Pug Love


Sunday morning, Veronica burst into the room as I was sleeping. “Felicia, I’ve got great news”

How dare she interrupt my beauty sleep? This better be good!

“We’re going to visit SPS!!”  What did she say? Her sister and the Cutie Pugs? WOW! Oh yeah, that’s totally worth waking up for!

(Not like last time…dragging me up for, “a fun walk” at 6.00 AM! Fun? For her maybe!)


The Cutie Pugs, remember those guys? Rose and Yoda? We had the best time ever during a fun walk in the snow. (Yes, you heard me, in the snow, and it was fun!)

Can’t wait to see them again!


Both Cutie Pugs came out to greet me. Rose is not that keen on my presence. She’s adorable but a little shy.


Zarah, the old Boxer Lady, needs peace and quite these days, she stayed by herself in the special Dog garden.

I happen to know Veronica dreams of one, a “Dog garden”. I wonder why?

Zarah is the sweetest Boxer Lady ever, I didn’t dare come close and disturb her (to tell you the truth, I’m sort of scared, she looks rather grumpy)


I play it safe and hang out with Yoda. (Important fact, I’m not scared per se! Just cautious)


Amazingly enough he’s quite fast, even though he’s got the shortest legs ever.

It’s because of SPS, she used to run Marathons, so obviously all her dogs are super fit! They probably run all the time.


I’m still faster then him though, oh yeah!! As I’m a very nice and a generous Boxer Girl I let him get ahead and win the race!

As a matter of fact, I’m the perfect guest! Anyone would feel happy, and honoured to have me in their home.

What? The incident at Inook’s… that was a one off and attractive baskets should not be lying on the floor, and…

well, let’s not get off track here. Let’s focus on the present playdate.


SPS has the best garden ever! It’s huge with  flowers and high grass. Perfect for dog racing.


You see the dog ears, flying by? Yeah, that’s me!! Wish Indya could see me now!! I’m so fast, I could easily win a sprint competition!


We both felt there was no need to overdo the running bit. We think intellectual activities are more appropriate for our personalities, like exploring unusual smells.


Once our brains filled with new information, we opt for the seating area. Never a bad plan, where there’s people, there’s bound to be food.


Rose. still very shy, retreats under a chair

IMG_8511 2

then on to the chair.

That’s the thing with small dogs, they’re allowed everywhere. People smile at them “what a cute little dog”.

If I sat on a chair…OMG, I’d never hear the end of it. “Felicia what are you doing”? And you’ll never see anybody smiling at me, oh no, it’ll  be “Disgusting, a dog on a chair “!

See what I mean?


Rose is just so cute, look at her. Who wouldn’t want a Pug in their house? (Apart from me)


Yoda is fun but a little “All about me” kind of Pug (remember). Typical, here he ostentatiously takes a position by the main door.

Me, “King of Castle”. Yeah, King, sure…


I observe the scene from a distance…”King” pffffff… ridiculous..

IMG_8571 2

And if the whole “King of the Castle” thing isn’t enough, he tries to beg for food from Veronica, all the time.


all the time! Even when we’re leaving. There he is, the supposed “King of the Castle”, begging. In spite of that whole business he’s very cute, and I like him a lot.


Back home, I take a moment to reflect on an important matter;

Pugs are cool dogs,  very friendly, fun, and they don’t try to boss you around.  Even though some think they are “Kings”. They’re super friendly.

I know one or two dogs that could take a leaf out of their book. Little Leon, for one, yeah, be more like Pugs. Get inspiration from their outlook on life etiquette!


What do you mean “Look who’s talking”? Don’t interrupt, I’m having an AHA moment here,

Anyway, tired Boxer Girl needs her beauty sleep!

The Dog Bed Confession



As I’m in a “Let’s be honest” phase, I have decided to confess to all my very small “mishaps” along the “Dog Bed Saga”.

Veronica should even be thankful, and not complain!

I’m actually helping her to test the pros and cons with each one of them! As a bonus, she get’s to go shopping, for a new better Bed! Yes, thankful is the word!

I should be called “Felicia the Dog Bed Tester”! (BTW I’m available for anyone in need of testing.)

Ok back to the story:


“The Harry Barker Bed”…unfortunately….there was one, or two …or a few embarrassing accidents…well puppy accidents…you know what I mean. (the LLBean Bed is lying there because…well you’ll see why later)

Veronica was in a state, each time “I don’t understand, no other of my Boxers did that”. (Certainly not  “Little Ms perfect Lego”!)

C’mon, we’re talking about a Puppy here…and even older puppies are still very young Dogs!


AND in my defence Indya did exactly the same!

Veronica was telling everyone, “This is the new generation Boxer dogs!”.

Come think of it, yes. absolutely, that’s it, they changed the formula. She can’t expect the same results with the new models. Ha!

As a matter of fact, this explains that!!


The new model is more distracted, obeys “differently”, takes personal initiatives on the home front. Yes, Indya and I are the latest model, with the extra new features.

An example? Ok, off the top of my head: the “wrestling on the Svensk Tenn sofas” game!


FYI: Indya was totally part of it all…but when found out, she always took an innocent “I have nothing to do with this” look. The cheat! She’s mostly the investigator.

Me? I never destroy anything! Oop’s-a-daisy, the “honesty phase”, damn it!  So, I might have jumped on the sofa first, and there have been, a few “events”, with beds, paper, food… ok, enough already!

