Farewell My Felicia

On a very sad and cold Friday afternoon, I had to say farewell to my darling Felicia. A sudden, unexpected health issue left me with no alternative than to let her go.

This is her last post, it is an homage to my sweet, crazy, irritating, fun and much loved Boxer girl.

Felicia was my Boxer no. 4. The children had moved out and I told everyone: “This is not a family dog, this is MY Boxer and she’ll speak Swedish.”

Felicia arrived, 10 weeks old, adorable with short stubby legs.

She quickly adapted to her new home and we explored the world together.

She was full of mischief, a personality trait that she never “grew out of” as you would expect.

She attended puppy classes, teenage school and big dog socialising.

I took her on train rides, in busses…


…to restaurants…

…to the airport. She behaved perfectly everywhere.

At mealtimes, she would silently lie on her mat, staring at me with accusing eyes.

We did Agility training with Obedience and Nosework.

She loved all of it.

She seized any opportunity for some fun.

She was a champion at posing. I could tell her to sit and wait while I adjusted my iPhone to get the perfect pic…

or the perfect expression…

…a holiday pic

…or a shoutout.

Here’s one to my favourite Stockholm bookstore: “Hedengrens”

And another to a new, great, Swedish fragrance company: “Cra-Yon”.

Incidentally they own a gorgeous Boxer, Felicia’s cousin, Simon v d Andreashöhe.

And of course her (and my) favourite dog bed brand; Cloud7. (Felicia had 5 of them…I know…)

She was even part of their publicity campaign.

As soon as she saw my iPhone she was ready to pose.

She had her own photo shoots with “Celine Bissat”, like a top model.

Celine is a very talented animal photographer.

She entered a big exhibition. The judge loved her and she got top marks. I, however, had mixed feelings about the experience and decided to call it a day.

Better stop at the top, right?

Many, many of her beds mysteriously “exploded”…at least…well the number is irrelevant…let’s just say more than you can imagine!

As soon as she felt “left out”, she found various (unauthorised) occupations, like “playing” with letters, bills, X-Mas decorations, books, eyeglasses, toys (not hers)…

…”Påskris”, Easter feathers…

…and even a cleaning mop. To name a few.

Her latest siesta habit was on the newly renovated sofas.

She never matured. Last X-Mas every day, EVERY SINGLE DAY, she would “borrow” an ornament and run around the house with it.

Usually after our (big) walk, when I finally relaxed with a cup of tea and a book.

She took the presence of dogs in her vicinity as a personal offence. This personality trait did complicate our everyday life a bit…just a tad.

She could jump out, unexpectedly, taking the leash holder (i.e.me), totally by surprise.

No I did not see the cat hidden in the bushes, or whatever she felt needed her immediate attention.

Her favourite occupation during walks was not running like any other normal dog, but digging!! And while she did that she became instantly deaf.

Was she related to a Fox Terrier?

Felicia loved her Dr L.

Relaxed and confident she waited on the examination table for her shot.

Sadly Felicia had a number of surgeries, ligament, meniscus, and several tumours. She was brave and courageous.

She loved her rehab sessions with wonderful Fanny and performed all exercises with tenacity and as much grace as a Boxer can manage.

She was constantly by my side.

As close as possible.

We had so much fun together.

Over the years.

All over Switzerland.

Many memories.

My sweet Felicia.

She was a big part of my life, of my heart. I miss her so.

Farväl älskade Felicia

My thanks go to:

Andy & Jacky Flütsch, “Andreashöhe Kennel” my breeder whom I’ve known for 28 years

My inspiring dog Guru and friend, Eva Bodfäldt for having my back and giving me the tools to help Felicia deal with the more complex side of her personality. Making her life, and mine, smoother and fun.

Wonderful Dr Gabor Luka for taking care of my Felicia with love. For his kindness and humanity in my deep sorrow.

My lovely daughter Malkah who stood by my side until the end.

My wonderful family with whom we spent the evening crying and laughing recalling sweet Felicia‘s many, many, many mischiefs.

And last but not least to you Felicia’s “fans”, to you, my faithful readers. It’s been a fun adventure, I quite enjoyed myself (though Felicia blabbed a bit much).

Let’s remember her as this cheeky, fun, annoying, sweet Boxer girl she was.

Felicia v d Andreashöhe 4 Februar 2013 – 1 April 2022

PS I will leave this blog open for a while, feel free to revisit her many stories.