January Gloom

Had a good start in 2022? Well, I didn’t! Frankly, this January has been one long number of events going from bad to worse.

I’m sure you’re dying to hear about it. (If not, I’ll tell you anyway).

End of year was fun, as expected Veronica bought the hugest tree ever. Our ceiling is 2m70, the tree measured 4 m! Yeah, I’m not kidding. What was she thinking?

She tried to wiggle out of Dennis’s murderous look: “I measured it with my iPhone and it didn’t look that big”. An iPhone? Really? The tree had to be cut off, top and bottom.

Next year Dennis will supervise the tree business.

We took the annual X-Mas pic. I look as smashing as always. I do need to explain my “Concerned” look.

I worried that Santa had put me on the naughty list. I sometimes, very rarely, OK, occasionally, play with items Veronica considers her own.

Here’s the big news: Santa came to our house on X-Mas eve! Can you believe that!! To OUR house!

Unfortunately EC was out for a minute, so he missed Santa, but everyone told him about it. Wow, I met Santa! How lucky am I.

He’s sweet, generous and he got me a gift. I love Santa, I think he’s the best, he’s wonderful and gorgeous, all dressed in red.

WTF??? Did you see my gift? A teddy unicorn? Seriously?? I know Little L is into unicorns and rainbows but me? Embarrassing.

Santa’s obviously out of his mind and getting kind of cheap? One gift? I retract all previous statements.

The only fun January event was an unexpected playdate in the woods.

Veronica and I met this really cool, very handsome guy, Indiana. We hit it off and played, running and jumping all over the place.

Indiana is a real gentleman.

Alas after that playdate, I was limping (a little) on my uninjured leg.

Veronica was beside herself with worry “OMG Felicia did you tear another ligament… oh no…” etc etc she went into total crisis mode.

She texted Dr L (poor guy was on vacation). She called Yvonne, to get her point of view. She even checked if my hippie surgeon, Dr B , was around, just in case.

Dr L ordered some anti-inflammatory pills for 5 days.

See what I have to deal with. A totally neurotic Veronica! What’s more, Dennis had left, abandoned me, to be with his family in San Francisco.

I understand that they are very important to him but what about me, especially now in my time of need.

I’m left alone with a frantic Veronica spending the day on the internet, searching for medical clues. Dr L, lucky guy, was on vacation.

She still managed to send him several text messages!

VT came to visit with Klooney, I love him. I wasn’t even allowed to say hello. Apparently we’d get “Over excited” and that could “harm my already injured leg”.

At least I got to cuddle, gently, (closely monitored by Veronica “Försiktigt Felicia”) with VT.

Even the weather was gloomy. Fog and cold.

When I tried to help Veronica clear away the X-Mas decorations she totally misunderstood. She got very upset.

“Felicia this is not your toy, and you need to stay calm, think about your leg”. So much for being helpful!

Dr L came back from his vacation (I pity him to put up with clients like Veronica). After a thorough check up he said my leg is fine (Hear hear).

My back is the problem, I probably hurt it while tossing around with Indiana. I got a laser session.

Just as we were leaving, Veronica, suddenly, out of the blue, asked if I should wear a coat, to protect my back!!! Dr L, probably to humour her, said good idea in this cold weather.

So now I have to walk around in this ridiculous outfit. Highly embarrassing. What will the new, charming neighbour, a handsome Golden, think.

I have to wear it most of the time! “Felicia you heard Dr L, it’s for your own good. You look great, its a gorgeous Cloud7 coat”

Bla bla bla whatever…

Thankfully Dennis came back and I was allowed to come to the airport. There was, unfortunately, a very tiny, minor incident with a Spitz.

Not my fault, he glared at me and walked very close by, I just had to tell him to back off.

Veronica gave me “the speech”, the “If you cannot behave in public you’ll just have to stay home.” That speech.

Second laser session with Dr L. Don’t you think I look cool in these glasses? Like a Mafia Dog. I gather if I was allowed out with these beauties most dogs would back off.

People would call me “Felicia, the Mafia dog”.

That would show that “full of himself Jack Russell” down the road who’s the Boss. Ha!

Dr L was said I’m fine and as of next month I can run again. Unfortunately not with Indiana. Apparently my back is “too fragile” and I need to be careful.

Yeah yeah more gloom.

I know who to blame for my misery: Santa!! He put a spell on me. It started that day.

All this nonsense about him being wonderful and generous. He’s self-centred and obsessed by his own appearance. What’s with the whole “Only wear red” business?

He’s clearly lost his touch. Generous Santa, pffff my paw!

On second thought…I’m willing to be the bigger person here and forgive Santa! (This has nothing to do with the fact he’s in charge of the gifts)

Anyway the sun is shining, in a few days I’ll be able to run without a coat, and Veronica promised we’ll soon go on an excursion.

Things are looking brighter, at last!