This is my Lego, she used to live with us. Today I feel a bit sad; it has been two years since she left us.

Veronica told me she moved to this wonderful place for very old or sick dogs. It’ called “Fairyland”. There, they are happy and feel no pain.

We are not allowed to visit.


This story is about her. She was my everything, my surrogate Mom, my Mentor, my security blanket, my friend and I miss her so much.


Lego  lived with Veronica for many, many years

She loved obedience, and they took part in many competitions.  Even during walks she ASKED for exercises… pushing Veronica’s hand in encouragement.

Personally I find  that’s a bit weird? I’d rather chase irritating birds, so much more fun.


She enjoyed  Agility a lot. She was perfect since she loved to obey. Never made any mistakes.


Sometimes I find that a bit irritating.. to hear what a goodie goodie Lego was. “Little Ms Perfect”! Ok I might be a tad jealous.

The thing is ; I do, at times, find it difficult to control my emotions and I am perhaps a little, little impulsive…


But yes, she was pretty perfect; Never ran after cats, or rabbits, or birds… Always came back straight away when Veronica called… etc etc


The day Veronica came to visit Andy and Jacky, Lego came along so she could check me out. She was happy to be there,  Andy was  thrilled to see her. She was an Andreashöhe after all.

I felt a little intimidated. She was an old lady.

IMG_7576 (1)

She was very gentle and sweet. Andy told Veronica everything would be fine.  Lego  seemed to like me and we accepted each other quite well.


A few weeks later Veronica and NC picked me up. Lego immediately made me feel comfortable and when we reached my new home I was happy.


With Lego, I felt secure. Protected from anything or anyone.


She never pushed me away. In the garden after playing around I sat close to her, just incase.


We had two beds, I always moved over to Lego’s. I did not like to be alone…


…for sleeping or just cuddling .


She was my mentor. I looked up to her and tried to act as responsible as she did. Well  this turned out to be a little difficult at times…or most of the time.


Lego had been a wonderful surrogate Mom for all Puppies in the family. Yuna, MC’s first little one.

(I never met her since, sadly, she had to leave for Fairyland early)


Indya of course. Both spent a lot of time at our house as puppies, when MC worked. So I’ve been told.

I think Lego liked little ones. Even if she did look a bit grumpy.


MC and Indya often came over. Lego was our Queen. Us pups  played crazy games. If we became too wild, she gave us the look…the:

“STOP IT NOW GIRLS” look. We knew it was time to calm down.


I grew up and Lego got more tired. Veronica told me I had to be very gentle with her.


It was my turn to comfort Lego, to keep her safe, and secure.


The last one.

Some time after, she decided to move to Fairyland.

The whole family was very sad.

Veronica especially, I saw her crying. She told me we should be happy for Lego.  She was now with her friend Tessi, with Yuna, having fun and playing wild games.

Why can’t we go and visit ??


I felt lost, sad, lonely… life without my Lego was not the same

I loved her and miss her.

Shopping on Mars


Veronica loves shopping. She can spend hours in just about any store. Shopping with girlfriends, shopping with her girls, shopping with Dennis (not so much), shopping with her boys (even less often).

Sometimes I’m allowed to come with her. Not to all stores, but some special places, as on Mars.


A very cool small store with shoes, bags and  clothes. Sabrina is the owner and CC works with her, both are real cool and I know they like me.

I’m always welcome.  There is even a little yard I can hang out in if it’s too crowded inside.


Whenever we come here I know I better be patient. Trust me, Veronica spends A VERY LONG TIME HERE! She loves to try on all new shoes, talk to Sabrina, talk to CC, try some more stuff on.. etc…


Considering the time the “Shopping escapade”  takes, I usually get comfortable on the soft carpet in the shoe room.


Veronica just tells me I am not allowed out on the street, she gets a little bit bossy..  I  know the Mars/rules,  she still goes on about dangerous cars etc..

I am no puppy!! And what more; there is a Gate!


I have to say I don’t understand why trying on shoes becomes such an “ordeal” ?

And what’s this whole business with the: putting them on…taking them  off….  on again..  walk a bit…take them off and so on.. ?