Let’s move on, the Harry Barker Bed had to be thrown away.


The LLBean Bed was very funny to drag around.  One day, left alone, I was slightly bored and…

…I just happened to stumble on it…in the basement. One thing led to another…and,well let’s just say that those beds are not “Dog play proof”.

Veronica needs to file a complaint to the company.


The “Ecological” bed…I… no idea what happened here!


Last but not least, the “Cloud7 drama”!  (Absolutely, drama!) Please, before judging, hear me out!!

Here I was, alone at home, innocently playing with my new toy, and somehow, without any, warning, the Bed AND the toy…


,,,just exploded! Suddenly there was stuff everywhere!!

Veronica was in a state of shock !! “Felicia, this is the Cloud7 bed!!! Are you out of your mind????”


I don’t see what that fuss was all about. It was just the Velcro that opened and the inside cushion somehow slipped out and ripped, just a little bit.

And those small polystyrene balls were not that hard to pick up.

Didn’t she repair it? Isn’t it good as new?! So, now you can see my side of this supposed “drama”!


From that day on, when left alone, I was to sleep on the travel blankets. More infuriating, the comfy Cloud7 Bed could be spotted behind the glass door, taunting us!

We were reduced to sleep on mats! The unfairness of it!! Indya was with me on this one!


You probably think I should feel a little ashamed…but I don’t!


What do I care…I get to sleep on the chair these days!

“FGTDB”: +super comfortable, close to Veronica, supposedly off limits, battle won!                           -sleeping area comes with hourly restrictions

Sweet dreams!








Boxer Felicia’s Guide To Dog Beds


Today Let’s talk about my Bed…S.  Yes in plural! I have and have had a number of Beds. Veronica want’s the best for me. That’s the official version, unofficially she loves to shop!

(There is another reason. I might, or might not, tell you why next week)

As I’m a Dog Bed expert by now, I’ll share my experience and conclusions with you. It’s called “Felicia’s Guide To Dog Beds” (FGTDB). Results on a scale from 1 to 10.

Let’s begin the tour:


The “Cotton Bone Bed”.

FGTDB: 7, +Beautiful, comfortable.    -Gets dirty easy, looses it’s shape after washing

Look how cute I am, “Felicia the adorable Puppy resting”.


The “LLBean Personalised Fleece Bed”. (With my name embroidered)

“FGTDB”: 8, +Soft fleece, easy to wash   -Tends to flatten over time.

A side note: I really was the cutest puppy ever!


Even Lego enjoyed it, I loved to snuggle up very close to her. I do miss my Lego, I really don’t get this “no visits allowed in Fairyland”??

Wonder who’s behind that stupid rule? I know it’s not Veronica…it could totally be her though…what with her personality!


The “Harry Barker Striped Bed”.  A gift from Razzy to Lego (You remember? my handsome Weimaraner friend)

“FGTDB”: 8, +Very soft and comfy, solid  -Filling cannot be washed

IMG_1228 2

The “Harry Barker Bed”, size Large, can be shared:

Here we have two beautiful young Boxer girls. Oh but look, it’s Felicia von der Andreashöhe and her BFF, Indya von Exkalibur.

Veronica adored this Bed, she even ordered the matching striped mats.


For the car


…and my Dinner station area.

“FGTDB”: 10, +Solid, does not retain dirt, easily washed


The “Ecological Recuperated Fabric, Fill it Yourself Bed”.

“FGTDB”: 6 +Cool, beautiful patterns   -Not very comfy, gets dirty quickly

Side note: I was hanging out by the door, waiting for EC, he was staying with us at that time


We had quite a few of those. Yes in a big house there has to be several Beds, even though most of the time


I wanted to share them


with my Lego


The “Mungo and Maud Bed”.

“FGTDB”: 5, +Beautiful   -Looses it’s shape, too fragile, too small

A clear upgrade, Veronica had been eying those for some time. She was quite disappointed though. Did not live up to expectations, by any means!!


A tad small for two (And this is the largest size). Mind you, I loved sleeping close, very close to my Lego.


The “Outdoor Observation Bed”.

“FGTDB”: 8, +Perfect for the outside   -Too hard

Keeping guard is my duty, I’m a Boxer, a guard dog! My job is to stop intruders and show who’s the Boss around when it comes to passing dogs.

Especially my sworn enemy, a.k.a. the “I’m so full of myself the Jack Russel” (Unfortunately Veronica doesn’t see my point of view…at all!)


The “Cloud7 Bed”. Our Best in Test!

“FGTDB”: 10 +Super comfortable, keeps the shape, solid, rejects dirt, easily washed    -With very active dogs there can be a very small problem.


Now here we have the ultimate amazing top notch, beautiful, comfy Dog Bed, and my absolute favourite of all!! (And Veronica’s of course!)

I can spread out (Size XL), rest my head on the sideboard. Veronica even ordered the Cloud7 special blanket to make it even softer.


Great for traveling, here on my “Boxer Travels” post.

“FGTDB”: 10 +very easy to roll up, easy to wash, comfortable


Loads of space for co sleeping comfortably downstairs

IMG_3655 2

and upstairs.


You might wonder what happened to all those various Beds…Should I tell you…or not, this needs some serious consideration!

Perhaps next week…right now my Cloud7 Bed is calling…



Best in test, amazing quality, also priciest:


A very good quality price Bed:https:


Very nice and solid especially the dog mats:


Absolutely not worth the money: