Do I deserve a blog?

Today Veronica decided to write a blog about me. My name is Felicia von der Andreashöhe and apparently I was named after a Swedish song,  “Felicia adjö”.

I am a Boxer Girl born in 2013. Dr L says I’m not very tall but have large muscles. I think I’m cute.

I live with Veronica and Dennis in a big house with a cool garden.

This blog is about my days, my life and my many adventures.

Summer of 21

I know, it’s November already, but I still want to tell you about my summer. What? You’re not interested? Of course you are, how else will you keep up with my very interesting, exciting life!

So here we go: Boxer Felicia’s Summer of 21:

As every year, summer kicks off with THE Birthdays, as you know they’re born on the same day. They have to share the party!

Incidentally, sharing a birthday…what a nightmare! I know Flay is born on the same day as I but luckily (and for more then one reason) she does not live here.

FYI: I’m not grumpy on this pic! (some people have made nasty comments) I was just surprised and did not have time to put on my very best “I’m a gorgeous photo model” look”

The whole family was gathered, as always, and there is singing and Veronica made a princess cake, on Lilja’s behalf. (That little girl gets way too much attention).

Let’s not forget, she has a baby brother now. Let him be the prince every once in a while.

Our garden is lovely in the summer. We have an amazing huge Jasmine bush, that emits a delicious perfume for several weeks.

Veronica never gardens, NEVER, and if ever she did, the flowers would probably all die from lack of care. The flowers are lucky not to grow in our garden.

Little L is often at the house, and we hang out. We have this inspiring look because we’re admiring some huge birds flying above.

The sun did not last, alas! It rained EVERY day for weeks, and weeks, rain and rain and more rain.

Our walks were flooded.

Every where there was water. I didn’t mind, makes the walks more fun. (Also, not deep enough for swimming)

There was an incident with Little L’s hair: she decided to train as a hairdresser…on herself. The result got mixed reviews, let’s just say no clients will freely line up in her salon.

The parents were in a state of shock! They were furious and Little L had to be rushed to the hairdresser, a real one, with proper training. She now has a very cute cut, so I think.

Veronica just laughed and thought the whole episode was fun. I told you, she’s grown soft with these grandkids!

To give the parents a breather Little L came to stay with us for a bit. Veronica had bought her this absolutely hideous, weird doll with creepy eyes. She thinks it’s beautiful.

We went down to our community beach, Little L insists on holding the leash “I’m very strong”.

We were up for a surprise, our beach had disappeared. The lake water level was very high after all the rain. We had fun though jumping in the waves.

Little L got inspired by Banksy, and decided to tag our house, thankfully with a crayon and not a spray or permanent pen.

There had previously been some house tagging, many years ago, with black spray paint…Out of courtesy I will keep the culprits names secret.

At the time Veronica did NOT laugh and find the incident funny…see how she’s changed.

I went to a rehab session with my Fanny. Out of the blue, she told us she’s leaving for Budapest to study to become a Veterinarian.

OMG!!! What did she say?? Leaving??

I was furious, how can she do this to me, her favourite (Yes of course) patient!! Just look at this perfect posture, I am a champion in the rehab centre. Everyone says so.

It was a tearful good bye. I’ll miss her so much, and ok I know, she wants to be a vet. I guess I must, very reluctantly, wish her all the best.

It wasn’t a very warm summer so we could even take walks during the day.

The nature is lovely around our home.

We’re very lucky.

The Swiss national holiday is on the 1st of August. Veronica doesn’t even celebrate but I have to “dress up” for the mandatory photo shoot.

To tell the truth I love this part of my life. I get so much praise and tons of rewards. Ok, I agree, those ribbons are a bit silly, but there you go.

We took evening walks by the lake.

I have my “it’s too hot” spots in the garden…

…and the house

Depending of the time of day.

I love these long, lazy summer days. Everyone’s relaxed, happy, family and friends come over to swim, we hang out late at night in the garden.

Life is good.

Postcard From Sweden

I’m very upset, if not downright angry: Veronica has started traveling again. How come you say? She got the Covid vaccination as did all her Swedish friends.

Nobody had bothered telling me anything… as always, I’m last to know.

This is what happened: The other day, as I was strolling around the house, minding my own business, I suddenly…

…stumbled on a suitcase!! In Veronica and Dennis’s bedroom. The truth unfolded; Veronica was going to Stockholm, alone. To see her friends.

What about Dennis? No he had to stay here, partly to take care of me, but mostly because Veronica, very egotistically, did not want to share her friends with him.

I felt hurt on Dennis’s behalf. He, on the other hand, said he perfectly understood. He’s such a gentleman. Thank god I was there to keep his spirits up.

There is a common denominator among her friends: dogs. I have mixed feelings about this fact. I am, to be perfectly honest here, a tiny, minuscule bit jealous that she gets to hang out with other dogs without me.

And before you say anything, I absolutely know how to behave, as we’ve already established on multiple occasions.

She had lunch with Monica and Yvonne and sweet little Bubblan. I say little. but there is nothing little in her energy level! She can jump and run forever it seems.

Bubblan even got Ice cream! Why don’t I get that?

Veronica told me when I swim like Bubblan she might consider ice cream for me.

That’s what I call blackmail. She should feel ashamed of herself. I don’t even want to discuss the matter. I’m offended!

Incidentally I can do tons of other things, off the top of my head: I’m the best photo model ever, patient, gorgeous, elegant, smart…! Does that count for nothing? I totally deserve ice cream, don’t you agree Monica?

Veronica spent a fun day with four beautiful, slightly wild Boxers and their plus one’s: Yvonne and Tom with Lux and Qarisma.

Maria and Christer with Vinci and Qastor.

Veronica was thrilled to meet the Andreashöhe Q siblings again. She would, of course, report back to Andy and Jacky.