What’s wrong with these  shoppers??  What’s the deal with  this  “shoe madness” ??


Usually Veronica comes here with CS.  Apparently shopping alone is too difficult. She needs advice, not that it makes it easier. I even think it confuses things and delays any kind of decision!

They just go on and on about; what to buy, and what is nice and what is to come.


Not to mention the:

“lets try these shoes on”…”what do you think about this bag”…”oh you need to try those pants on again”…”look at this dress, would look great on you”…”Check this coat”…”Let’s see the coat with that sweater”…This circus can go on for quite some time.

And then, as if CS is not enough, she texts her girls, and sometimes even Dennis, for advice…

Pictures are sent, FaceTime discussions starts.

I told you; madness!

IMG_5549 (1)

I  relax and  check out new customers.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy these little shopping excursions and Mars is  fun. At the end of the day what only matters is:

I LOVE spending time with Veronica.


I did hear Veronica tell Dennis Mars is soon moving to a new location.. I can’t wait to check it out. Well that is to say, if I am allowed to visit….





The Flower Girl


As soon as Dennis moved in there was A LOT (!) of talk about a Wedding. I finally understood that it was actually Veronica and Dennis getting married.

The word wedding was pronounced AT LEAST 100 times a day: again.. and again. On the phone with god knows who, with the family, with the girlfriends and of course with Dennis.

I secretly think that he got a little fed up with the whole extravaganza.


She even talked to me about it, “Felicia you are going to be our flower girl” “I’ll find you some lovely flowers to wear”

Flower girl ??  Flowers to wear??  What is she talking about ???  What IS a flower girl ? Someone please EXPLAIN!!  And why can’t I just wear a nice collar??


She came home with my wedding/flower girl outfit. Now, I have to admit that once I reconsidered and realised:

1. I am going to be very important in the ceremony (perhaps even THE most important one)

2. I look very cute with my flowers

3. Every one will look at me

I was ready to embrace my new role as a responsible flower girl. Happy and proud!


D day came. The house was crazy,  CRAZY! Everyone running everywhere. Veronica was a nervous mess. Freaking out big time. I heard,  “dress” “make up” “flowers”  “have you thought about that??”  and so on.

Poor Dennis, I could see he was pretty nervous himself. I wonder if he was starting to regret the whole business?

I was sent over on a playdate to my friend across the street. Fred, a very cool (and handsome I might add) American Bulldog.


The general idea (I overheard Veronica talk to Dennis) was that I would get all my energy out so I could behave at the Mayors office!

Like I don’t know that. I’m THE Flower Girl! Remember!

We did have loads of fun though and I was happy to escape the “insane/home/atmosphere”.

IMG_0903 (1)

Thank god Veronica left…. Dennis picked me up at Fred’s, we got ready and left for the Mayor’s.

NC was there and he took me inside, it was a huge room with all family and friends. I knew all of them.

Veronica was late and I could hear MC talking to Dennis (who was seriously freaking out by now) telling him to relax… honestly what did he think ?  She would run away??

These wedding grooms need to chill.


The ceremony began with cello music, and ML made a speech.. Everyone was crying.. EVERYONE.. I felt a bit awkward.. aren’t wedding’s supposed to be fun??  Was there a problem?

Turns out that crying at a Wedding is what one is supposed to do. (Beats me.)

More music, speeches and more tears the Ceremony was over we headed out…and…


.. WOW.. There were rose petals and bubbles, all over the place!  So cool, I mean EVERYONE cheering at us, we were the stars. I know everyone thought I was particularly adorable.

Of course, I’m the TRUE star here!


So Bubbles, that’s my absolute favourite game.. Very tempting.. I knew I had to be on my best behaviour … I did not even pop a single one. Quite a performance don’t you agree ?


I will not go into the details of the “family photo session”, they always get into a state! “Guys it’s JUST A PHOTO!!”…on top of that, Veronica fusses over my ears, the way I sit.. C’mon give it a rest.


All merry friends and family came to our house for the best party ever. Music and fun. I know Veronica and Dennis were very happy.


As for myself, I went straight to bed.. I was sooo tired. Being a Flower girl is fun, sure, but oh so  EXHAUSTING!








