The Weird Holiday

It’s the holiday season and I’m very stressed and worried. Two things are keeping me awake at night.

1) What with the Covid situation, Santa might get sick. He won’t be able to travel. If so, what will happen to all my gifts? (Oh, and other people’s gifts too, I guess.)

2) A few, very rare, embarrassing “incidents”, occurred during the past year. I’m a tiny bit worried Santa might just misunderstand those events and put me on the Naughty list

1) I was very relieved when we, that is Dennis and I, heard Dr Fauci on CNN tell all the children that he himself had vaccinated Santa. Great, I love Dr Fauci, he’s cool.

2) It’s common knowledge that Santa sees EVERYTHING, so no point denying facts. But please, Santa, let me explain.

I did take the bibs. Thing is, MC told Veronica they’re not all that great. To my ears it goes “Felicia this is for you to play with”.

How was I to know she wanted to keep them.

Who in their right mind keeps wood in the living room? It is, supposedly, to build the fire, but c’mon, any dog in their right mind would have grabbed them, right?.

The “Paperwork”: I ultimately feel I did Veronica a favour by shredding. Obviously, had I known these particular papers were “very important”, I would have left them on the table.

Surely Santa, you see my side of the story, a simple misunderstanding?

And the other day…hmm..on second thought…no need to continue. Let’s just say nothing I might have done deserves to figure on the Naughty list.

Little L came to stay with us for a few days. She was very happy to help Veronica with the whole “X-Mas decoration insanity” that we have going on in this house… EVERY YEAR!

And of course: THE MUSIC! Dennis and I are going insane, he has taken to shutting the door to his office. I’m seriously considering joining him, behind that closed door.

Little L, on the other hand is thrilled, “Mer music som Nennis talar” (More music like Dennis talks, English ). It’s probably in her genes.

The X-Mas tree was, as always, too big and to be trimmed before taken into the living room. Why on earth can’t they just buy a smaller tree?

Veronica’s the culprit, I know it. (I might have mentioned this once…or twice, but she’s, what’s the word again….oh yes: bossy!)

She bought Little L a lovely party dress and now she’s ready.

Every year, I want to participate in the “Decorating the tree” activity. No, it’s just “Felicia don’t steal the ornaments…again”.

Yes, I sometimes borrow, (not steal) ornaments on the tree to play with, no harm done.

When the house looked festive and all decorations up, the doorbell rang. I couldn’t believe my eyes, an early delivery from Santa, for me. Felicia v d Andreashöhe!

From Cloud7 no less! WOW! What can that be?

Little L was as excited as I was. We unpacked the big box, and can you believe this, I got…

…a super comfy new bed.

And a new shiny bowl, no more of that ridiculous weird “eat slowly” Bowl. You finally heard me Santa.

Then things got a little out of hand…I got carried away and thought more presents were for me. As it happens, they weren’t. Veronica was furious.

What do I care, I already got mine, also whatever I do now doesn’t count. Everybody knows that Santa starts his list on January first.

I’m good.

This year, there was a “Covid safe restricted party”. Veronica (who love rules), set up a special message group for the purpose, with clear, very strict instructions.

Sofas and chairs were pulled far apart, outdoor furniture added. Each family sat together and were not allowed to wander around. Everybody agreed on wearing masks when not eating or drinking.

A window was kept open (Regardless if people were cold, and got pneumonia.) Everyone was told to wear appropriate clothes and that blankets would be available. There was to be no singing or dancing. (To the great relief of several members).

EC took on the role of Santa’s helper, distributing the gifts.

Amazingly enough it all worked out perfectly well, everybody followed the strict guidelines.

Incidentally, you need to know, we’re talking about Veronica’s family, they all have the “We must follow the rules” and the “law and order” gene. (The opinion of the plus ones is of yet unknown).

Indya and I were sent to the hall. Very unfair but rest assured, we got heavily bribed! The party was a success, everyone was happy.

We took my traditional Holiday pic, featuring my gifts. I’m such a cutie.

I few days later, I got a shock, Dennis left for San Francisco, for a month! I thought no one traveled these days. Turns out that ML is having a baby, as I know by now, Babies are a big deal, and he misses his family.

To make up for my distress Veronica gave me the belated Santa’s gifts. Many goodies and a cool toy.

See, Santa totally understands that some of my less glorious moments aren’t important enough to land on his “Naughty list”. Santa gets me!

Hear that guys! Not to worry, he’s very understanding. Thanks Santa, you’re the best!

To celebrate New Year, Veronica and I had a cool party, just the two of us, with great food, a cheesy X-Mas movie (no comment) and the traditional sparkle.

To all, my faithful readers, I wish you a Very Happy New Year, with many, crazy, fun adventures. Don’t forget to spoil your loved ones.

As for me, I’m exhausted, I need a vacation!

Like Felicia’s Bed?