All four had so much fun. The older siblings, Lux and Vinci, played with a certain dignity. Probably wanting to show the youngsters how it’s done…

…meanwhile the Andreashöhe lot couldn’t care less and had a blast!

Vinci showed off his tricks, I wish he wouldn’t, it gives Veronica unrealistic ideas…for me.

Veronica absolutely wanted a pic with the two Q’s. Considering their level of energy, a photo session was only achieved, and with considerable difficulty, at the end of the day.

She very much wanted to meet Simon v d Andreashöhe too, but he lives a little far away. Perhaps some other time. He reminds her of my mother Ondra and he’s gorgeous. (Duh, he’s an Andreashöhe!!)

Apparently he’s very sweet, so Niclas and Christine tells Veronica. I now have 3 cousins in Sweden, so cool!

Next stop, two days with Eva, my Eva! She lives, south of Stockholm, it’s a beautiful place. Surrounded by woods, the sea, lakes and many wonderful walks.

Will-Ja and young Pike are the most obedient, well behaved dogs Veronica has ever met, so she tells everyone.

Of course they are! They’re Eva’s dogs! Also let’s put things in perspective here, we’re talking about a working dog breed, Field type labradors. (Us Boxers are just a little…let’s say “imaginative”)

I hope Veronica boasted about how much progress I’ve made, all thanks to Eva’s advice. I’m no Will-Ja mind you, let’s not be unrealistic here.

Eva once told Veronica I’m a great dog! Hear that? THE Eva said so, and she’s among the movers and shakers in the dog world.

Just a little tip, read her book, it’s fun and informative. (“Kontakt kontraket”, in English “Follow me” Eva Bodfäldt)

Will-Ja and Pike need daily challenges.

Like swim out to retrieve balls, in an orderly fashion, following precise instructions as to who picks up which ball. Veronica was very impressed.

FYI I have a ton of cool tricks up my sleeve!

Will-Ja is a very special dog, she’s sensitive and has an independent mind, she likes things done her way. She even has her own book. (“Det handlar om Will-Ja” Eva Bodfäldt).

A deep bond ties her to Eva, two strong ladies. Veronica is particularly fond of Will-Ja, apparently it’s mutual, so Eva says. Should I worry?

Hippie is a fun, no nonsense, happy go lucky kind of dog. She’s a Schapendoes and lives with Veronica’s friend Ulrika.

Veronica has told me, on numerous occasions, I should take a leaf out of her book. I’m kind of sick of her little pointers. Don’t get a Boxer, I say! I’m as perfect as they come!

Veronica loves their beautiful summer house in the Stockholm archipelago. Sometimes I get the feeling she misses Stockholm.

She keeps on telling everyone that nothing can live up to a Swedish summer.

Finally, the last day in Stockholm, is spent with Ann, and her magnificent, elegant poodle Felix. (Why is it that Poodles are so elegant? They have this kind of aristocratic superior look, I think)

I love Ann, she’s known me since I was a tiny pup. She used to be an Agent for opera singers, and whenever her singers performed at the Geneva Opera house, she would stay with us.

We welcomed Veronica back with the Chef’s, a.k.a. Dennis’s, special pesto. We were both very happy to have her home again.

She talked about her friends, the dogs… beautiful Stockholm, on and on…bla bla bla…It got to be a little annoying.

We’re obviously happy for her, but enough already!

Actually, what do I care, my Veronica is home!

To all my Swedish friends: thank you for making my return to Stockholm, after 18 long months, such a wonderful and fun time. I’d missed you!

The Excursion

This story happened a few months back…but I wasn’t in a “sharing” mood at the time. Before getting to the actual topic of the day, I need to fill you in on a few major changes in our home.

Veronica had decided to finally upholster the sofas and two chairs. They were an embarrassment! Oh yes, just trust me on this one, they were! As expected she chose Josef Frank materiel from Svenskt Tenn. (A Swedish store).

To say that she’s a fan in an understatement!

Unfortunately this renovation came with new rules…for me! “No more scratching your back Felicia, it ruins the cloth”. Like I’m responsible for the state of her sofas. What about all the kids climbing all over them like monkeys?

No, blame the innocent Boxer! The unfairness of it!

One of the things I’ve heard Veronica say is that people who walk into a brand store and buy a “living room” either “lack imagination” or “don’t have their own proper taste”.

She’s such an hypocryte! Have you seen her living room? It looks like a fricking page from a Svenskt Tenn catalogue! Someone please tell her!

In her defence the sofas, chairs and lamps came from her childhood home, from the 60s. But the rest? She pretends it’s different if you choose Josef Frank. What a joke!

Back to our story:

One morning I hear Veronica’s, slightly neurotic, voice shouting “Have you seen Felicia, I can’t find her, she’s disappeared. OMG she’s run away!!”

I was simply sleeping quietly in my basket, but for some obscure reason they didn’t see me. I found the situation hilarious.

After what seemed like an eternity she finally found me, “Honey, she’s here, she’s here” then “Oh my Felicia, I thought you’d disappeared”. You’d think I had been lost in the woods for 3 days! She’s pathetic!

Then she became all serious and told me I needed to be on my best behaviour because we were going on a daytrip.

“Felicia, remember, other dogs are also allowed to go on this excursion, not only you, so you need to act civil. No growling or making any kind of scene.”

Frankly is she giving me the talk…again! What does she think? That I’m a total moron? That I don’t know how to behave? That I can’t follow social etiquette? I feel hurt! HURT!

What? The incident with the little Jack Russell? Oh but that was just one big misunderstanding. Let’s move on.

We travel to this quite amazing place called “Les Gorges de l’Orbe”. It’s a huge water fall, very impressive.

Veronica, who has a fear of heights, was freaking out big time. “No, I cannot go closer, it’s super dangerous, I might fall”.

She’s standing about 6 feet away from the edge, at least. P L E A S E! Honestly, she’s such a wimp!

She felt much happier by the river.

