The Unfortunate Incident(s)


Sometimes in life things just happen. I’m often feel an inside pressure to divert myself with an inspiring activity. (Not Veronica approved)

I call them “The unfortunate incidents”

“Felicia, we go for long walks, do Agility, Obedience, and search games and you’re no longer a puppy. What’s wrong with you?”.

She doesn’t understand, this is all about creativity. I’m a performing artist, like Marina Abramovic. She should be happy to have such an interesting creative Boxergirl.


We’ve covered the beds…at a length…


And the Paperwork


and Little E’s toys


The eyeglasses: (Don’t worry, I never ate the glass, I’m not stupid!). This pair was, supposedly, Veronica’s favourite sunglasses.

“Felicia, do you realise these are Celine glasses?”.Who’s Celine? And what do I care. (Apparently a famous designer).

Who’s stupid enough to buy expensive sunglasses in the first place? Totally her fault!


Honestly I did not know this was an eyeglass case. Looks just like a toy in my world,


Ok, so this pair was kind of a mistake, I admit. Before judging you need to get the whole picture.

Veronica was away and ZC went jogging, without me! Can you believe that? WITHOUT ME! The glasses were just lying there on the table. Suddenly, they were on my bed and I was chewing them.

ZC should have taken me along and what’s more Veronica should not leave her stuff just negligently within easy reach!


Here we have a little mixup. NC and MBC were living in the house and NC left his sun glasses on the table, next to a loaf of bread.

I was planning on taking the bread (nobody in their right mind leaves food next to a Boxer) but something went wrong and I ended up with the glasses, frankly no idea why?

NC was a little upset (Veronica was furious). Let’s look at the bright side, they had bread for lunch.


Veronica loves opera. I don’t. I’m often left alone for long hours in the evening. I figured, if I get rid of the program she won’t go.

Big mistake! Not only did she go, but she gave me the “You’re an adult Boxer” speech.


This was the best, la crème de la crème of paper. The towels from the kitchen.

BTW they just happen to fall on the floor. It was meant to be.


This does not look like a soc!. Look how fluffy it is, just like a toy, easy to get confused. Anyway it didn’t even break,

Apparently those are Veronica’s favourite indoors socks (I did not know that).


The string was a whole new experience. I managed to roll it all around the table and the chairs. (Before the local “guard” caught me)

Feeling stressed? I can recommend string fun (No need to go into Veronica’s reaction, let’s just say she needs to relax, perhaps try for a little string activity herself)


First of all cleaning mops are super cool all dogs should have one. Secondly it’s totally Veronica and Dennis’s fault if I have access to them.

I don’t like to be left alone. I need entertainment. The “mop game” is the perfect balm for a distressed boxer girl.


They never close the door to the laundry room. In my world that means “Felicia go and help yourself with whatever you like”

Turns out that’s a no. I have supposedly “ruined” quite a large number of mops. I say; close the door!


The Christmas decorations was a joint venture. See Indya sneaking off, running away? What a cheat!

Very unfair and invariably I’m the one that gets the blame.


Do you know about the crazy Swedish tradition of Easter feathers? No? I thought so. A bunch of sticks with coloured feathers on the top, I know, insane!!

I happen to like these feathers…a lot. Last year there was a small misunderstanding (The Easter Bunny).

This year, the feather somehow landed here? Veronica got all worked up. Apparently you can only buy them in Sweden…daaa, no such silly tradition in this country!

FYI, Swedes have the craziest traditions, don’t get me started on Midsummer, and the little frog dance…Google it, you’ll understand.


I’ve said this before, Baby L has too much stuff and I am a firm believer in sharing. She can take my toys but then I should be able to play with hers.

Unfortunately Veronica does not agree, why is that?

IMG_8585 2.jpg

The dental floss I’ve had my eyes on for a long time. When an opportunity occurred, I jumped on the occasion…unfortunately “someone” caught me.


I found this empty bottle, in the laundry room. C’mon, IT’S EMPTY and it’s an eco product!!


oh yeah…hm… then there are the Uggs. I did NOT break them, I fetch them downstairs when I’m alone. (The basement is like a sunken ship full of treasures).

She doesn’t even like them, she only uses them for our evening walks. God forbid she’d NEVER wear them to go shopping or in broad daylight. Too embarrassing, so she thinks.

IMG_8569 2

And then there was this other time…hmmm…I think I’d better stop talking now… you get the gist of it…much ado about nothing! You agree? Don’t you?

Incidentally I have adopted a very successful attitude. I put my head down and give her the “I’m sooo sorry look”.

Trust me, it ALWAYS works… Veronica is such a softie, I even suspect she thinks I’m funny. And everybody knows Marina Abramovic is a star.


Authors note: Felicia seems to need her public when performing one of her “creations”, I’m usually nearby. (Except basement episodes).