Puppy Time: Part Two


I was THE cutest puppy ever!!  I think anyone would agree with this simple fact! Just look at me: SO CUTE!

This is about my first months with Veronica and Lego, you might have read “Puppy Time: The Beginning,” here comes the follow up.


After a few days I felt at home, and it was time to explore my new environment. The outside bed became my lookout post.

Here I could comfortably and safely observe the street, dogs and people at a risk free distance, while deciding on what action would be appropriate. Very young, I felt the urge to guard the house.

“No one’s going to mess with me! Intruders beware: the badass Boxer’s living here!”

You probably know Veronica and I have an ongoing disagreement on HOW to best protect the house. She does not approve of the”Bad ass” approach. “Two barks is enough, Felicia”.  She’s such a spoilsport!!!


I need to explain the “ear style”. Veronica wanted me to be a “beautiful boxer with perfect ears”. “Felicia this is for your own good, everyone will admire you later”.

(Ok, I admit, I DO have beautiful ears today, and apparently some ears “break” easily)

I looked RIDICULOUS!! AND she made me go out on walks like this, AND to puppy school!

Embarrassing!!! Mind you, it did not hurt, just made me look like a fool!! (Small comfort; Indya had been subject to the same treatment!)


Digging was already my favorite activity, amazingly enough Veronica was very tolerant at the time. “She’s just a sweet puppy, not her fault, she won’t do it for long” Little did she know!

I never hear “She’s just a sweet Boxer girl, not her fault” these days!! Where did all that tolerence go?? I’m still really cute!!

She has no understanding with the whole digging concept! Now it goes: “Felicia you’re a Boxer, not a Fox Terrier”!


I  spent quite some time picking flowers, nearly ALL the flowers as it happens. I kind of got the impression Veronica was a little upset.(She has this thing with the garden flowers)

I had no idea “Camelias” were very special to her…that they were newly planted…that she had been looking forward the whole spring to see them…??

I was just an innocent puppy, remember?!


Apparently I was a little “chubby” with rather short legs…  I don’t understand what she meant…chubby is cute!


I did find it difficult to climb up on furniture… well it is HARD!! I heard Veronica tell everyone how Indya had jumped up on the sofas from day one… yeah yeah, big deal!!

Indya is more the athletic type, we all know that! She ALWAYS had longer legs! I have BIG muscles, even Dr L thinks so (In case you missed that one)!!


Climbing into the car was easy…the doors were open, and to me this meant: Welcome!

My paws might have been a little muddy, but hey, I HAD to see why my mattress was hanging there. She was cleaning the car anyway!


I discovered the dishwasher door was warm and the perfect spot for keeping an eye on kitchen activities.

Back then not much going on mind you…now with Dennis it’s a whole other story. I hang out here all the time while he’s cooking!! He likes to make me taste new stuff!! He totally get’s it!!


As my legs grew a bit, I finally managed to climb (not jump) on to the sofa. I had the best of time playing with the cushions and hide and seek in the sheets.

Veronica did not appreciate my game, usually she loved playing with me. The explanation came soon enough:

I got the “Sofa talk”,  the whole long lecture about how dogs are not allowed up on “Beautiful Svenskt Tenn sofas”! (She probably forgot the “innocent little puppy” bit)

Ok no problem, I now just climb up accidentally…on purpose…when she’s not looking!


The bench was fun and totally allowed, easy from the outside bed. A cool exercise, less interesting then the sofa though. In the basket were my outdoor toys.


One day the yard was full of people, big machines and my access blocked.

They were digging a big hole in the garden. I was intrigued!

I spent hours observing them, there was much talk about a “Pool”. I thought it was a game. Silly little boxer pup…

She let me say hello to everyone, they all thought I was very cute…well, of course they did!!

IMG_1234 2.jpg

I nearly managed to sneak out, to help them dig … sadly enought Veronica stopped me, apparently “Digging was very dangerous”…”Nobody’s allowed outside the barrier, that includes you Felicia”.

