The Mountain Hike

The other day, as I was hanging out in my Cloud7 Bed, I heard Veronica and Dennis talk about a mountain trip.

It’s because of these fancy hiking boots they just bought. After having boasted about it to the whole family, they had no choice, but to go on a hike.

Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk!

The question was: would I be part of the trip or would I be dumped off at Uncle Bradley’s? I did not have much hope, they can sometimes be very self centred!

Amazingly enough, I was to be part of the adventure, if…”If Dr L says it’s ok for you to hike in the mountains at your age and considering your medical history”.

Pathetic, what about her age? She should be the one consulting her Dr.

Dr L just looked at Veronica like a very tired, wise old professor would look at an annoying student and told her I’d be fine, but suggested that a visit to my favourite osteopath, Dr F, might be in order.

Sometimes Veronica can be so embarrassing at the Vet…and don’t get me started on my surgeries. I get faint with shame just thinking about it…

We went to see Dr F in his new fancy rehab center. (Where Dr B, my cool hippie surgeon also practices).

He was thrilled to see me and I was very happy to see him. He worked on my back so now I am ready for long, healthy hikes.

FYI: I am NOT too old!! My physical condition is excellent! Even Dr L and Dr F says so!

Bags are ready, all necessities packed. Time to leave for canton Bern and the beautiful village of Grindelwald.

We checked into a lovely little Boutique hotel with a mountain view of the Geiger.

It’s a dog friendly hotel. I have my own bed and bowl. Very classy and nice.

The next morning, I’m way less enthusiastic! Instead of climbing up, like real hikers, Veronica and Dennis cheat by taking this horrific egg like transport called Telepherique, I do not like this at all.

Veronica tells me I’m being a wimp “It’s not dangerous Felicia”…says who?? So she’s some kind of expert now, an engineer?

Nobody in their right mind travels in these insane cabins.

Luckily the torture transport comes to an end and I pretend all is fine (no, I’m no wimp)…anyhow I have no time to dwell, the view is beautiful up here.

We follow a path along the mountain. Veronica refuses to let me off the leash.

“Felicia you can slip and fall down the slope”.

Whatever, I have to live with her neuroses, after 8 years I’m used to it. Also I enjoy the hike even on a long leash.

We have lunch at a lovely little inn, I get a bowl of water and Veronica, very generously, lets me sleep on her coat.

Dennis even shares his food, a delicious local sausage.

After lunch we walk (yes we climbed) even higher. The view is spectacular.

We take a little snack break at the top, and admire the breathtaking sight. It’s very Swiss, like a postcard, or a Swiss movie, like Heidi.

Apparently hiking all the way down to Grindelwald is bad for Dennis’s knees. Lame excuse, they’re just tired and lazy. To be fair we did walk for many hours.

Thank god we travel back on a small mountain train. Not very comfortable but at least we’re on the ground.

Dennis tells me I’m a very good girl, I know that, there’s even another dog further away, but I choose to take the high road and be quiet.

That has nothing to do with the fact that it’s a huge dog. I just feel I want to act civilised, as all well behaved dogs should.

Back at the hotel I crash on my bed. Veronica has to drag me out for the evening walk.

Next morning we’re up for a surprise: snow! The hotel staff helps us to choose a hike on the opposite hill from yesterday.

This time we take a perilous (their words not mine) bus ride up to a place called “Bussalp”. Dennis says there’s no fricking way he’s getting in that bus again.

That leaves no other option than to walk all the way back to the hotel (I guess the choice between a scary bus ride or hurting knees was easy).

It takes a few hours, and we got kind of lost. I know, these guys pretend to be real hikers but they’re actually total amateurs.

The walk home was fun though, we spotted the bus going down the winding road, and yes, I admit, we’re better off by foot.

The last evening Veronica and Dennis go for a farewell Grindelwald Apéro (with a view) in the bar.

I’m left in the room….supposedly I might disturb the zen mood if another dog comes in. Rise above, rise above…I won’t even comment on such stupid nonsense.

After a morning walk it’s time to go home. I am quite exhausted I admit, and am looking forward to my own, comfy, Cloud7 bed.

As they say in Sweden “Borta bra men hemma bäst”. Or rather, home sweet home.

I can highly recommend hiking in the Bernese Oberland. It’s not only gorgeous and dog friendly but people are very nice and welcoming.

We all loved it, Felicia included. And yes, her physical condition is great for an 8 1/2 year Boxer girl. (As is ours BTW).

Hotel Glacier: A small wonderful Boutique hotel, dog friendly and with very friendly and caring staff