The First One

I’ve done some thinking lately. There is a tremendous gap in my Blog: It’s the story of an amazing, very special Boxer and Veronica’s first Love.

Let’s go back in time to the 70s (anti war, anti convention, alternative education etc) when Veronica was living with NdC. They were very young at the time when she began her first job as a preschool teacher while he studied at university.

For some obscure reason, Veronica absolutely wanted a dog! (Baby craving?) Her mother tried to dissuade her, “Too much responsibility”, “You’re young, free, enjoy your life”…she feigned deafness.

“We’ll get a Boxer” she declared, NdC suggested a Newfoundlander (I know, ridiculous). Veronica, being bossy already at that young age, left no room for negotiations.

Let me introduce: Ficelle du Rosselet, born May 3rd 1976. (FYI: NdC is today the happy owner of TWO Boxers… just saying)

Boxers had, at the time, cropped ears and tails and their noses were longer than today’s standard. Veronica had specifically asked the breeder to leave the ears “au natural”.

Ficelle was an adorable puppy. Veronica and NdC spent the warm summer at her mother’s home, surrounded by a huge garden.

In the house lived Veronica’s sister’s Boxer, Chicko Du Rosselet…

…and a Poodle, Donna.

Chicko was not particularly thrilled, to say the least, by the arrival of this tiny little blimp. However, after a grumpy start he became a wonderful mentor and taught Ficelle all the secrets and tricks to become a perfect guard dog.

Donna was “The Queen of the castle” and bossed everyone around.

Chicko and Ficelle soon became best friends.

Veronica loved that pup. On the first evening, NdC proclaimed that “Dogs should not sleep in the bedroom”, and put Ficelle in her basket, outside their door.

After about 30 seconds of desperate puppy cries Veronica picked up her baby, took her back to the room, and forcefully stated “My puppy is not to cry at night”.

The sleeping arrangements were never discussed again.

Ficelle grew up to become a fun, active Boxergirl.

After the summer break, back in the city, Ficelle accompanied Veronica to her job, in the preschool.

She was gentle and sweet with the children who adored and respected her. The parents were delighted, and there was never any problem through the years.

Today, bringing your dog to work in a school seems irresponsible.

Veronica joined the local Boxer club. “Ficelle needs a good education”. I think she just wanted to give orders, and boss everyone around, she’s a natural.

However the club did not live up to expectations. Veronica disapproved of their training methods, “too military”. It mostly consisted on yelling the orders, tugging at the leash and pats as reward.

Even though she was very young, and the educators all men, she did it her way: much love, fun and loads of treats. She ignored their snide commentaries, and silly jokes. (She was a 70s feminist).

Ficelle was very smart, and a quick learner she loved the training sessions and performed every order with joy and rapidity, always above expectations. Reluctantly even the macho Boxer club lot had to admit she did well.

They especially appreciated Ficelle’s personality, and asked Veronica to start training as a “Schutzhund”. However this kind of training clashed with her “no violence” spirit so she refused.

The selected father would be, “Henek von Hofmannstal”, Frau Hofmann was already active and well known in the milieu. (NdC’s opinion on the “Let’s have puppies plan” is unknown).

Ficelle was an amazing guard dog. She not only protected the house but kept Veronica safe during night strolls. She had taught her the order “M├ęchant Monsieur”, (mean man), which was Ficelle’s cue to bark.

(Probably a side effect of her Feministic views).

She was a friendly dog and loved people, especially children. But nobody was to hurt her wonderful Veronica.

Her relation to other dogs could be a little tricky. There were no puppy classes or socialisation training at the time, and dog encounters could get a little “loud”, to say the least.

Thanks to her amazing obedience and flawless recall, this aspect of her personality was never a problem.

Veronica and NdC decided it was time to have a baby. “A baby with the puppies, that’ll be cool” Veronica told everyone.

There was definitely a 70s vibe over this young couple’s lifestyle. A Baby and Puppies…Really?? And don’t get me started on their wedding! Just 3 words needed: Heavily pregnant, Indian dress and clogs!

What were these 70’s kids thinking?

Sadly, poor Ficelle had to undergo two surgeries within six months, Ligament and Meniscus. All puppy plans were called off.

Baby Z was born, Veronica put her on the floor and let Ficelle get acquainted. From that day on her prime duty was to keep an eye on that baby…

…wherever the Baby was you could find the Dog, lying down very close.

It was a happy time, Ficelle’s health problems were over. They lived in the country and every single day…

…out they went…

…rain or shine.

It was a loving relationship, and Little Z adored her pup.

The family grew and, Baby M was born. Being a true Swedish mother, Veronica let the baby nap in the garden (winter too).

Ficelle stayed close to that stroller and…

…wherever Baby M was, you could find the dog. Gentle and sweet, loving and protecting.

One autumn, Ficelle’s health deteriorated, the Veterinarian couldn’t find the cause and one morning, the day after Veronica got back from a vacation, Ficelle had left for Fairyland, 9 years old.

Her cherished person was home, she could leave in peace.

Ficelle was a very special Boxer, she was extremely smart and loyal. But most of all she was my first Boxer love and her devotion to me had no limit.

To my wonderful Ficelle in Memoriam