The Bunny Watch


I’m very excited! Its Easter and more importantly: THE EASTER BUNNY is coming!

This year, I want to see him. Why is he so sneaky? I think it’s because he knows a “Badass Boxer” is living here.He’s probably worried I might chase him. Rest assured, I wouldn’t be that stupid, it’s like biting Santa…duh!


The “mandatory” Easter decorations are out. The traditional feathers are taunting me. Unfortunately, this year NO opportunity for the “Feather Game”. Veronica’s keeping a close watch.

The good news about the whole “Easter affair”: NO “Bunny/Egg” music! Not like the extremely irritating, endless, all day long X-Mas melodies.


All would be fine and merry if it wasn’t for a few minor, unimportant (in my opinion) events clouding my horizon.

I don’t know how thorough the Easter Bunny is in his Egg distribution. This surely can’t be as serious as the whole “Be good and Santa will give you gifts” phenomenon.

We’re talking about one egg! ONE! (Incidentally, why can’t we get, let’s say, three?)


I did, totally by mistake, play with Baby L’s book.

When discovered, I went for the “I’ve no idea why the book is lying there” attitude. Most unfortunately this did not fool Veronica.

Apparently I have “too many priors” so she said. Not even giving me the benefit of the doubt. Who does she think she is anyway? The “Supreme Judge”?

Actually, that’s exactly what she think she is. Gee, is she opinionated and judgemental!! (It’s a family thing).


Then there was the coaster matter. All because of the “My beautiful new table” business.

Veronica recently acquired this, rather fragile I may add, table. It comes from a special Swedish store.

Listen to this: you cannot put ANYTHING upon it endless there is a coaster! This has become one big family joke, they all tease her.

“Oh Dennis, you forgot the coaster…and you’re still alive??”  “OH MY GOD! Alert! Toy without a coaster, Baby L you’re in trouble”…and so on..


Who in their right mind, with a big family and dogs, buys such a table? I ask you? Not only is it super delicate, also she’s become this very annoying “Table Supervisor”!

We’re all kind of sick of it.


Anyway, I stole a coaster, ran to my bed…Well let’s just say, nothing escapes the supreme “Table Supervisor”. What’s the big deal? She has plenty of stupid coasters!

You now get the gist of my “Egg concern”.


Finally it’s Easter Saturday, or “The Bunny day” as I call it. I’m keeping close watch, this time I’m going to catch him at it.

I might actually go for the “If I don’t get an egg I will chase you” angle, just to show him who’s in charge here.


Meanwhile, Veronica is busy decorating her table. I’m not allowed anywhere near it, they say chocolate is poisonous for dogs.

Apparently, one time my Lego ate a whole box and had to go to the emergency veterinarian. Scary story.


As soon as the family arrives, out of the blue, Baby L gets a gift!! For no reason! The injustice of it. That child is way too spoiled!

I have to be on a leash. (Controlled by Baby L…of course). In order not to get “too excited”  (Dixit the “Table Supervisor”) what with everyone and Indya.

Apparently I’m still in rehab program.


Veronica calls out, “Egg hunt: one, two, three, go!”!

What??? Did I miss the “Easter Bunny” AGAIN??!!

As expected, Baby L gets a huge egg with loads of stuff in it, toys, dried fruit, and a very small box of candy.What about me?


I needn’t worry, (Pheww!) NC takes me on my personal egg hunt and deep in a bush…


…is my very private egg. (I get the impression it’s slightly smaller then last year…hmmm)


Inside is a multicolour bunny. A bunny? Really?


Yeah, yeah, I get the message: “Don’t chase me! Play with your own bunny”. (I might…or might not chase the bunnies in the fields though!)


It is a happy, merry, fun day…


…for everyone! (Dennis always makes sure we get some left overs).


No holiday or special event without the traditional, official picture. As you all know by now, modelling is my strength.

Isn’t that pic great? (I still don’t understand why the publicity agencies haven’t contacted us?)


House is empty and I’m happy and exhausted.

What? The wood chips? Oh that’s nothing… forget it, pretend you didn’t see it…please.

Happy Easter!