Me? Oh no, I’m a daredevil. I’m like the strong St. Bernard dogs rescuing people in the mountains. Come think of it I’d be the best! People would call me “The amazing Rescue Boxer Felicia”!

“The Amazing Rescue Boxer Felicia has yet again, heroically, saved a life”. So cool!

We follow the river on a small path, unfortunately Veronica refused to let me off the leash. “Felicia you can fall into the water and drown”.

Gee, she’s dramatic. I’m kind of tired of her neuroses, honestly had this been only Dennis and I, I would be happily running around by now.

I try to give her my “Please let me run free” look. My sweet innocent look that usually comes with excellent results. Especially when if I’ve gotten myself into trouble.

e.g. When playing with stuff she considers inappropriate. Obviously by mistake, goes without saying.

On the way back we stop at our favourite lake. “Lac de Joux”, I love that place. The bottom has small stones and it is not deep.

I can wade out far, enjoy the water and even jump around a little, when I’m in the mood for it.

There was an awkward moment when Veronica and Dennis thought I’d go swimming. Honestly they should know by now:


Also swimming is overrated and so passé, wading is the new black. Everyone knows that!

A day trip is exhausting. You’ll be happy to know that I behaved perfectly well, never embarrassing Veronica and Dennis. As expected, I did not create any kind of incident.

What, no other dogs around?

I’m choosing not to answer this, frankly, inappropriate and hurtful question. You’re disturbing my beauty sleep! So chop chop, off you go!

The First One

I’ve done some thinking lately. There is a tremendous gap in my Blog: It’s the story of an amazing, very special Boxer and Veronica’s first Love.

Let’s go back in time to the 70s (anti war, anti convention, alternative education etc) when Veronica was living with NdC. They were very young at the time when she began her first job as a preschool teacher while he studied at university.

For some obscure reason, Veronica absolutely wanted a dog! (Baby craving?) Her mother tried to dissuade her, “Too much responsibility”, “You’re young, free, enjoy your life”…she feigned deafness.

“We’ll get a Boxer” she declared, NdC suggested a Newfoundlander (I know, ridiculous). Veronica, being bossy already at that young age, left no room for negotiations.

Let me introduce: Ficelle du Rosselet, born May 3rd 1976. (FYI: NdC is today the happy owner of TWO Boxers… just saying)

Boxers had, at the time, cropped ears and tails and their noses were longer than today’s standard. Veronica had specifically asked the breeder to leave the ears “au natural”.

Ficelle was an adorable puppy. Veronica and NdC spent the warm summer at her mother’s home, surrounded by a huge garden.

In the house lived Veronica’s sister’s Boxer, Chicko Du Rosselet…

…and a Poodle, Donna.

Chicko was not particularly thrilled, to say the least, by the arrival of this tiny little blimp. However, after a grumpy start he became a wonderful mentor and taught Ficelle all the secrets and tricks to become a perfect guard dog.

Donna was “The Queen of the castle” and bossed everyone around.

Chicko and Ficelle soon became best friends.

Veronica loved that pup. On the first evening, NdC proclaimed that “Dogs should not sleep in the bedroom”, and put Ficelle in her basket, outside their door.

After about 30 seconds of desperate puppy cries Veronica picked up her baby, took her back to the room, and forcefully stated “My puppy is not to cry at night”.

The sleeping arrangements were never discussed again.

Ficelle grew up to become a fun, active Boxergirl.

After the summer break, back in the city, Ficelle accompanied Veronica to her job, in the preschool.

She was gentle and sweet with the children who adored and respected her. The parents were delighted, and there was never any problem through the years.

Today, bringing your dog to work in a school seems irresponsible.

Veronica joined the local Boxer club. “Ficelle needs a good education”. I think she just wanted to give orders, and boss everyone around, she’s a natural.

However the club did not live up to expectations. Veronica disapproved of their training methods, “too military”. It mostly consisted on yelling the orders, tugging at the leash and pats as reward.

Even though she was very young, and the educators all men, she did it her way: much love, fun and loads of treats. She ignored their snide commentaries, and silly jokes. (She was a 70s feminist).

Ficelle was very smart, and a quick learner she loved the training sessions and performed every order with joy and rapidity, always above expectations. Reluctantly even the macho Boxer club lot had to admit she did well.

They especially appreciated Ficelle’s personality, and asked Veronica to start training as a “Schutzhund”. However this kind of training clashed with her “no violence” spirit so she refused.

The selected father would be, “Henek von Hofmannstal”, Frau Hofmann was already active and well known in the milieu. (NdC’s opinion on the “Let’s have puppies plan” is unknown).

Ficelle was an amazing guard dog. She not only protected the house but kept Veronica safe during night strolls. She had taught her the order “Méchant Monsieur”, (mean man), which was Ficelle’s cue to bark.

(Probably a side effect of her Feministic views).

She was a friendly dog and loved people, especially children. But nobody was to hurt her wonderful Veronica.

Her relation to other dogs could be a little tricky. There were no puppy classes or socialisation training at the time, and dog encounters could get a little “loud”, to say the least.

Thanks to her amazing obedience and flawless recall, this aspect of her personality was never a problem.

Veronica and NdC decided it was time to have a baby. “A baby with the puppies, that’ll be cool” Veronica told everyone.

There was definitely a 70s vibe over this young couple’s lifestyle. A Baby and Puppies…Really?? And don’t get me started on their wedding! Just 3 words needed: Heavily pregnant, Indian dress and clogs!

What were these 70’s kids thinking?

Sadly, poor Ficelle had to undergo two surgeries within six months, Ligament and Meniscus. All puppy plans were called off.

Baby Z was born, Veronica put her on the floor and let Ficelle get acquainted. From that day on her prime duty was to keep an eye on that baby…

…wherever the Baby was you could find the Dog, lying down very close.

It was a happy time, Ficelle’s health problems were over. They lived in the country and every single day…

…out they went…

…rain or shine.

