Back On Mars


We are going shopping on Mars at it’s new location. Remember Mars?

I have mixed feelings, on one hand I get to spend time with Veronica and see Sabrina, on the other it might just be a little boring…and that’s an understatement.

You might recall the whole “Shopping circus”? (“Shopping on Mars”) Well let’s just say my impeccable patience better be rewarded.


Veronica has a problem, she cannot shop alone! I wonder why? Is she that insecure? Can’t she take any decision alone?

Today’s partner is CS. On the plus side I love her and it’s fun to have her around, on the downside it might increase the whole length of today’s shopping episode.

And don’t get me started on the whole “Do these two items match”?…”You should try that coat on again”…etc… it’s a never-ending story.


I’m very curious about this new location, supposedly it’s much larger.


We peek through the window. Nice display with the new “Kristensen du Nord” collection. Veronica loves that brand.


Wow, this is a large store, it’s beautiful, it looks very cool. And OMG all these clothes, bags and shoes.

Yes, I better brace myself, no express visit here, that’s a fact.


Sabrina is happy to see me, she’s loves dogs and I know I’m always welcome on Mars.

Have you noticed? We look great together. Our colours are a perfect match. I could be a fashion icon accessory.

“Felicia von der Andreashöhe, on the Runway modelling for ‘Kristensen du Nord’ “. As a matter of fact I don’t understand why I haven’t been contacted already?

I’ve said this before: I’m the BEST publicity dog ever!!


CS is taking pictures of the new store from every angle, she’s always taking pictures…all the time.

I think her secret dream is to be a photographer.


Look at all these shoes and bags. Oh I recognise these shoes, now where have I seen them before…hm….well yes, in Veronica’s closet! Ha ha…

She keeps on telling anyone who want’s to hear it, or not, that “Shoto” shoes are the only ones she can wear without pain and for any length of time.


Oh, oh, CS is not only taking pictures, I sense a disturbance in the force, something’s going on here.


I’m instructed to go to the rear of the store “Felicia stay here, and don’t bother the clients”. She doesn’t need to treat me like an immature puppy.

This is not my first rodeo!


From here I have a clear view of the store. What’s going on? Have I misunderstood today’s purpose? Is this CS’s shopping day?

I knew something was off. Now that puts this visit in a whole new perspective, CS shopping…I wonder?


Let’s not jump to any conclusions and give her the benefit of the doubt. She might even be efficient!

I take on my best “Shopping Felicia” attitude, patient and obedient. I’ll observe her closely and make my results known in due time.


BTW please acknowledge the obedient (beautiful) Boxer on the floor. She’s not even moving a muscle as the nice Lady’s looking at the shoes.

(And I have muscles, even Dr L says so)


After a thorough study and analysis of today’s shopping pattern I’ve come to my conclusion;

CS is just like Veronica. The item in question is a pair of pants: she tries them on, and off, and on again, then walks to the mirror, and back. Twirl…and start over.

OMG it’s is just a pair of pants!! It’s not like buying a house, or a car or something, just a pair, as lovely as may be, pants! Chill!


At least she’s not calling her children for advice (guess we can count our blessings).

Having an iPhone sure has made shopping more complicated. It’s Face Time’s fault! Veronica always has to FT her girls or friends; “Quick, I just want your opinion…”.


The notion “Quick” is a very flimsy concept, not a clear indication at all on how long this call will actually take, in real time I mean.

In her defence her girls do exactly the same; “Två sekunder Mamma…” (Two seconds Mom). Aren’t these people suppose to be working?


Finally after a long debate with Veronica and Sabrina, CS is ready to conclude. I think we’re even leaving, not that I mind being here, I love Sabrina and Mars but enough is enough.

CS just has to pay…or talk…or whatever…


I guess we’re not anywhere close to leaving. Why are they still talking? What’s their problem? I think it’s Sabrina. Yes, they like her too much. She’s very friendly.

Now I know Veronica is quite a “Schmoozer”, oh yeah, but CS, that’s new. Is this attribute contagious? Will Dennis be affected too? That would be a real problem, at least I could count on him to speed matters up a little.


After a long goodbye, our adventure on Mars is over for this time. I deserve a reward for outstanding behaviour.

Don’t you agree?


It comes in a form of  a long walk in Sunflower paradise.

