The Summer Break!


It’s summer, it’s hot and I have decided to take a break from you guys. As fun as it may be to chat, I need to seriously chill for a while!

Everyone’s on vacation, yes EVERYONE! Even Corinne, there’s no agility, can you believe that??  I feel I’m entitled to a vacation too!


You’ll miss me, of course. Don’t worry, I have the perfect solution; go visit my Facebook page, Boxerfelciasworld and look me up on Instagram and Twitter.

There’ll be great pics and my old stories.


What?? Already read them? Like once is enough? Just read them again! It’s a known fact that in order to properly understand a story you need to read it twice…at least!


Anyway, I’ve gotta go, I’m kind of busy here. Oh, you want sneak peaks on coming season… ok ok ok, a few words; Little E, Summer Guest, Tea..

Enough already, this Boxer girl has urgent business to handle!

See you guys

So long!

The Gift


I’ve received a surprise gift! Yes me, Felicia von Der Andreashöhe has received a gift.

Last Thursday, the bell on the gate rang, there was the mailman with a box,


A very big box. I was intrigued, what could that be, Veronica solved the mystery: “Felicia this is a surprise for you*


A what now? A surprise, just for me? I couldn’t believe my luck! Now who could that be, sending me a surprise gift? I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

What can it be…


…what can it be?

I peak inside…hm…ohhh.. it’s from Cloud7!  OMG, really? For me? There’s a note inside, apparently they think I deserve a little surprise gift.

Oh that’s so sweet.


I do love Cloud7 products.

Their Bed came out “Best in Test”, on my Dog Bed survey.  This bed’s not only comfortable but also very solid, and absolutely gorgeous, even the blanket is soft and Cloud7.

Incidentally I look fab sleeping in it, and I happen to know Veronica loves the design.

Now lets get back to my exciting gift:


It’s a travel blanket and a Bowl


The Bowl is great. Very modern, a simple sleek beautiful design. It even has my name on it.

HA, you hear that Indya? Make no mistake; This is MY Bowl, with MY name on it, Felicia von Der Andreashöhe’s bowl!!


The travel Blanket is a beautiful grey. It matches Veronica’s interior to perfection, her black chairs and  the living room’s grey carpet!

I notice these things, Boxers can be sensitive to interior decorations and have exquisite taste, well anyhow I do!


Just as perfect in the kitchen! Don’t you agree? Very nice. The sleeping area is ever so soft! The back is water proof.


It can therefore be used in the garden too. Now this will from now on be our official travel blanket, easily rolled up.

Veronica is very excited, apparently this must be a new addition to the Cloud7 collection. No way she would have missed it on their website.

She’s always aware of what’s new on her favourite websites…I know, pathetic. No clue how this blanket escaped her sharp eye.


Veronica places the blanket by her desk. A great location if I may say so.


From here I have a perfect view of the living room, the dining room, and I can even get a glimpse of the kitchen!

You can actually see a tiny bit of they grey carpet in the corner, see what I mean. Yep, beautiful match!

I’ve been spending a lot of “free time” here.


And I’m close to Veronica whenever she’s on the computer! I love sleeping close to her, makes me feel safe…no sorry, let’s put this right: I’m the one keeping her safe!

See my dangerous look? “Felicia the guard dog is watching over her owner”.


As a matter of fact, I can be a real Badass, so, let’s make this “Beware of the Badass Boxer, lying close to her master ready to pounce”

Yeah, that’s more like it!

IMG_8649 2

I agree with you Cloud7 team; I deserve a gift. I’m a good Boxer Girl, sweet, innocent, obedient and very friendly.

What now? Oh yeah, the  “I’m honest” thing pfff…(I’m starting to regret this whole confession business)… so ok I might not always obey and some dogs are truly irritating,  little Leon for one!

Apart from that, I’m an angel dog, and yes, I deserve a gift!


You hear that people out there? Felicia von Der Andreashöhe deserves and appreciates gifts.

On a side note: Don’t you think I look adorable and innocent?

Cloud7 Team: THANK YOU!  Oh, BTW, If you continue to make cool products I’ll make sure Veronica buys them…I have a plan!