It was a loving relationship, and Little Z adored her pup.

The family grew and, Baby M was born. Being a true Swedish mother, Veronica let the baby nap in the garden (winter too).

Ficelle stayed close to that stroller and…

…wherever Baby M was, you could find the dog. Gentle and sweet, loving and protecting.

One autumn, Ficelle’s health deteriorated, the Veterinarian couldn’t find the cause and one morning, the day after Veronica got back from a vacation, Ficelle had left for Fairyland, 9 years old.

Her cherished person was home, she could leave in peace.

Ficelle was a very special Boxer, she was extremely smart and loyal. But most of all she was my first Boxer love and her devotion to me had no limit.

To my wonderful Ficelle in Memoriam

The Disappointing Birthday

Today is my Birthday. I’m 8 years old. I’m lingering in my comfy chair, dreaming about this special day. I have high hopes.What fun activities have they planned? Perhaps an excursion, or a play date?

Oh I forgot… Dennis is in quarantine, he just got back from San Francisco, he’s stuck at home. That means no excursion, damn it!

Incidentally, I was thrilled to pick him up at the airport, finally, after five weeks away he was coming home. Now you’d think Dennis would be interested in how his Long Lost Boxer girl had been. Well, I’ve got news for you: he wasn’t!

The only thing he could talk about was little Baby J, his grandson. It was Baby J this, Baby J that, and “He’s the cutest”, “He’s soooo adorable”…etc… it went on the whole way back home…and hasn’t stopped since.

He’s shown a picture of Baby J to everyone, whether they’re interested or not, the viewing is mandatory.

Honestly becoming a grandparent alters peoples minds and priorities. They all seem to think their grandchildren are the smartest, the most gorgeous and are bound to win a Nobel prize. We know Veronica is hopeless on that matter, but I’d hoped Dennis would act more dignified.

I do love the family babies, they’re all very cute, and that’s all well and good as long as everyone remembers I was here first! Also these Grandparents, i.e. Dennis and Veronica, need to stop this nutty behaviour. It’s embarrassing.

I was slightly annoyed when the B-day started like any old whatever day with a long walk in the woods.

Come think of it there’s probably an amazing surprise waiting for me when we come home. Yes of course, it makes total sense, get the Birthday girl out of the house and then….

…nothing, nil, zilch! What’s going on here? I haven’t even got the “Now that you’re 8 you have to act your age” talk. I’m seriously concerned.

Suddenly, Veronica calls me; “Felicia, we’re going to see Dr L”. What’s that now? Did I hear her right? Going to the Dr?? ON MY BIRTHDAY??!! Seriously? Don’t get me wrong, I love Dr. L and all, but on any other day, not my birthday.

Apparently I have to have an 8 Years Old check up. Is that Veronica’s idea of Birthday fun? What’s wrong with her? I’m furious!

Dr L on the other hand, is very happy to see me, my anger abated slightly, (I mean it’s not his fault Veronica’s lost her mind) As a matter of fact his whole team greets me warmly.

Clearly I’m a celebrity over here, what with my 4 surgeries, they adore me, as well they should. I’m a very special Boxer girl. “Felicia the Brave Medical Hero”.

Dr L does a thorough check up. My general condition is good and he cannot find any new tumours.

He’s especially happy with my muscles after my two knee surgeries. The rehab therapy and our long walks did the job. I’m like a body builder.

Dr L mentions my zen attitude, what can I say, this is not my first rodeo!

Veronica and Dr L talk, and talk, and talk… no surprise here, Veronica is a compulsive chatter, she talks to perfect strangers all the time, on walks, with sales assistant, or taxi drivers, etc.

The absolutely amazing thing is that they always end up pouring out their life story to her, in every detail! After a ride to the airport of 20 m, she knew all about the Taxi driver’s family, the problem with his MIL, his baby daughter, the house he wants to buy, etc. Insane!

Meanwhile they learn nothing about her. Right now though, a little attention for the Birthday girl wouldn’t hurt!

We chill for a bit at our community beach, it’s beautiful down here, the view of the city and the Jura mountains is wonderful. Not really an excursion but at least it’s fun.

Back home there’s finally some normality to this unworthy day, Veronica takes the traditional Birthday Pic.

Look at me, sweet, lovely, perfect posture, with the fancy red ribbon. I’m just gorgeous, if I may say so. Come to think of it I should have a crown, yes a B-Day Crown!

I am the “Queen of the Castle” after all!!

From that moment on, everything follows the “Birthday Rules” in the established, strict order. (At least Veronica hasn’t totally lost her mind)

I get my gifts. The package was delivered today, from Germany, from “Sabro”.

It’s a cool Lama! I love cuddly toys. What? Yes, I know that I have a bunch of them already, so what? Like there’s a rule? BTW it’s very insensitive to bring up this matter right now (or at any other time as a matter of fact)!

There’s a Box of yummy treats too. Veronica gave me a few right away. Usually I have to perform some trick first, very strange, do I sense a little guilt here?

My cake is the best, with candles and all.

It tastes just delicious. Dennis is very shocked at the speed I gulp it down. I have to hurry, you never know, a racoon might sneak in and steal it.

This day did not live up to expectations. Even though I got a gift, a cake and my traditional pic. I’m still very disappointed. I wonder if there is a “Dog Union” where I could file a complaint?

On the plus side, I didn’t get the “Now you have to act you’re age” talk. In other words, I can behave just like I want! I’ve been told we’ll go on a fun excursion, as soon as Dennis is out of quarantine.

That is, if he can take his eyes off those pics of Baby J.

Am I a Spoiled Boxer?

It has come to my attention that “Some People” think I’m spoiled! When asked, Dennis just laughed, “What kind of question is that? Of course she is”!

On what grounds can “People”, (and Dennis), let such a rumour circulate! Who are these “People”? Do they actually know me?? Never judge a book by it’s cover, they say.

