Summer of 21

I know, it’s November already, but I still want to tell you about my summer. What? You’re not interested? Of course you are, how else will you keep up with my very interesting, exciting life!

So here we go: Boxer Felicia’s Summer of 21:

As every year, summer kicks off with THE Birthdays, as you know they’re born on the same day. They have to share the party!

Incidentally, sharing a birthday…what a nightmare! I know Flay is born on the same day as I but luckily (and for more then one reason) she does not live here.

FYI: I’m not grumpy on this pic! (some people have made nasty comments) I was just surprised and did not have time to put on my very best “I’m a gorgeous photo model” look”

The whole family was gathered, as always, and there is singing and Veronica made a princess cake, on Lilja’s behalf. (That little girl gets way too much attention).

Let’s not forget, she has a baby brother now. Let him be the prince every once in a while.

Our garden is lovely in the summer. We have an amazing huge Jasmine bush, that emits a delicious perfume for several weeks.

Veronica never gardens, NEVER, and if ever she did, the flowers would probably all die from lack of care. The flowers are lucky not to grow in our garden.

Little L is often at the house, and we hang out. We have this inspiring look because we’re admiring some huge birds flying above.

The sun did not last, alas! It rained EVERY day for weeks, and weeks, rain and rain and more rain.

Our walks were flooded.

Every where there was water. I didn’t mind, makes the walks more fun. (Also, not deep enough for swimming)

There was an incident with Little L’s hair: she decided to train as a hairdresser…on herself. The result got mixed reviews, let’s just say no clients will freely line up in her salon.

The parents were in a state of shock! They were furious and Little L had to be rushed to the hairdresser, a real one, with proper training. She now has a very cute cut, so I think.

Veronica just laughed and thought the whole episode was fun. I told you, she’s grown soft with these grandkids!

To give the parents a breather Little L came to stay with us for a bit. Veronica had bought her this absolutely hideous, weird doll with creepy eyes. She thinks it’s beautiful.

We went down to our community beach, Little L insists on holding the leash “I’m very strong”.

We were up for a surprise, our beach had disappeared. The lake water level was very high after all the rain. We had fun though jumping in the waves.

Little L got inspired by Banksy, and decided to tag our house, thankfully with a crayon and not a spray or permanent pen.

There had previously been some house tagging, many years ago, with black spray paint…Out of courtesy I will keep the culprits names secret.

At the time Veronica did NOT laugh and find the incident funny…see how she’s changed.

I went to a rehab session with my Fanny. Out of the blue, she told us she’s leaving for Budapest to study to become a Veterinarian.

OMG!!! What did she say?? Leaving??

I was furious, how can she do this to me, her favourite (Yes of course) patient!! Just look at this perfect posture, I am a champion in the rehab centre. Everyone says so.

It was a tearful good bye. I’ll miss her so much, and ok I know, she wants to be a vet. I guess I must, very reluctantly, wish her all the best.

It wasn’t a very warm summer so we could even take walks during the day.

The nature is lovely around our home.

We’re very lucky.

The Swiss national holiday is on the 1st of August. Veronica doesn’t even celebrate but I have to “dress up” for the mandatory photo shoot.

To tell the truth I love this part of my life. I get so much praise and tons of rewards. Ok, I agree, those ribbons are a bit silly, but there you go.

We took evening walks by the lake.

I have my “it’s too hot” spots in the garden…

…and the house

Depending of the time of day.

I love these long, lazy summer days. Everyone’s relaxed, happy, family and friends come over to swim, we hang out late at night in the garden.

Life is good.