I just don’t understand why as soon as there is somthing fun to do, it is  either: “Very dangerous” or “Not for you Felicia”.


We made frequent visits to NC and MBC. I had so much fun playing with NC, he had some special toys for me, and then, when I was exhausted I slept on his lap.


I even did a little climbing of my own invention, perfect for my short legs, under their table. Just like a private hut.


Lego was always by my side. She was my surrogate Mom, my secure blanket and my friend. She always had my back, looking out for me if I felt insecure.


There were rules, (well of course, this is Veronica’s house, remember!) Lego was to eat first being the old Lady.

That was ok, I knew I had to wait patiently. I miss her. Wish I could go to “Fairy land” and visit.


Indya came over pretty often for crazy play dates. She’s six months older as she keeps on reminding me…constantly!

At the time of course she was much bigger, but now? Common six months that’s nothing!   No need rubbing it in, again and again! (She’s still my Bff)


All this exploring, playing and climbing sure makes a small boxer girl very tired. Nothing better then to snuggle up in Veronica’s lap, while she was reading.

Just look at me; such a cute Boxer puppy!

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I am OUTRAGED!!! FURIOUS!!! Veronica is leaving us AGAIN!! Can you believe that!! She comes home from a trip and after about two seconds, boom off she is again. This time with MC! And what’s more back to Stockholm!! Yes!!

This is her ridiculous explanation: Apparently they have to buy an item you can only find in Sweden!!! P L E A S E!! I don’t believe a word of it…

Now why is she leaving??? Because of me???


Is it because I chewed the firewood on the carpet?? My teeth were itching and they’re very tempting for a small boxer, laying there in the basket!!


Or because of the paper ripping incident?? I was bored! There she was on her computer not paying me any attention!

Yes I know we had been on a walk, and at Agility; I’m still allowed to expect more of her!

And who leaves paper carelessly lying around…in the bookshelf?


Or perhaps because I leaped out at that new dog at Corinne’s?? Well, she was new, how was I supposed to know she was very friendly??


Or because I jumped on the bed the other night while she was reading?? It looked so comfortable and cosy, not my fault!!

IMG_0717 2.jpg

Maybe because I feel this urge to dig all the time?? I have to! There is just too much stuff going on down there in the ground!


I did taste the birthday cake last week! Well, don’t leave the cake on the edge of the table! Anyone would be tempted by a cream/strawberry cake! And everyone had already had a piece…

By the way, it was delicious!! Totally worth it!!

IMG_0968 2.jpg

Noooo, she loves me too much!  And I love her.

Actually I think part of her is amused by my few creative activities.

I guess she wants to spend time with MC, she’s her daughter after all. Pehaps they really need to buy something?


I’m just a little upset… at least Dennis is abandoned too, and VH and Indya.

Yeah that’s the solution, I’ll hang out with Indya! Ha!



I LOVE AGILITY!!!! It’s just the best. I get to climb, jump, run, go through tunnels and at the end I get rewarded with best candy and play tug of war with Veronica!!  What’s not to like???

We all meet up at Corinne’s with the gang. I like everyone…

…nearly…Veronica thinks honesty is very important, so I should probably admit that there are perhaps a few, like little Leon, and the new guy, and one or two others that I like just a bit less…

Anyway, Let’s stick to what’s important here!!

I love agility!


June is of course our number one, she wins the speed competition without any doubt!! Told you, agility rocket! She’s a real agility champion! (I do admire her style and speed, wish I could be that elegant)


My friend Inook can jump super high, he’s so tall. He obeys well, apart from the occasional private initiative. He’s an original Beauceron with imagination.


Gibbs is a Brittany Spaniel, a nice guy. He’s fast and sometimes a little wild, he just feels the urge for a freedom run around the agility field. No harm with that. Mostly he’s real talented.


Little Leon and Nell, a Border Collie. She’s adorable and a little shy. I know I was supposed to make an effort, with little Leon, but listen to this: every now and then he escapes the “Agility route” to say hello to all the dogs. I mean this is no party time!!!

