Boxer Felicia’s Summer: Part One

We’ve been very busy around here. You’d think what with the whole “Covid business”, summer would be boring, covid safe yes, but not boring!

Oh no, not in this house!

The season always kicks off with Veronica and Dennis’s Birthdays. Same day! I know, what are the odds.

I feel sorry for them having to share the celebrations and the party.

This year, however, no party, but a private, Covid compatible, surprise gift from the family: a classical, concert in the garden.

This is the Ensemble “Chiome d’Oro”, a small, talented group of baroque musicians.

Veronica was, as always, overwhelmed by emotions, including a lot of crying…(She needs to get a grip, she’s embarrassing herself.)

“A wonderful, amazing, musical gift” as Veronica repeatedly told everyone over and over again.

The concert was followed by an impressive homemade buffet. I bet you’d loved to have been invited? But of course you were not…

And neither was I!! Yes, can you believe that?? I, Felicia v d Andreashöhe was not invited!!

The injustice of it.

Instead, I was sent inside “Felicia, you might disturb the concert, you’ll be better off here”.

Says who?? Did anybody ask for my opinion? Bunch of self centred people! I can love music, I can absolutely enjoy a concert too!

I didn’t brood for long, though, a wonderful surprise awaited:


Little E and family came to stay for a night. Little E loves me, now Baby F not so much, wonder why?

She’s often grumpy. And boy does she have a loud voice!

This was demonstrated on numerous occasions, especially when that little one does not get what she considers herself entitled to.

C183B50D-3F15-4AE3-9402-1329464D1A2B 2

As expected Little L came to play. I have to say Little E was extremely patient and let Little L be the boss. Very astonishing.

She sure has changed a lot, guess it’s the “I’ve got a little sister thing” (especially considering Baby F’s loud personality).

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We managed to spend some quality time together.


Sadly, next morning, it was already time to say goodbye. Come back soon Little E.


Time came for my summer, health check up, with my favourite Dr L. As you can see these masks are required now.

I know Veronica is relieved and doesn’t mind at all, I think she looks funny. Like a dog with a muzzle.


Dr L is so nice, I love coming here. Today apparently, he is going to see if I have a new tumor.


Nothing! I get a clear health bill except one, totally silly little problem: two infected teeth!

The only treatment possible, so he says, is to remove my teeth! He’s got to be kidding! REMOVE MY TEETH??!! I feel humiliated!

Shouldn’t there be a law, an animal protective law against such interventions?


Apparently not! So here I am, waiting, patiently for my 7th anaesthesia! I’m probably breaking some kind of record! Seven interventions with anaesthesia!

I’m a hero, brave, strong, and beautiful (doesn’t hurt to mention) medical hero!


It’s done! I feel lousy. It hurts a lot! I can’t eat properly, I get medication, but still, it hurts! I’m a beautiful hero in pain.

“Felicia , you are so brave, as a reward we have planned a surprise, as soon as you’re better”.

Trying to bribe me here? Typical! This better be a super cool surprise!

C7A946CB-73DD-4B17-9D54-7BEECF8B3E3A 2

And it is.

We’re going on a day trip to a beautiful place; “Gorges de l’Orbe”. A long walk with fantastic views.

We share, that is, Dennis shares his picnic with me, of course he does, as always.

(Veronica still doesn’t understand the concept of “Sharing is caring”).

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It’s a very hot day and I surprise them by jumping into a fountain. Didn’t think I could perform such a tour, did you?. Ha!

I happen to know my Lego always did this, well, goes to show I can be as adventurous as she was.

I have many more tricks up my sleeve!

I have to be on a leash, supposedly I “might fall”. Gee, what do they think? That I’m some kind of stupid, ignorant dare devil?

All in all it was a fun day. Also my teeth are all good now…

…truth be said, I can live perfectly well without them, but I am certainly not going to share this information with Veronica. I want her to feel sorry for me.

Incidentally you can feel sorry for me too! Just saying.

That’s all folks for this time. More fun awaiting in Part two.