The Family


This is my family. There are a lot of them! They’re all VERY COOL and everybody loves me…and Indya of course. We are a dog fan Family, and even better a boxer fan family.

I love when they come to our house. There is always fun stuff going on; Candy, games, cuddle, new toys… so much crazy time spent together.

Yes I know, they want to see Veronica and Dennis too, and yes they look forward eating his food, yes, yes, but that must surely come second to playing with me!


Number one: Zelda. She is great, and loves to cuddle. Sometimes she gets a tad irritated when I’m too enthusiastic during my greeting sessions. I don’t really understand why, but she goes on like;

“NOOO! Now she drooled on my black pants again”… “Mamma, call your dog”…What does she mean “Drool”?

I DO NOT DROOL! I just have large chops.


Most of the time she is very sweet and fun and takes me on runs, something Veronica and Dennis don’t do.

They NEVER run!  I like to sit and watch her work, she might even give me a treat.


Number two: Malkah, she lives with Victor, Indya lives with them. They take Indya running all the time. She’s become quite the long running athlete, I’m more of the short distance kind.

They’re such fun and they love me but clearly Indya is their star. She CONSTANTLY reminds me of this fact, and makes sure it stays this way.


I love to go to their house. Indya has cool toys and amazingly enough she  shares. I don’t really understand how come or why but whatever toy I choose, she takes another one. This makes me very confused.

They have a small garden and listen to this: THERE ARE TWO CATS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF  THE FENCE!

Veronica and Malkah are such spoilsports; they don’t allow us to run out and tell these guys what we really think of them.

IMG_6636 2

Number three: Nathan, he’s married to Melissa. He is the Yankees fan. He’s very cool we play all the time, and he has given me great toys.

He really spoils me. He’s into sports so we play a lot of ball games.


Melissa used to be afraid of dogs.  Us boxers taught her dogs can be nice and fun. Especially since she got to know Indya and me as puppies.

I slept on her lap as often as I wanted. She even baby sat me when NC and Veronica went to the opera. I’m sure she loves us now.


Number four:  Maddie, Dennis’s daughter. She is so sweet and fun. I only met her once since she lives very, very far away.

She stayed with us for a week and we bonded really well. Wish she could be here more often.  I heard Veronica and Dennis talk about her coming next year.


She was here for our cool Halloween party. I slept on her foot during dinner, she did not mind at all.

She loves to cuddle and play with me. I miss her and hope she comes back very soon.

IMG_6638 2

Number five: Elie, the cool guy. When he’s here we watch TV together. I especially liked a movie called “Star Wars”! Really awesome!

I sometimes go  over to his place. We play and when I’m tired I can sleep on his bed. I know!  How lucky am I?


He is very strong and likes to pick me up. There is NO WAY Veronica can do that, I am way too heavy.

EC comes over very often I think it’s because he wants to play with me….Dennis says it’s because of his cooking…  Veronica says it’s because he wants to see her!

They really don’t get it at all : I’m the star!


I LOVE MY FAMILY! (Incidentally see the Boxer, ME? I’m “The Flower Girl”!)








A few years ago Dennis moved in with us.  I was totally unprepared.  Ok ok Veronica had told me about this guy Dennis and he was going to come and stay. I thought it was for a few days. Like all other houseguests.

I don’t mind guests, actually even quite nice.. but moving in… that’s a whole other story.


The day came, she left for the airport ( I was not even allowed to come with her) and  there he was bringing with him FOUR HUGE SUITCASES!

What was that all about??? Then I sort of remembered vaguely her telling me he was moving in..for good!! It might just have slipped my mind.

I liked our life together, just Veronica and I. And I was NOT happy!

I barked at him doing my best to show my disapproval. Veronica  told him to ignore me and he just walked right into OUR house!!

IMG_7228 (2)

My plan was to give him the cold shoulder. Perhaps he would leave, move out again. At the same time I was a tiny bit curious. I had to know why on earth Veronica wanted this person to live here, with us.

As they were having dinner I made a calculated approach to test him. The result of said approach was unexpected. He did not send me away but patted me, talked to me, told me I was a beautiful boxer.