Nell is way more disciplined, she is quite the champion.


There he goes again…I really feel like growling right now… can’t he get back on track!! We’re all waiting for our turn here!!

Unfortunately Veronica spots me and immediately…..


…tells me to go behind her back. It’s ok, I know the rules, at least I get rewarded for keeping my zen attitude!


Mostly we chill until it’s our turn. Veronica likes to keep a bit of a distance, in case I get a little irritated. Well any one would be, seeing these undisciplined dogs run all over the place…

What Veronica doesn’t know is that I secretly want to join them, don’t know if I want to play or give them a piece of my mind….can’t decide!


Time for my turn, first a little stretching, a warming up session.


Then Veronica tells me I need to concentrate, to remember I’m doing agility, not on a simple walk in the forest. Pfff I’m not like some others, I know what I have to do, has she no faith???


Well  there was this incident, some time ago, in the collapsed tunnel…not my fault…in the middle there was this VERY strong smell. I got sort of caught up and didn’t come out.

Veronica had to go and lift the plastic end, finally after a very long negotiation I agreed to come out. She seemed a little upset? Why??  Everyone else was laughing … why not her???

To my absolute defense there had been an empty mouse nest there!! You see.. nobody understands me!!

What I really don’t get is that the others didn’t seem interested, at all!! Just ran through. Not even the Brittany spaniels, or little Leon. What’s the matter with them??


And then of course the dog walk episode…I got a little distracted. Once on top, I have this mega view, and there were some joggers with dogs. I stopped, wondering what they were up to?  I got kind of absorbed…why are they all running?? Are they in a hurry to join us??

Finally I heard Veronica’s voice “Hey Felicia!”,”We’re doing agility now! Focus please”!

Mostly, nearly all the time, I concentrate and run really fast, well not rocket June fast, but Boxer fast!!


Once coming down it’s very important not to jump over the white part. FYI I did NOT jump over, I touched it, just looked like that because of my speed!


The slalom is the most difficult obstacle. Veronica wants to increase my speed, she even bought a salom for our yard, we practice at home, that’s fun.

She has a friend who has a slalom in her living room!! Now that’s cool!!! Her Briards are agility champions, with medals.


The Seesaw is a bit tricky, the thing is you need to find just the right spot to make it tilt. I’m great at that!  Should I perhaps get a medal?


Our jumps are not high, as nobody’s competing at the moment, Corinne keeps them low to manage our hips and backs.


I love the tire, especially today, it’s the last obstacle on this tour and I get to play…


…tug of war with Veronica. Really play and pull and play…


…big time. Then she says finish, and I stop. I have special agility toys, a little selection so I don’t get bored. They’re NOT to be used at home!

I did “find” one the other day, the new one Veronica’s friend VT gave me. I hid under the table, somehow she saw me  (I don’t understand how, I was UNDER the table) and that was the end of it!

Her fault, leaving the toy in the hall… in the cupboard…on a shelf. Anyone can reach the first level…jumping up, she ought to know that.


After several tours, time to go home, I get some more goodies, yes I deserve rewards. These are a gift, from FE they’re the same as Inook!!

Veronica was happy, “You did very well Felicia”, yes I did!  I’m actually quite proud of myself today.


For a whole hour, I can go wild and crazy… in an orderly way.



Special thanks to my son NC for the beautiful pictures on this Agility episode


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Zürich: The Adventure


We are traveling! To Zürich! Veronica and I are going there to visit her friend GM and Erasme. She goes there quite often and this time I’M ALLOWED TO COME WITH HER!! Can’t believe my luck! A whole day of fun!

Dennis takes us to the station. Is he jealous?  Veronica told him “This is a girl’s day”. Husbands not invited!

He didn’t seem to mind. Secretly, I think he’s happy to have a day at home by himself. The house quiet and calm, what with us girls away.


