The New Baby


We have a new baby in the family!! A BRAND NEW BABY! I barely got used to Baby L (or as we now shall now call her: Little L), when BAM! there’s a new one!

Why oh why? Isn’t one enough? Yes, I know Veronica had four babies, but that’s her, she’s barely the example one should be inspired by.


It all started when Indya and I noticed MC getting chubbier and chubbier on the front, with annoying mood swings and sleeping a lot. Oh, oh, we knew what that meant…

We were both concerned, had they thought this through? We were not thrilled, to say the least, especially Indya.

Don’t get me wrong, we love Little L, we really do, but one child is plenty! No need for more!


Little L, on the other hand is happy and very excited. That’s because it’s just a bump at the moment, but just you wait, until there’s a screaming baby around!

Not to speak of a toddler stealing her toys, then we can discuss the “happy and excited”.


After many, many, many long months, a little boy is born, Baby O. While MC is in the hospital with VH, Little L stays with us…of course.


And so does Indya. I’m happy about that, when Little L’s around Veronica tends to forget she has a dog. How she handled four kids of her own is a mystery.

One three year old stays for a few days and the house looks like a bomb just exploded. Stuff everywhere.

And she’s exhausted!


A Baby Brother calls for celebration! There is happiness and excitement, a beautiful Baby Boy. The whole family is thrilled.

The opinion of us dogs is unaccounted for.


Can’t believe how much freedom Little L has here. Just look at her, she’s allowed to sit there and mess with Veronica’s stuff.

(The computer is now turned off when Little L plays; it seems there was an incident with an inadvertently sent email).

She even coloured the keyboard and mouse! Veronica just smiled. FYI she never smiles when I take personal initiatives.

The unfairness of it!


She takes over the whole house, even my bed. MY Cloud7 bed.


She took a nap there. She has a bed of her own! Yes I know I have other beds, but that’s neither here nor there!!

It’s a matter of principle.


After four intense days, MC, VH and Baby O came to pick up the missing members of the clan.

Little L was impatient, she waited by the door with her belongings. Indya and I were asked to stay in the background.

Supposedly, there is a risk we might run out to bark at the fence…lame excuse.


The family is reunited. It’s pure happiness, Little L, adorable, gently holds her Baby brother in her arms. Everyone’s in tears.

FYI: Of happiness. This is one big emotional family, tears, and tears and more tears.

Indya and I choose not to show the same enthusiasm. We need more time to consider the matter before expressing our true opinion.

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Veronica regresses into an infantile state. She takes on this ridiculous high pitched voice and talks to the baby, about the baby in the most embarrassing manner.

“Oh he’s sooooo cute” “yes you are soooo cute, yes you are” …etc… and she sings for him. Poor guy.

Please, somebody talk sense to her, she has to stop!! NOW!


The little family spends time at our house and Veronica, as expected, helps out a lot. Reading stories to Little L while rocking Baby O to sleep.


Intersting fact:

A new baby means a new stroller! Apparently Little L’s stroller wasn’t good enough. Even though it was bought in Sweden, supposedly the only country in the world with decent strollers. (Dixit Veronica and MC).

They traveled to Stockholm to buy “a much better one”.

Incidentally, don’t get me started on all the strollers in this family: (The city stroller, the jogging stroller, the Baby stroller, the toddler stroller…etc) Insane!!


I forgot how much attention a Baby needs. It eats all the time, I mean ALL the time!! Wish I would get six meals a day too.


I find it alarming the way they let that Baby sleep outside! Anything can happen! “The Strutting Pigeon” for one.

Yes, absolutely, it could grab Baby O and fly away!


I feel obliged to stay close by. These people seem unaware of all the dangers around.

The garden is full of potential predators, apart from “The Strutting Pigeon” we have a whole range of birds, squirrels, lizards and god knows what else.


Even Veronica, mother of four, needs supervision.


Not to worry,  Boxer Felicia v d Andreashöhe, AKA “The Brave Guard Dog”, is ready to pounce.


Indya takes over the job at their house.

Though rule no 1 in a guard dog’s chart: NEVER turn your back on the object of your attention!!

Rookie mistake!


Little L is still everyones sweet Darling. Here performing an improvised dance number with ZC.


Annoyingly I have to admit these guys are adorable together. Little L is the most wonderful, caring, loving big sister.


Gentle and sweet.


I’ll get used to this new configuration, what’s more; these people clearly would never manage without me;

Boxer Felicia v d Andreashöhe, “The Courageous Brave Guard Dog”!