‘Ok lets not get carried away’ I thought.He’s just trying to get into my good books.

Then he did something really cool he…


…gave me a piece of dried meat.. FROM THE TABLE! Wow, that is totally unheard of in Veronica’s world!

He played with me, in the garden. And reluctantly, VERY, VERY reluctantly I had to admit he was  more then cool.


He spends a lot of time in the kitchen. He does Sunday brunch. He cooks all the time (something Veronica never did) and he OFTEN gives me little treats.

He tells Veronica “She likes fish” and “She likes lamb”.. I sure do!!!


Indya totally agrees with me. She hangs out by the cooking station just as much, hoping for the best.

Dennis thinks us girls deserve good food, and taste new stuff. We couldn’t agree more. (he does not think much of our “dried diet”)


We wrestle in the sofa…this is a game Veronica does not approve of (she has another opinion of  what a “dog game” is). We have so much fun though.


He likes to sleep late. Sometimes too late, in Veronica’s book. She sends me up to wake him. That’s hilarious; He is deep asleep and I jump on the bed on him. Not sure he appreciates as much as I do.


I like to sleep close to the sofa when he is reading (you never know he might go into the kitchen)


In his office when he is working, especially when we are alone. I help him concentrate when he’s writing.


At the end of the day the arrival of this new member  highly improved living standards at our house.

Veronica is kind of a rule person, the dog/activity person. Dennis is easygoing and fun and cooks. We form a great team.






The Rules


Veronica is a BIG believer in  rules. She adores rules. She lives by them, AND wants all house members to go by them. It’s a little too much at times. Dennis agrees with me.

There are a whole bunch of rules JUST FOR ME!


I have already expressed my opinion about my bed rule, and the barking rule, in Home episode. You might think that is already a lot.. NOOO there are MANY more…

I am not even going to get in to the “I am on a walk” rules “car rules” etc, I will describe those later

I think it is because she used to be a teacher.


When she opens the door for me; I AM NOT ALLOWED TO RUN OUT ! I have to ask for permission! Seriously ?  The door is opened FOR ME..! That’s so crazy.


They have amazing comfy sofas. Am I allowed up ? NO !  I have to stay on the carpet. I think that’s very unfair, therefore I sneak up whenever I can.

I get caught and immediately sent down, no need to say.


Same goes with their bed. I try all the time. Looking as sweet as possible, perhaps even a little sad and lonely.

After the “desperate look” session I….


…  softly climb up and make myself very small and discreet. You see, they both think I’m so cute, that’s their weak spot. Usually I get to stay a little before being sent down…


…I make a point of not saying goodnight, and  I sulk downstairs.  WHY can’t I watch TV with them on the bed ?  I just don’t understand their explanations.


EC often comes to visit. He’s just great, I love him and he loves me, we are best friends.  He is no fan of the rules, well my rules. I’m always allowed up on his lap in the sofa to cuddle.


Sometimes he comes for sleepovers. I sleep on his bed. How cool is that, now we’re talking. This is someone who truly understands a boxer’s needs.

IMG_6052 3

I don’t want to be all negative.  We need to be understanding with Veronica’s small…”eccentricities”  and she just adores me, and I get to climb up on her lap. Dennis says she’s actually a softie…

Little E


Little E and her Mom came to stay with us. She’s a very small person. Veronica told me to be super gentle. I was not even allowed to say hello properly. I mean what did she think could happen? I know how to behave.


She didn’t need to go on, and on…and on about how to conduct myself in presence of a little one.


At first I was a bit jealous. Yes I know, not good, I am just trying to be honest here. In my defence this little E person got SO MUCH ATTENTION! Veronica was all over her: “look how cute she is” and “so adorable”.

Even Dennis was totally taken in, making himself look rather ridiculous, in my opinion. It was little E here, little E there.. Common, enough already!


Even the most grumpy, stubborn boxers have their weak spots. Little E started giving me goodies. You see, she adores me (at start I found this irritating).

She slipped me  treats all the time. Even from the table when the others did not see. She was always happy. So I warmed  up and fact is…. I started seriously  to think she was the cutest and very funny.


