My Life As a Rehab Boxer


My life has changed quite a lot this past year…for the worst! The standards have lowered.

From a clear 8 out of 10, (yes, 8, there is ALWAYS space for improvement) to a weak 5 or even 4.

Why? WHY??!! C’mon haven’t you followed my stories???


Typical! So for all you lazy, ignorant people, here’s a brief recap:

Eye intervention, Ligament surgery, Tumor surgery, Meniscus surgery, Tumor surgery no2! (Yes, a second Tumor, I will tell you about that in my next story)

In addition, all these surgeries are on the same leg.


It’s been a year since I ran, played, jumped like a normal Boxer should.

My last, true, crazy, fun time, was with the amazing Animal Photographer Celine, remember?

Shortly after this picture was taken, I injured my leg, and my life turned around…


The year has been one long series of unpleasant events. Going from shock, to hope, to setback, to desperation…etc all while slowly recovering from all my life ordeals.

I adapted to a whole new lifestyle.


The first MAJOR change: no more Agility… EVER again. Too much of a risk to injure my good leg, especially with the sharp turns and the slalom.

Veronica made sure to ask my whole medical team. They all agree, Dr B, Dr de W, Dr F and of course Dr L: NO MORE AGILITY!

Now we only go to say hello, and at most I walk over low obstacles. I might be allowed, in some time, to jump in straight lines…pfff…like that’s any fun!


No more playing with my friends. My operated leg is not strong enough yet.

When Indya comes over we just chill together. She’s very sweet and does not provoke me, or challenge me for a race. That’s what I call a true BFF.


Running through fields and forests is out of the question at the moment. I’m always on a leash. At least we can take long walks.

I know it’s for my own good. To be honest, I never want to go through this medical business again! So yes, walks on a leash it is.


Some activities are highly recommended, “Water Gym” for one.

The Indian summer has been wonderful. Every afternoon we go to our little beach by the lake, and I wade around.

I love it.


Hills are particularly beneficial. We go to the mountain for beautiful  hikes.

IMG_3603 2

Walking on uneven ground. This sunflower field is particularly weird.


I have entered a special rehab program, with equipment brought back from the US by my own favourite Dr L.


I meet his rather huge dog, a Hovawart, “Zelemweis”. I kept a safe distance, not that I’m scared or anything.

I’m just sticking to the rule; “No playing with other dogs”, that’s all.


This is “The Fitness Room”. With all sorts of gear to improve physical health.

Fanny is my Fitness coach, she’s wonderful and very sweet and gives me candy all the time.


The treadmill is a little scary. But I’m very Brave, “Felicia the Brave rehab Boxer”, as a matter of fact, one can say remarkably brave! I don’t even need to wear the special “Stay on the band” harness.

There was candy involved, but that’s irrelevant. (Just to make things perfectly clear: I would have done it even without the candy.)


It’s very weird to walk on a treadmill. Fanny tells me I’m doing great, what can I say, I’m “Felicia, the Brave rehab Boxer”

Bet you Indya would refuse, even with candy! HA! She can run fast but when it comes to the brave stuff…


Climbing up on the balance ball strengthens my back legs.


I do not particularly care for the peanut! Apparently I’ll get used to it.


Dr L, who is the Police Dog Unit’s Veterinarian, told Veronica that all those dogs execute these exercises very easily.

Police dogs! P L E A S E, don’t compare me to the elite of the dog community! It’s their job to excel at everything.

I have numerous attributes! AND I’m “Felicia the Brave rehab Boxer”!!

IMG_4227 2

These cones, are very similar to Agility obstacles. I have to walk, slowly, very frustrating. I want to run, and jump!


I have my own, daily exercise program. Veronica has an app on her phone to report the results.

New exercises will be added as the weeks go by.


I go along with this whole rehab program because that’s my only option. And because I have a dream, a dream of happiness, of running fast, very fast.

“You’ll jump and run like before”, they say, “You’re life will be back to normal soon” They say…

IMG_3670 2.jpeg

…can I believe them? It’s been a year…how much longer?