I suggest we take a close look at my my life, so these “People”, whoever they are, can see that I’m just a normal, average dog!

I have a few beds, yes, but they all serve very different functions.

The “New bed”, is located by Veronica’s computer, so I can give her moral support with her online activities but most importantly, protect her from intruders.

The “I keep guard” bed is strategically located in the entrance hall. Highly necessary to secure the family, I’m a guard dog, remember?

What? NO, I cannot lie on the floor!! I need to do my job in acceptable conditions. The floor…what a disgrace for a Guard dog of my rank.

The “Basket Bed” is in the living room. Lately, however, I have not been able to use it…

…Little L has taken over, it’s now known to be “Mitt hus” (My house), or even “Min båt” (my boat). You’d think Veronica would dissuade her, but no. Little L is the Princess of the Castle.

(BTW I’m the Queen, just to make things perfectly clear!)

The “Upstairs bed” is where I supervise the back and forth of the staircase.

The guest room is strategically situated on my right. The “Veronica & Dennis Residence” offers complimentary protection services from the local guard dog: Felicia v d Andreashöhe (Me!)

The”Bedroom Bed” is for nights. I love to be close to Veronica. How else will I be able to protect her?

All my beds are from Cloud7. I’ve tried a few other brands. What happened to those? They exploded under mysterious circumstances.

Lately, however, I have sneaked up on the armchair at night, I don’t think Veronica has spotted me. I’m really well hidden.

My comfortable Travel Mat, perfect outside and inside.

This is my “Wait for Dinner mat” (AKA my “Time out mat” but that’s irrelevant in this context.)

Some dogs whine and stare at their masters for food, no point doing that with Veronica. She just ignores me (Trust me, I’ve tried the “whining thing”).

I go to my “Dinner mat” to wait patiently. (Like I have another choice?)

This is my “Walk-in” closet. I have a number of gorgeous leashes. I can see what you’re thinking…probably something close to “OMG that’s insane”! Now let’s get some perspective here, most of those were bought for my Lego.

And there is an explanation:

Veronica has traveled a lot to the US and always brought back a new leash or a collar. Her story is that it’s “Much cheaper and fun” there. I wonder…

Here are a few examples:

Festive: “Halloween”, “Valentine”, “X-Mas”. Sport series; “The Yankees”, “The Giants”. Universities: “Stanford”, “Harvard”. Fun: “Star Wars”, “Leopard” “Glow in the dark” and also a few plain coloured ones to match her outfits (I know, how vain is that?).

Side note: How many shoes do you own? Yes, I thought so.

Veronica mostly uses three meter long leashes bought in Sweden. “It’ll give you a little freedom” (IOW keeps me from sneaking off in the fields to dig).

How can she even use the word “freedom” in this context? I’m on a leash!!

My toy box. Apparently “Lynch Bages” is a fancy wine, Veronica won the 12 bottles at a lottery.

You think I have too many Toys? Some are gifts from lovely people, Santa and the Easter Bunny.

Truth told, there’s another bag of toys in the basement, you see Veronica changes them every month. So I don’t get bored, that’s why I need so many, it makes total sense.

Dennis has a soft spot when it comes to me and my sweet “love you Dennis” look. (FYI not begging! Just my natural charm, apples and oranges here) “Are you hungry Felicia? Here, have a little piece”.

(Works all the time!)

Veronica is immune to any of my vast repertoire of looks.

My personalised bag, a gift from Veronica’s friend VT. So sweet of her. Here we store a few of my belongings and we use it for traveling.

It also contains my more than embarrassing rain coat!! Yep, I can see you agree, I got it on my Birthday, remember? What kind of Birthday gift is that? I ask you???

I look ridiculous. Veronica, on the other hand, thinks I look “Chic”.

On a less embarrassing level, my winter coat. I don’t need a winter coat!! This is not Sweden! Even Veronica’s sister, SPS, (and she is a veterinarian behaviourist, mind you), says so!

But does Veronica listen to her? Her own sister! NO, it’s “Oh Felicia, you might freeze and you look gorgeous”…. Says who???

Veronica even tries to sweet-talk me by telling me these are Cloud7 coats. Like that’s going to make things better. Well, I’ve got news for you: it doesn’t!

Every day we go for long walks, mostly in the woods. Just plain walks, like any normal dog.

Shall we sum up? You’ve probably already made up your mind.

A Bed…or two, a few leashes, some toys, everyday walks…in other words just a normal “Ms ordinary average Boxer’s” life, nothing more.

Now look at me, is this the look of a spoiled Boxer girl?

What’s that now? “You don’t want to hurt my feelings but you think I’m little spoiled?” Did you even read my story properly…oh you did, did you…

Well, I’m deeply hurt and…whatever…anyway, I don’t have time for this nonsense…

…I’m exhausted and need to sleep and rest in the armchair Veronica arranged for me with a soft “SOCIETY” blanket.

“Spoiled Boxer”, my foot!

Boxer Felicia sleeps on Cloud7 Beds:

The Weird Holiday

It’s the holiday season and I’m very stressed and worried. Two things are keeping me awake at night.

1) What with the Covid situation, Santa might get sick. He won’t be able to travel. If so, what will happen to all my gifts? (Oh, and other people’s gifts too, I guess.)

2) A few, very rare, embarrassing “incidents”, occurred during the past year. I’m a tiny bit worried Santa might just misunderstand those events and put me on the Naughty list

1) I was very relieved when we, that is Dennis and I, heard Dr Fauci on CNN tell all the children that he himself had vaccinated Santa. Great, I love Dr Fauci, he’s cool.

2) It’s common knowledge that Santa sees EVERYTHING, so no point denying facts. But please, Santa, let me explain.

I did take the bibs. Thing is, MC told Veronica they’re not all that great. To my ears it goes “Felicia this is for you to play with”.

How was I to know she wanted to keep them.

Who in their right mind keeps wood in the living room? It is, supposedly, to build the fire, but c’mon, any dog in their right mind would have grabbed them, right?.