Ok, Ok I know I am becoming like the other guys. But  just look at this little sweetie, isn’t she just THE MOST ADORABLE little angel?


We became quite a team, the two of us. Hanging out together. She blew bubbles at me, a game I love. I was very careful not to jump too high.


We took walks together. At first Veronica tried to hold the leash too. Little E made herself pretty clear; “I CAN  HOLD THE LEASH ALONE”. (and wow, what a voice for such a small thing).

Quite right she was, no need to baby her. I knew  not to pull, not to run. A cool walk.. AND  there were plenty of treats involved.


We did a little obedience, I love that. “Sit”, “Down” etc..  very  firm, you don’t want to mess with her. She’s quite the little princess this one.


Ok, there was the drawing incident. I am not sure if I was supposed to check on her. She was quietly drawing on a paper.. when… the arm, face and fingers seemed in need of decorating. I did not react, what’s the problem?

Little E’s Mom got very upset. Mainly because she thought there had been drawing on the walls. Honestly… chill!

Veronica laughed and said it was funny. Well she and Dennis just thinks anything little E does is cute.

That is NOT what they say when I have… let’s say “original ideas”..


The day came when little E had to go home. We had time for a last stroll. I was very sad.

IMG_7140 (1)

I love little E,  I miss her a lot.




Am I a Yankees Fan ?



The other Sunday there was quite a bit of excitement. Well Dennis was hyped: It was sports night!

We were invited to NC and MBC’s house for dinner and watch a game called Baseball

IMG_7024 (1)

I was very happy mostly because NC  absolutely ADORES me. He is the coolest of cool guys, he’s a star.

If I got this right one team was called “The Yankees” the other team “The Giants”.


Veronica took this lovely blue leash out so I could be part of the game spirit.

Only tiny little detail: NC is a HUGE “Yankees” fan, Dennis not so much! He’s more of a  “Giants” kind of guy as they come from his home town.

He, very, reluctantly took the blue leash grumbling; “Can’t believe I am putting this on her”.


I think blue looks great with my features.

I heard Veronica tell Dennis he had to be good sports and not gloat and scream if his team won. C’mon guys, it’s just a game!


The game came on. To be honest after a while I got bored. I mean they mostly stand still, then they try to hit a ball with a long fat stick and misses… how hard can it be?

When finally one of the guys gets it right and runs, it’s not even very fast. These baseball fellows need to get in better shape. They’re kind of chubby.


Both Veronica and MBC expressed precisely this thought.

But OMG the guys got all worked up and told them “you don’t get it” and “they’re really fit”  and “there are loads of things going on all the time”.

Gee, just mentioning the obvious!

IMG_7397 2.JPG

I tended  to agree with the girls and went out to sleep on the balcony. Cooler, and I could still check on everyone.

Meanwhile inside the guys were all “Yeah” and “Look at that” and “wow, great run” and “great catch”.

The girls were on their phones. Can’t blame them.


“The Yankees” won, NC did not gloat, Dennis did not sulk. It was all very civilised…amazingly enough.

Am I a “Yankees” fan? NC’s a star AND he has this cool Yankees tattoo. AND blue really suits me.



P.S. Dennis got me a Giants leash and matching collar! (I know…these sport fans…pathetic!)






Andreashöhe? : My Noble Lineage


This is Andy und Jacky, they own the “Andreashöhe Kennel” where I was born. These were their boxers, at that time. Ondra von der Hansjakobstad, Xeron von der Andreashöhe, Gamine du Val d’Europe, and Sinca von der Andreashöhe.

IMG_1211 2.jpeg

It’s a very cool place with a huge yard, lots of toys, tunnels and fun stuff to do. Inside they even have SOFAS FOR THE DOGS! (Not like at home where sofas are a no no.)

Veronica loves that breeder and apparently I am her third Andreashöhe boxer and the fourth in the family.


My mother: Ondra von der Hansjakobstadt, she was from Germany. I find her just gorgeous.


She was 18 months old when Veronica first met her, fell in love with her and decided she wanted one of her pups.

She had a wonderful and fun personality, so I’ve been told, full of energy and tenderness.