Many thanks to Cloud7 Team for having spoilt my little F. She enjoys your gifts every day


In need of beautiful, quality, Dog accessories? Do as Felicia does, go Cloud7:

The Heatwave


We’re living a heatwave, we have those every year here. But this is not any kind of heatwave, it’s an exotic, extreme, tiring, heatwave! Over 35 frigging degrees!

I hate it! Even Dennis, and he’s a California guy, finds it difficult, and that’s saying something!


I’m spending the day finding the coolest spot in the garden. I don’t even have the energy to chase the intruder the “Irritating Strutting Pigeon”. Can you believe that?


I even sleep on the stone, yes, it’s that bad.


Some days the garden is too hot, so I sleep under the table. That’s actually one of my favourite summer hang outs, it’s cool and the table has a perfect head rest.

Obviously nothing compared to my favourite Cloud7 Bed. What can I say, a Boxer girl’s gotta to do what a Boxer girl’s gotta do.

Comfort is not the main concern.


My newly inaugurated sleeping spot, A.K.A. “The Comfortable Chair” does not appear as inviting anymore.

These days I prefer the floor. I know, it seems crazy, but there you go.


MC and Baby L spend the day in our garden. Apparently their house is a furnace. We nap together in the shade.

FYI, I’m not really sleeping, as a guard dog my duty is to make sure no intruder annoys her. Yes, the garden can be full of them!

Who? Off the top of my head: The “Irritating Strutting Pigeon” (Yes, for Baby L I’ll make the supreme effort to chase it)


Dennis wants me to swim. ALL the time! “Come here Felicia, swim with me it’s fun”.


He even tried to lure me into the water with toys… Pathetic, nobody’s fooling me! I’m not that stupid.

There is one problem though, I have no idea how to retrieve my toy…

IMG_8684 2

I sulk at the end of the pool, under the flowers, at least it’s cooler there.

No Dennis I’m NOT swimming with you!! And stop throwing my toys in the water!


Dennis is not the only one who wants me swimming, NC has been at it over and over agin. He even carried me into the pool,

“Look Felcia, it’s really nice, and lots of fun”. People, listen: NO SWIMMING! And why’s everyone talking about fun? Let me decide what qualifies as “fun”!

I was very calm…in appearance, and only because I love NC. On the inside I was furious, how dare he, just because he’s strong!

I forgave him, well yes, I’m a softie when it comes to love.


Of course “Little Ms perfect Lego” swam like a fish. It’s MC’s Yuna watching her.

Sadly she had to leave for Fairyland early. I’ve been told she was especially sweet to everyone. She was also avon Adreashöhe‘ Boxer.


Veronica, who does not understand a dog’s heat philosophy of sleeping, resting and more sleeping dragged me to agility! The nerve of her!!  Nobody in their right mind does that!

In protest I didn’t even run, I walked between the obstacles, very slowly, glaring at her.


In her defence, she sprayed me with water, and had a water bowl at all times. I even have a water bowl in the car.

I LOVE being sprayed! It’s like my private SPA service. The spray really cools me down. But you don’t need to share this information with Veronica. I like her to feel bad at times.


I still need my exercise, we have a variety of “Heat wave walks”:

We walk through the woods, it’s cooler here. I love it, there are plenty of very interesting odours and loads of cool insects.


We take evening walks through the nature habitat.  Veronica tells Dennis they might see a Boar at this time of the day. What’s a boar?

They seemed worried for my safety, do boars eat dogs? Are they huge? But I’m not scared, oh no just…you know… a tad concerned.


We walk down by the lake, on the jetty. It’s a little windy and there are amusing ducks everywhere.

I could chase them, yes, I can jump into the water if I want to! I just prefer to leave that task to Bird dogs, like Golden retrievers. Remember, I’m a guard dog!


We walk to the beach, I love to wade around searching for fish. No need to swim. Anyhow swimming is highly overrated, everybody knows that!


One morning Veronica forced me to come with her on a walk at 6 AM!! Yes, you heard me: 6 AM!

That’s inhuman! Somebody needs to call animal control. Is walking your dog that early even legal? Dennis would NEVER to that!


I’m sick and tired of this heatwave. You know what, I’ll just stay here, yes that’s it, I’m not moving out of this spot until it’s over!

And Dennis stop calling me and throwing toys in the pool!