The Valentine Gift


I am not happy, as a matter of fact, I am outraged! Veronica has left for Sweden, ON VANLENTINE’S DAY!!

How can she abandon her “Loved ones”, on that very important holiday? What’s her problem? BTW I’m seriously starting to doubt the term “loved ones”.


We ALWAYS do something special for Valentine’s Day. Special meal, special picture, it’s a very special day. Look how cute I was three years ago. Adorable!

Now it’s me and Dennis, just the two of us…alone. You know what? We’ll show her we don’t need her…at all.


We go for long fun walks.


play our special “Tug of war” game


take long naps…on the bed! See, having a great life without her. She’ll have some serious explanation to do when she arrives tomorrow.


I love airports.

There she is, full of happy news, “Felicia we are going to start “NoseWork”, it’s fun, you’ll love it”.

What’s that now? Oh I don’t think so, anything with the word “Work” in it can’t be regarded as fun!

“Eva thinks NoseWork will be right down your alley”  Well…ok…if Eva (Bodfäldt) says so, that’s a whole other story, guess it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot.


Barbro Rydén is a NoseWork specialist, that’s why Veronica went to Stockholm, to take a lesson with her. Apparently this Barbro person is really nice, she’s Eva’s friend.

(Incidentally I find it ridiculous to take a lesson without the dog, that is, without me!)

NoseWork is a canine sent detection activity. The dog has to mark an odour, on a box, furniture, outside or on a vehicle. There are several levels using scents by Eucalyptus, bay leaves and lavender.

IMG_6370 2

Barbro made a demonstration with her two dogs:

Pzingo, the 11 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, is searching through the boxes to find the Eucalyptus odour, he’s a real champion and works like a pro.


Tiger, the 6 year old labrador, is searching along the wall for the Eucalyptus odour. He’s just as talented.

I’m seriously jealous of their indoor training center! Not like us, we have to suffer through wind, cold and even snow.


Look at Tiger, is he showing off? Bet you I could learn to do that, easy!


Yes Eva, I agree, NoseWork is right up my street.

I can so be a NoseWork champion, I mean just look at me. If that’s not a dog with a great nose then I’m a cat!


Now here comes the real surprise and title of this story: Veronica has ordred a special Valentine, for me. Probably to make up for her absence.

As if I can be bribed..she won’t get off the hook that easily. I have high moral standards and I’m still furious.


Even an angry, unbribable Boxer, is allowed to be curious when the delivery man carries in a huge Box.

Is that Cloud7 I see through the window?


Wow, it IS Cloud7, I love their stuff, remember, I have the beds and the blankets and even a Bowl.


Is this what I think it is? Oh la la, Veronica must really feel bad!! She splurged.


YES!! It IS the new bed! The Valentine special! The “HIDEWAY HERRINGBONE BROWN”  I can’t believe my eyes!


This bad boy needs to be tested immediately! Mmmmm sooo comfy, I love it! I know someone who’s going to be very jealous…Indya…he he


A second item, is that for Veronica? Oh, it’s the “WALKING-BAG”. It’s nice, very nice, and just my colouring but frankly does she really deserve a gift?


Oh well, what do I care, I have the “HIDEWAY”, the coolest bed EVER!


What? “Unbribable”…”furious”…”upset”..? Can’t hear you, Sleeping Boxer here!


Boxer Felicia loves Cloud7:
















The Wild Birthday



Today is my birthday!

Today I’m the frigging queen of everything! (BTW don’t tell Veronica I said this, she thinks I’m a little full of myself and slightly self centered…can you believe that??)

I wonder what fun they have planned for me? Last year was great, what’s in store for today? Probably a cool playdate or something.


I’m quietly lying on my bed, minding my own business, waiting expectantly with a happy Birthday glow, when Dennis divulges the day’s plan:

“Felicia, your surprise is a mountain excursion to the snow”

The what excursion to where now? Snow? On my Birthday! They’ve got to be kidding? Is this some kind of joke?  Seriously guys, you know I’m NO SNOW FAN!!

Remember last year when…oh……I forgot…I did like it…kind of…a little.


Wow, now this is what you can call A LOT of snow! There’s nobody around, we’re all by ourselves.


I suddenly feel of an amazing happy energy. Woohooo, snow race for the Birthday girl!


I’m so fast! Super fast, as a matter of fact I could beat Indya, easy.


I even feel like going a little crazy. Let’s take a walk on the wild side. Deep in the snow! I’m one courageous Birthday Boxer girl! A true little daredevil!


I venture far away, this is the coolest thing ever. I had absolutely no idea snow could be this much fun.

That’s probably because I am five years old today, I’m all grown up now.


Dennis and I have our little “Fun with mittens”, I love that game.


The day is not over, we go to the lake in the Valley. Remember the lake? It’s partially frozen.

IMG_6605 2.jpg

I have to say, we live in a beautiful country. Don’t you agree? I mean just look at that lake.


Veronica decides we should picnic outside by the shore, that’s so Swedish. Not sure Dennis appreciates it. (He wasn’t consulted on the matter).


As soon as we’re home I finally get my cake, and, unfortunately, the traditional speech. I thought I would escape it, what with the excursion and all. Oh no no no!

Veronica goes on about “Five years old”, “Time to grow up”, and more stuff I choose to ignore. (Seriously, nobody in their right mind gives a lecture on a Birthday!)


The cake is delicious, alas Veronica only allows me to eat part of it. “Not healthy to eat too much at a time”…

Hellooo, it’s my Birthday!! It’s the one day when unhealthy should be the motto!


My gifts are in this bag, from the special store, the one with the very nice lady.


Now what can this be?


A lovely red collar with small medals. Some special, healthy treats….(Trust Veronica for choosing the healthy, eco stuff.)


And of course a Toy!


A pink Flamingo. A bird? Again? Last year I got a Parrot. What’s with all the birds? Is this some trick to keep me from chasing the “Irritating Strutting Pigeon”?


To round up a perfect day, we all watch “Big Little Lies”. Veronica and I love that show, Dennis a bit less. (Perhaps it’s because there are so many strong minded women).

I feel content and happy! I’m one lucky Birthday Girl!

David E Kelley, a word; where are the dogs? “Big Little Lies” needs a dog. I can help you here. Off the top of my head, a beautiful, smart, elegant Boxer girl: Felicia von der Andreashöhe!