I think we do look alike in a certain way. She was a beautiful Boxer lady.


My Father: Tiwaz del Colle dell’Infinito, a very handsome fellow in my opinion.

IMG_6945 (1)

I mean look at those muscles! We never met as he lives in Austria, he’s Italian, and very charming, so I heard.


Here you can see my Pedigree, I have a lot of Italian blood.


My mother was the most loving and caring Mom you can imagine.


She always looked out for me, keeping me safe, giving me all the attention I needed.


Uncle Xeron assisted in the puppy duties.


Keeping an eye on the bunch of us, inside


and outside.


Me….and my siblings. Apparently I was a pill, not sharing the toys.


I don’t believe a a word of it!  Just look at that innocent face. Adorable!


A short time after I arrived at Veronica’s house, Andy called.  I did not quite understand. There was much talk about something called cancer.

Ondra had to leave for fairyland, a special  wonderful place for dogs. Unfortunately we cannot visit. Veronica was very sad, Andy and Jacky miss her so much.

Guys, she’s in fairyland and probably has a great time now.

IMG_6962 2

This is the new generation of Andreashöhe boxers. First Xeron, then my sister, Flay, her daughters, my nieces, Hora and little I’love

IMG_0407 2.jpg

I love to go there and see Andy and Jacky. I get candy, lots and lots and lots of hugs and attention and compliments. That’s pretty awesome!!

This was on my fist visit back, I was just a little over a year old.


My sister?  Well she’s become quite full of herself now she had all these medals, and passed all the tests to become a Mom… pfffffff


We were bickering about which one of us could be on Andy’s lap, obviously she felt entitled to that space…a little reminder here; I’m the guest!

Andy just laughed and told us “Anständig ihr zwei, biss nieder da chef hier, gall” (behave you two, nobody’s the boss here)


We thought better of it and went off to play.

I love Andy and Jacky! We’ve been back to visit this spring, you can read all about it in my Blogpost “Boxer Travels Part One: The Puppies”,

Flay was not so keen on my presence on that occasion.


Shortly after our last visit, Andy and Jacky got married!! They look so happy!  Oh, and all the Boxers were among them!! At the actual wedding!

Well, that’s no big deal, I’ve been a flower girl!

Lately Veronica has been going on about another puppy…can’t believe she’s even considering that option, I’m nowhere ready for a puppy in the house!

If it really comes down to that…better be an Andresahöhe


Danke Andy und Jacky für alle meine wunderbare Boxer Mädchen.






Home, part two: the House


I have several beds. This is the MAIN bed, strategically placed in the entrance. I can view who is arriving, what is going on in the kitchen, in the living room, and coming down the stairs.

One  would think it’s a cool spot, but this sleeping facility comes with certain rules (set by Veronica no need to say. I may add that  I find said rules UNFAIR!)

  • When guests arrive I am NOT allowed to run to door and express my inner feelings.  Have to stay on bed. How impolite is that??
  • When  we have pool guys, plumbers etc, I am not even allowed to be in the entrance. NO! I am sent to blanket in dining room in order not to disturb. So silly, I just want to help, and assist them. Can’t anybody see this?
  • The kitchen, I can see yes, (and smell) but often  am NOT ALLOWED in. It seems dogs, cooking and meals don’t mix well! What’s that all about? I need explanations!

I do feel misunderstood at times


My blanket in living room where i have to stay during work done in the house. Mind you it is a lovely blanket, no excuse for sending me here though.


My upstairs bed. Yes I know I am spoiled, Dennis tells me all the time. No rules set here, thank god.


My “I am hungry I want food mat”. I go here when meals should be served. Only I have to wait, and wait, and wait… Then  finally Veronica comes in. I give her “the look”, “the LOOK LOOK” to make it clear that the standards in this house are seriously dropping!

Reminder: it is also time out spot, but lets not get into that.. totally unnecessary.


My outside bed. Not as comfy but great for keeping close look at what’s going on. I heard Dennis tell Veronica the other day: “Perhaps Felicia should sleep outside in hot weather”… What’s wrong with him???  Luckily Veronica was on my side and  that was the end of it.