Boxer Felicia’s Travel Log


It’s summer and very warm, most of you are probably thinking, wish I was by the sea.

Traveling might be different this year, the Covid business is still out there, perhaps you’ll stay in your country and enjoy what it has to offer.

In this story I want to tell you about a few local places I’ve been to.


I’m no globe trotter, as you know. Veronica NEVER takes me with her when going to Sweden. “You cannot come in the plane”.

Why is that? I could lie next to her as I do in the train. Supposedly only dogs under 8 kg are allowed in the cabin. Us big guys have to sit all alone in a travel box in some horrible space. (I’m sure it’s horrible)

Who made that stupid rule? Probably a small dog owner! The injustice of it!


We live in Switzerland, in Geneva, and I’ve visited a few places with Veronica and Dennis, I’m a wonderful travel companion.

I have my own bag with my food and my Cloud7 roll-up bed.


Sometimes I travel by train. Just look at that perfect Boxer girl. Lying there, not bothering anybody, minding her own business.

See how that would work in an airplane? I’m really not thrilled by their so called “Animal transportation regulations”.

I have an idea for a new rule: pass an obedience test “Who can lie still with their master for the longest can fly with them”. Obviously I’d get full marks!


The first train excursion was to visit my friend, Erasme, the Weimaraner. He’s not only very handsome but also the nicest guy ever. A classy gentleman.


We ran around the beautiful forest where he lives, in Zürich. It’s a nearly 3 hour train ride. (Did I move? Disturb? Bark? NOPE!)


We often go up to MC and VH’s little chalet in the neighbouring French alps. This was just before my first surgery. I remember well because I was not allowed to walk very far and run.


Our favourite excursion is to the close by “Jura” mountains. There are endless hikes all year around.


The view is spectacular.

FYI: Don’t let the scenery make you forget that gorgeous Boxer looking at you.


Some winters the snow is magic. It’s fun to run in the paths. I prefer to stay on those, it’s just more comfortable.


This one time, it had snowed so much, there were hardly any trails. Pure fairyland, only Dennis freaked out, and was very worried we would get lost…Seriously??? Ridiculous.

It was actually quite hilarious. Obviously, he now refuses to admit the episode ever happened, male vanity being what it is. But yeah, it did happen.


On the other side of the Jura is my favourite lake, “Lac de Joux”. It’s perfect since I can wade out very far.

As you know, swimming is not my cup of tea, anyway it’s totally overrated. Everyone knows that. It’s so last season.

I’ve said before: Wading is the new black!


You have to admit this is fricking amazing. As a matter of fact I have a great idea: I could be a model, in tourist brochures?

“Boxer Felicia admires the magnificent Lac de Joux”, perfect!


This is the Amphitheater in “Avenches”. Here, long ago, super muscular guys, called Gladiators, fought as an entertainment for a large public.

Apparently, this is not allowed any more, so now they show operas here in the summer. 


Incidentally, bet you I could totally win a fight here, what with my big muscles. Only problem, I don’t like to fight…at all.

What’s more, Veronica, who’s a total “70s flower power peace” kind of girl, would forbid it. She’s against fighting of any kind.


We took a long walk around “Lake Murten”, near Avenches.


The “Rhein Fall” is in a city called “Schaffhausen”,

Apparently the water fall is super famous. It’s nice but honestly, what’s all the fuss about? It’s running water!


Coming back from the “Lac de Joux” we stopped in a village called “Romainmotier”. Supposedly it’s a member of “The most beautiful villages in Switzerland”.


I agree, it’s cute. This house has a fountain in the yard. Comes in handy for thirsty dogs. My Lego would have jumped right in the water to cool down.

I think that’s not very hygienic so I just drink elegantly without getting all wet.

What? A wimp? Absolutely not! Educated dogs don’t just jump into fountains! It’s in some educational chart, surely.


Everywhere around the “Lac Leman” you can admire the alps.


Every year there is a famous sail boat race in June: “Le Bol d’Or”


Even here, at Corinne’s dog centre, the view is fantastic.


We’re lucky to live in such a beautiful country, lucky our house is so close to the lake, to our own community beach, where we can enjoy this magnificent scenery and


the occasional wading in the summer, here with Indya


This year we stay at home, this year we travel close by. This year Veronica and Dennis will be with me and I love it!!

Stay safe.

Home sweet home.