Sabrina a word: keep up your good job. The new store is great, I’ll be back!


Thank you Sabrina for keeping this little gem full of treasures in our city,  for your advice and friendliness to all your clients.











The Day Trip


I’m bored! I know I shouldn’t be…but I am! It’s Monday, and nothing fun is planned.

Veronica took off for Yoga early, not even saying a proper goodbye. Dennis is writing and writing.

One self-centered family!


Then a miracle! (Yes, I believe in those). It must be the power of Yoga, (my thanks go to Constance), Veronica came back with great news: we’re going on a day trip!!

On a Monday no less!! Wohooo!


Apparently “Yoga wear” is not appropriate “excursion wear” and she has to change… it takes forever.

Really forever! I think Dennis is way to patient with her! He should just leave, that’ll teach her a lesson.

What? Oh me…Ok, ok, I might, or might not, linger in my bed when called upon. But that’s irrelevant in the current story!


We drive into a beautiful valley by a lake. First stop is a Picnic in a park.

Dennis could see my lingering and hungry look, and shares his sandwich with me. Now that’s what I call a partnership; we all share.

I know someone who could take a few leaves out of his book.


Veronica, who’s rather bossy as you know (It’s a family thing) decides we should go down to the lake “Perhaps Felicia will swim”.

Here she comes with the swimming…again! Enough already. Don’t get me wrong, I love water per se, just no need to swim. (“Like there’s a rule”?)

Don’t care if Little Ms. Perfect Lego did so (I still love her and miss her, but it’s infuriating that she had to be such a goody-goody all the time!).


“Look Felicia, this is going to be fun” yeah, yeah go into the water yourself and leave me alone!

“She’s probably scared”. I’m what now? Scared he said? I am so not scared! I’ll show him scared!!


I wade out, not because they want me to, oh no, only because I feel like it. And because I’m a very courageous and brave Boxer girl.


Far out..


…very far… well far enough. I proved my point, I’m no wimp.

Now here comes a very irritating and slightly embarrassing fact: This is fun, they’re right! (Oh, but don’t tell them) Wading around is so cool.

As a matter of fact, I’m becoming quite the expert on the wading front! I could even be a wading champion. Everybody knows swimming is so last season, wading is the new black.


Enough with the water activities. This is what I call a forest, nothing like home, now we’re talking.


I’m thrilled, there’s so much to explore. Veronica looks worried. “Felicia don’t go too far” What? Like there are dangerous beasts out there or something?

Ridiculous! I’m a badass, I fear no-one!

Who’s the wimp now?


“Felicia the Boxer Explorer” is on the loose. I follow all sorts of interesting trails, down hills…


…on to small, mysterious paths…


…deep into the bushes and trees.


What’s that noise? Hmmm… Well, no need to exaggerate the whole “Felicia the explorer” attitude.

I rush back to the trail, not that I’m worried about any beasts or anything. I just want to hang out with my folks at the moment.

Anyway it’s time to head back to the car because…


… Dennis has a plan. This valley happens to be known for it’s many Watch manufacturers.

Remember, he’s a California guy, and all Swiss things are highly interesting to him. Wine, cheese, trains, watches…

Therefore a Watch tour is in order.


Dennis wants pictures, featuring his favourite model: ME!

We’re causing quite a commotion. People are looking through the windows, and there’s even a guard calling in the intercom.

After an explanation about “The American husband”, “The family Boxer” and “The day trip”, we’re offered a tour of the grounds. Veronica politely declines.

“We can’t leave Felicia in the car”, well I certainly hope not!

IMG_2990 2.jpg

Not too shabby. There are parks, small ponds and the mountain view. Through the windows I see more curious onlookers.

I take my most elegant Yoga pose. Yes this is Felicia von Der Andreashöhe, the family Boxer. (There just might be someone taking a pic)


I’m starting to feel a little tired, this day trip is turning out to be quite exhausting,

Especially the modelling part, it requires a lot of concentration. Yes, I want to look my best, make Veronica, Jacky and Andy proud. (Dennis doesn’t care)

I’m happy to head home.


To round out a perfect day, we enjoy a little Aperitif at the new neighbourhood wine bar.

FYI Veronica is only holding the leash tight because there are two Chihuahuas taunting me, behaving like they owned the place. Honestly, who do they think they are?

King and Queen of our village?




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