The “Paperwork”: I ultimately feel I did Veronica a favour by shredding. Obviously, had I known these particular papers were “very important”, I would have left them on the table.

Surely Santa, you see my side of the story, a simple misunderstanding?

And the other day…hmm..on second thought…no need to continue. Let’s just say nothing I might have done deserves to figure on the Naughty list.

Little L came to stay with us for a few days. She was very happy to help Veronica with the whole “X-Mas decoration insanity” that we have going on in this house… EVERY YEAR!

And of course: THE MUSIC! Dennis and I are going insane, he has taken to shutting the door to his office. I’m seriously considering joining him, behind that closed door.

Little L, on the other hand is thrilled, “Mer music som Nennis talar” (More music like Dennis talks, English ). It’s probably in her genes.

The X-Mas tree was, as always, too big and to be trimmed before taken into the living room. Why on earth can’t they just buy a smaller tree?

Veronica’s the culprit, I know it. (I might have mentioned this once…or twice, but she’s, what’s the word again….oh yes: bossy!)

She bought Little L a lovely party dress and now she’s ready.

Every year, I want to participate in the “Decorating the tree” activity. No, it’s just “Felicia don’t steal the ornaments…again”.

Yes, I sometimes borrow, (not steal) ornaments on the tree to play with, no harm done.

When the house looked festive and all decorations up, the doorbell rang. I couldn’t believe my eyes, an early delivery from Santa, for me. Felicia v d Andreashöhe!

From Cloud7 no less! WOW! What can that be?

Little L was as excited as I was. We unpacked the big box, and can you believe this, I got…

…a super comfy new bed.

And a new shiny bowl, no more of that ridiculous weird “eat slowly” Bowl. You finally heard me Santa.

Then things got a little out of hand…I got carried away and thought more presents were for me. As it happens, they weren’t. Veronica was furious.

What do I care, I already got mine, also whatever I do now doesn’t count. Everybody knows that Santa starts his list on January first.

I’m good.

This year, there was a “Covid safe restricted party”. Veronica (who love rules), set up a special message group for the purpose, with clear, very strict instructions.

Sofas and chairs were pulled far apart, outdoor furniture added. Each family sat together and were not allowed to wander around. Everybody agreed on wearing masks when not eating or drinking.

A window was kept open (Regardless if people were cold, and got pneumonia.) Everyone was told to wear appropriate clothes and that blankets would be available. There was to be no singing or dancing. (To the great relief of several members).

EC took on the role of Santa’s helper, distributing the gifts.

Amazingly enough it all worked out perfectly well, everybody followed the strict guidelines.

Incidentally, you need to know, we’re talking about Veronica’s family, they all have the “We must follow the rules” and the “law and order” gene. (The opinion of the plus ones is of yet unknown).

Indya and I were sent to the hall. Very unfair but rest assured, we got heavily bribed! The party was a success, everyone was happy.

We took my traditional Holiday pic, featuring my gifts. I’m such a cutie.

I few days later, I got a shock, Dennis left for San Francisco, for a month! I thought no one traveled these days. Turns out that ML is having a baby, as I know by now, Babies are a big deal, and he misses his family.

To make up for my distress Veronica gave me the belated Santa’s gifts. Many goodies and a cool toy.

See, Santa totally understands that some of my less glorious moments aren’t important enough to land on his “Naughty list”. Santa gets me!

Hear that guys! Not to worry, he’s very understanding. Thanks Santa, you’re the best!

To celebrate New Year, Veronica and I had a cool party, just the two of us, with great food, a cheesy X-Mas movie (no comment) and the traditional sparkle.

To all, my faithful readers, I wish you a Very Happy New Year, with many, crazy, fun adventures. Don’t forget to spoil your loved ones.

As for me, I’m exhausted, I need a vacation!

Like Felicia’s Bed?

Autumn Stories

I love Autumn. I know I said Summer was lovely, but Autumn is way better. The weather is perfect, not too cold, not too hot, we go on long walks and the colours are magic.

Nature is gorgeous, take time to admire this beautiful faded sunflower field. (And of course, the pretty Boxer girl posing up front)

The country went into a soft lockdown…again. This whole Covid business is really not over. Secretly, I’m not complaining.

It means Veronica will not be travelling. She spends all her time with me, her very special Boxer girl.

Unfortunately the lockdown doesn’t keep her from celebrating Halloween. I had secretly hoped I would be spared of the whole “Photo shoot in ridiculous festive collars”. Oh no!

On the other hand, I’m the best dog model ever, I know how to take the prefect pose, wait patiently until she’s satisfied with the pics.

(Just pointing out the obvious here.)

We took a Halloween walk and I wore my “Badass Bandana”, real cool with scary spiders. Gives me an edgy look.

People will call me “The Halloween Badass Boxer”.

Just before the lockdown, we went on a 3 day stay in this really great Hotel, up in the mountains, “The Lenkerhof”.

They love dogs! Just look at what awaited me in our room: A bed, treats, Bowls and a towel to clean my paws. Even a sign to put on the door not to disturb if I’m alone in the room.

At night, when Veronica and Dennis slept I decided the sofa looked more up to my standard. I’m sure the hotel management expects the Dogs to sleep here.

Veronica did not approve. (Not much she can do while sleeping, can she?)

We went for long, lovely walks. The scenery is very Swiss and romantic.

I wasn’t allowed off the leash. A small incident occurred, when I felt the urge to explore a field. I amazed myself by crawling under a barrier.

Veronica was not “amazed” at all, especially since I failed to hear her call…I was busy digging. Apparently dogs are not allowed in the fields.

Now, how was I supposed to know that!

At dinnertime, I had to stay in the room. Supposedly I might get “agitated” and “disturb” the dinner guests, if there was another dog in the dining room.

I don’t know what she’s taking about. Actually I didn’t mind, especially with the comfortable sofa within reach.

