The Boxer Primadonna


Remember Celine? (Celine Bissat) The Photographer Magician? The one that makes all dogs, cats and horses look beautiful. I was her Star in a memorable, amazing Photo Shoot. (See: The Photo Shoot) 

(FYI I’m beautiful, even without Celine’s magic.)

Veronica finally realised the obvious; we had to recreate the moment! Celine was thrilled (I might not actually have heard that, but it goes without saying, it’s me, Felicia)

PetBook_Felicia_030 2

This time we opted for an “Autumn Atmosphere” or “The Boxer Fall Collection”. I find this theme particularly aesthetic.

These colors, and my brindle coat! Gorgeous!! And what’s more, NC was part of my entourage for todays event.

This is my most flattering angle. Head slightly turned to the right, a concerned but relaxed look.

PetBook_Felicia_005 2

Please admire the pose, the magnificent, dignified attitude.

And now, the performance: “The Boxer and Autumn Leaves Dance”


A “Pas de Deux”, starring Boxer Felicia von der Andreashöhe and Wild Autumn Leaves. Imagine some music: off the top of my head, “The Nutcracker”, by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

As a matter of fact I suggest you immediately put it on. What? Don’t have it? Listen on YouTube!!


“Cabriole”. Wow, I mean, Wow!

You don’t care for classical music? No excuse!! There’s a jazzy version by Duke Ellington. C’mon hop hop, a little music now…


“Arabesque a la Felicia”. The difficulty is to keep the body moving in just the right direction adapting to the flying leaves.



A painter should have portrayed me today.

This painting could be on display, in a museum.” The Louvre” for example, I heard that’s a famous joint. “Felicia von Der Andreashöhe, autumn atmosphere”

People from all over the world would gather in admiration. Then it would be sold at a big auction house!


“Tour en l’air”. Take a moment, look closely at these pics, admire the movements, the powerful muscles.

What now? Ok, Ok, AND the talent of the Photographer.


As you might have noticed all through my stories, I’m great at posing and performing in front of a camera!

Veronica even says that’s my strongest attribute.

What can I say, it all comes very naturally to me. (And don’t you listen to Veronica pretending it’s because “I’m full of myself” and “a little narcissistic”).


“Tour Jeté”. Even my flying ear and tail ads a nice touch to this this pic.


I think I need a bigger entourage! And probably a bunch of groupies.

And why haven’t these publicity fellows contacted me yet? Don’t they see what a great asset I would be?


See that muscly chest. I might have short legs but focus on my torso. This is why I’m such a wonderful sprinter.

I’m not much for that long running stuff Indya’s into. She’s always bragging and showing off her supposedly long elegant legs.

What do I care, I have big muscles (even Dr L says so)


This is a very embarrassing pic, I look so goofy. NC chose it “She’s so cute”…pathetic is more like it.

Don’t EVER show that one to Indya!! I’ll never hear the end of it. And OMG not to any of the guys, as a matter of fact let’s just keep that pic strictly private!

Or even better, destroy it!


This one was Veronica’s choice. Really?


Did you enjoy our “Pas de Deux”? Yes I agree with you, great performance. (Yeah, yeah, I know, and talented Photographer).

Here I’m resting, keeping in mind my good angle.


NC had brought a few balloons so we fooled around together with those. Come to think of it, I could be a sporting model, just look at my legs!!

“Join Boxer Felicia at the football match”, or “Don’t miss the latest baseball game, Boxer Felicia will be there”


Graceful Jump


“The powerful Boxer on a sprint”. I really need to send these pics to “Orijen” food. “Become Powerful like Boxer Felicia, Eat Orijen”


From graceful pose, elegant jumps to powerful “Dog Parkour” attitude. Even with my tongue hanging I manage to look great!


Here again, goofy face. You have to know I did this on purpose. To show everyone I have a great sense of humour.


A few pics with my NC. I can’t get enough of snuggly kisses and hugs.


Dog Parkour pose. I find him very handsome. Don’t you all agree with me?


If I’m a star, where’s my fan club? My admirers? Publicity offers? The artists?

Oh but of course! I need an agent. (Veronica is useless). It’s a known fact that all stars have one!

I could be famous, I could be RICH! I could live in a mansion…oh yeah! “Boxer Felicia elegantly descending the steps of her Beverly Hills Property”

That could totally be me!


Thank you Celine for once again performing the magic, by making my Felicia look her best in these amazing autumn colours. The Photos are beautiful and Felicia had the time of her life.

Celine not only takes beautiful pics, she cares for the dogs. She establishes a personal contact and bond with each one of them. Felicia adores her.

I can highly recommend this wonderful animal photographer: