stockholm, on and on…bla bla bla…It got to be a little annoying.

We’re obviously happy for her, but enough already!

Actually, what do I care, my Veronica is home!

To all my Swedish friends: thank you for making my return to Stockholm, after 18 long months, such a wonderful and fun time. I’d missed you!