I made a new friend though. He told Veronica I was charming. Hear that guys: Charming!

It was three fun, relaxing days. Veronica was enthusiastic and wants to come here with the whole family.

Is she out of her mind? That makes ten people plus the babies. And let’s not forget the two dogs. Has she counted properly? She’ll be exhausted.

Ok, the real truth: I don’t like sharing Veronica’s attention with anybody! There, I said it, I’m an only dog and I love it!

This is Simon v d Andreashöhe, he is one gorgeous puppy, as well he should be. He’s Flay’s, that is my sister’s, great grand son. Veronica is in love, he reminds her of my gorgeous Mother, Ondra vd Hansjakobstadt.

The dark coat and white markings. Veronica loved my mother.

He was born to Mosca’s first litter. The very exciting news is that Simon is moving to Sweden

A family heard of Qarisma, Qastor and the Andreashöhe Kennel and contacted Andy. Long email exchanges, discussions, and explanations took place. Veronica served as an interpreter.

Andy and Jacky wanted to make sure their puppy was adopted by a nice, responsible family. Especially in a distant country.

They needn’t worry. The Lydeens are a lovely family with two small children. They’d already owned a Boxer girl, Colette. “They know what they’re getting into” Veronica said.

“Getting into”? What’s that about? Boxers are wonderful dogs, sometimes a little…creative and alive, and didn’t she hear what my new friend at “The Lenkerhof” said? Charming! So there!

This is Niclas

And Christine. It was love at first sight.

They traveled through a covid restricted Germany, to pick up their little Swiss pup. Hear that, some people are happy to go the extra mile for their dog!

Veronica should take a leaf out of their book! She has never taken me to Sweden, “It’s too far, too tiresome”. What a lame excuse! Look at Niclas and Christine or Yvonne, to name a few. Honestly, Veronica’s a little self-centered.

Niclas and Christine were happy to finally go home with their new treasure. And Andy and Jacky were happy to see that Mosca’s Simon was adopted by a wonderful family.

Though Jacky shed some tears, she’d grown extremely fond of Simon. She told Veronica on numerous occasions what a great personality he had, “Er ist ein Traumboxer”.

Simon arrived safe and sound in his Swedish home. He adapted quickly to his new environment and family.

I can’t believe there are now three Andreashöhe Boxers in Sweden. Of course Simon is a little special, since he’s my great nephew.

Veronica said she wants to visit them all. (Obviously I won’t be part of that excursion! Typical!)

Simon, listen, you are an Andreashöhe, stay true to our reputation. We are a creative lot, but you have to be smart about it. If caught in the middle of a…”situation”, play it cool.

Adopt your most innocent look, the “I’m so sorry, I had no idea” look. Works every time, trust me! Nobody can resist those sweet, innocent Boxer eyes.

Simon, you’re my lineage. Make me proud.

Niclas and Christine, since you run a Fragrance company, here’s an idea: Dog perfume!

Dear Niclas and Christine, I wish you many years of love, fun and laughs with Simon. If he’s as “Alive” as my Felicia, there won’t be a boring minute of those years.

Looking for a New Scent:

Follow Simon in Instagram: @simon_lydeen

Need a rest with Your Dog?:

Andreashöhe Kennel:

Boxer Felicia’s Summer: Part Two

It’s official: Summer is here! Heat, is the main ingredient. I hate it! (The heat that is).

We have a stream of guests dropping by to swim, chat and enjoy our lovely, leafy Oasis. The vast garden offers a safe venue in times of Covid:

Veronica’s very good friend VT, she was the owner of my Lego’s BFF, Tessi.

I love her, she is so sweet and I am allowed to cuddle with her as much as I want. Also, she brings me special treats.

There is a slight problem though…her dogs. Gilda and Klooney. Gilda and I… well, let’s not get into that. (You don’t need to know every little detail of my life).

What? I am a VERY gracious hostess! No, I do NOT growl at canine guests.

I don’t understand why I have to be “punished” and sent inside, like a naughty puppy, when it’s MY HOME and MY GARDEN!

Ok, ok, if truth be told, I sometimes, very rarely, and on occasion, feel an urgent need to express my deepest feelings. Especially when a dog sneers at me…you must see my point of view?

Also, it’s a fact that one should not keep emotions bottled up! It’s very unhealthy. Only Veronica doesn’t get it, at all.

She takes our guests to the community beach to have fun and swim, without me… “Felicia, that beach is tiny, one dog is enough, and you have to be careful with your leg, Dr B warned us”.

Yeah yeah, lame excuse…whatever…

CS is the sweetest, and I love her, even though she is a cat person, (I know, very disappointing). She’s been on many of our walks, she’s a lot of fun.

Pity about the cat stuff though.

Let’s not forget to mention the Family:

I adore EC, when he lived in the house he always let me sleep on his bed. As a matter of fact Veronica should take a leaf out of his book.

EMC and ZC, are not the biggest dog fans, let’s say they love me…at a distance…We celebrated ZC’s Birthday.

NC is the one that came with Veronica to pick me up at Jacky and Andy’s house. He’s a star. Well, after me, I’m the true star of the family and they all absolutely adore me…and Indya…of course.

Veronica has set up a special children’s table in the garden.

She looks after Little L and Baby O while MC naps in the Guest room. Rumor has it that the room has special healing powers.

Apparently being a parent is exhausting. If I got things right, these babies party all night long. (That’s the mother’s story anyway.)

I help as much as I can, though I think that Baby should not lie there on the ground, very unsafe. Yes, what with “The Strutting Pigeon” among other dangers.

When she’s not sleeping, MC has other, exhausted Mothers over for tea. The kids have fun and the mothers can complain and share their various night adventures, or stories about their stubborn toddlers.

I’ve noticed it has an instant cheering effect on the mothers morale.

(I Can’t believe Veronica had four kids)

MC bought a Family Bike. It’s actually quite cool, and Little L loves it.

Summer walks are wonderful…when not too hot. We mostly walk in the woods.

Through the fields, if the sky is cloudy.

Or on lovely evenings when the light is gorgeous.

Incidentally you might wonder why I am on the leash? Veronica and I have an ongoing “argument” about my sudden need to run out in the field and dig…apparently this is forbidden.

“Felicia, dog’s are not allowed in the fields”. I want proof? Has she just randomly invented a law, just to annoy me? Supposedly it is a nature reserve. Not sure I believe her.

Nearly every day we go to the community beach.

And listen very carefully: I WENT SWIMMING! Yes, me, Felicia v. d. Andreashöhe swam! Told you I had a few moves up my sleeve.

To be perfectly honest, I was chasing a stick, when I suddenly couldn’t feel the bottom of the lake, I HAD to swim. (But that’s irrelevant, I SWAM!)

Did I like it? Ehhhh…well, let’s just say that in my opinion swimming is highly overrated. Will I swim again? Let’s take a moment to consider…NO, I’m good. You people can, from now on, stop hassling me on that particular subject.

In the middle of the summer, on the 1st of August, we have our national holiday. Not that Veronica celebrates or cares that much.

But I have to wear a white and red ribbon (Swiss flag). And Dennis cooks a special meal (No fondue).

When the heat is overwhelming I sleep on the kitchen floor. Also there’s good view of the living room, and the cooking station, and my food bowl.

Evenings we hang out by the pool.

Alas the wonderful, relaxing, far niente, atmosphere cannot last for ever. Sadly, everyone has to go back to work.

OMG! I can’t believe I actually used the word “Wonderful” in regard to our summer! What’s wrong with me? It’s probably an age thing.

Summer of 2020 was a strange but lovely bash.

Bring on the fall

Boxer Felicia’s Summer: Part One

We’ve been very busy around here. You’d think what with the whole “Covid business”, summer would be boring, covid safe yes, but not boring!

Oh no, not in this house!

The season always kicks off with Veronica and Dennis’s Birthdays. Same day! I know, what are the odds.

I feel sorry for them having to share the celebrations and the party.

This year, however, no party, but a private, Covid compatible, surprise gift from the family: a classical, concert in the garden.

This is the Ensemble “Chiome d’Oro”, a small, talented group of baroque musicians.

Veronica was, as always, overwhelmed by emotions, including a lot of crying…(She needs to get a grip, she’s embarrassing herself.)

“A wonderful, amazing, musical gift” as Veronica repeatedly told everyone over and over again.

The concert was followed by an impressive homemade buffet. I bet you’d loved to have been invited? But of course you were not…

And neither was I!! Yes, can you believe that?? I, Felicia v d Andreashöhe was not invited!!

The injustice of it.

Instead, I was sent inside “Felicia, you might disturb the concert, you’ll be better off here”.

Says who?? Did anybody ask for my opinion? Bunch of self centred people! I can love music, I can absolutely enjoy a concert too!

I didn’t brood for long, though, a wonderful surprise awaited:


Little E and family came to stay for a night. Little E loves me, now Baby F not so much, wonder why?

She’s often grumpy. And boy does she have a loud voice!

This was demonstrated on numerous occasions, especially when that little one does not get what she considers herself entitled to.

C183B50D-3F15-4AE3-9402-1329464D1A2B 2

As expected Little L came to play. I have to say Little E was extremely patient and let Little L be the boss. Very astonishing.

She sure has changed a lot, guess it’s the “I’ve got a little sister thing” (especially considering Baby F’s loud personality).

6E9077C8-CF6C-4D73-876D-A45F1D148A46 3

We managed to spend some quality time together.


Sadly, next morning, it was already time to say goodbye. Come back soon Little E.


Time came for my summer, health check up, with my favourite Dr L. As you can see these masks are required now.

I know Veronica is relieved and doesn’t mind at all, I think she looks funny. Like a dog with a muzzle.


Dr L is so nice, I love coming here. Today apparently, he is going to see if I have a new tumor.


Nothing! I get a clear health bill except one, totally silly little problem: two infected teeth!

The only treatment possible, so he says, is to remove my teeth! He’s got to be kidding! REMOVE MY TEETH??!! I feel humiliated!

Shouldn’t there be a law, an animal protective law against such interventions?


Apparently not! So here I am, waiting, patiently for my 7th anaesthesia! I’m probably breaking some kind of record! Seven interventions with anaesthesia!

I’m a hero, brave, strong, and beautiful (doesn’t hurt to mention) medical hero!


It’s done! I feel lousy. It hurts a lot! I can’t eat properly, I get medication, but still, it hurts! I’m a beautiful hero in pain.

“Felicia , you are so brave, as a reward we have planned a surprise, as soon as you’re better”.

Trying to bribe me here? Typical! This better be a super cool surprise!

C7A946CB-73DD-4B17-9D54-7BEECF8B3E3A 2

And it is.

We’re going on a day trip to a beautiful place; “Gorges de l’Orbe”. A long walk with fantastic views.

We share, that is, Dennis shares his picnic with me, of course he does, as always.

(Veronica still doesn’t understand the concept of “Sharing is caring”).

A8F94D55-2E9A-4CF4-9B53-771603B4B914 2

It’s a very hot day and I surprise them by jumping into a fountain. Didn’t think I could perform such a tour, did you?. Ha!

I happen to know my Lego always did this, well, goes to show I can be as adventurous as she was.

I have many more tricks up my sleeve!

I have to be on a leash, supposedly I “might fall”. Gee, what do they think? That I’m some kind of stupid, ignorant dare devil?

All in all it was a fun day. Also my teeth are all good now…

…truth be said, I can live perfectly well without them, but I am certainly not going to share this information with Veronica. I want her to feel sorry for me.

Incidentally you can feel sorry for me too! Just saying.

That’s all folks for this time. More fun awaiting in Part two.