I have my special blanket in the train. Veronica and I kick back and just enjoy the ride. A lot of people come and go. They all look at me with tender eyes.

Well yes! I’m very cute. AND I behave just like the perfect little boxer girl, I am, of course!

Wish the “Dog experts”, Eva, Corinne and SPS  could see me now… Hope Veronica will boast about me to everyone.


Once in Zürich we have to take a much smaller train. I take my “Keep calm and relax” position, “The backpack” as I heard Eva call it.

The train is very crowded, I don’t mind at all. I enjoy being the star.


This is so exciting, will Razzie be at the door?? Will he be happy to see me??

Erasme, or Razzie as he prefers being called, is a gorgeous long haired Weimaraner. He’s a beauty champion, and has won a lot of medals.


Yipppieeee!!! There he is!!! I forgot how very tall and handsome he is, such an elegant dog.

He is so happy to see me, and without further ado we head out for a walk in the forest. This is such a cool place.


Here we can run, smell, play. Razzie is more about exploring, playing not so much.  I really admire him. He’s got this mega self confidence, just run around, king of the forest. And I’m with him!!

He’s a hunting dog, that means he’s amazing at  finding important and interesting smells. He’s super obedient and when GM calls he comes at high speed.

Veronica told me I shold take a leaf out of his book… “Look Felicia, Razzie can smell and keep an eye on GM”.. yeah, yeah I know.


You see, lately we’ve had this major argument, Veronica and I, during our walks.

This one field, well ok three fields are FULL OF HOLES!! And they just NEED exploring, common guys, don’t you agree??

The problem is, I sort of get caught up in the action, and forget about Veronica… Running back to Veronica, or finding an interesting beast?? Anyone would choose second option!!


The forest is so interesting, there are paths, hills and water holes.

We meet a lot of Zürich dogs. Fun fact; Razzie doesn’t even care!! Can you believe that?? He just walks by, minding his own business.


WOW! I…well, let’s just say I have another style.

Here I have no choice but to adopt his Zen attitude. I have to keep up, and I want to impress him with my mellow composure! (Truth is I don’t want to be left behind).

Veronica couldn’t believe her eyes!! She kept on telling GM “Did you see that?” “Felicia not caring!!!” “Is this a new phase”?

Ok, she’d better not get her hopes up, this is a one off, due to special cirumstances!!


Razzie has really long legs, he is so fast! I try and try to keep up.. I’m ALWAYS lagging behind??

I HAVE BIG MUSCLES. (even Dr L says so). But I’m more of a sprinter…a short distance one.


I did a little sprint on my own. I wanted to show off to Razzie. He did not seem impressed at all. He gave me the “What the heck are you up to” kind of look.


Our walk comes to an end and we are both VERY tired! Well mostly me so it seems… I’m EXHAUSTED!

Oh but yes, today I have an excuse. I have travelled!! It’s a known fact that travelling is tiring. I keep on hearing Veronica tell our guests with concerned voice: “you must be exhausted after the trip”.

I need to tell Razzie that, he’ll be so understanding and even perhaps give me the “concerned” look.


Back in the apartment I quickly jump on Razzie’s bed. The first one I see. Very comfy with this beautiful cover on top.

I don’t think Veronica noticed. (I don’t need her opinion on the matter)


Razzie is such a gentleman, he slept on the floor. I can’t do that. I have a short coat, way too hard for me. Now for Razzie it’s different what with his long hair.

I’m sure you understand that.


GM went to fetch his other bed, (I think she felt sorry for him)  the one in the room.

Oh.. there is another bed… hum.. I quickly jump on that one, before he could react. What?? I need to try it, I’m the guest! Everyone knows that guests are allowed privileges!!

This did NOT go well at all! Veronica was furious! Guess “Guest etiquette” doesn’t apply under these circumstances. “Felicia get off that bed immediately”!!

I obeyed…you see, I had just spotted…


… the living room bed!! Now we’re talking!! This is what I call comfy! Big time comfy!!

Why haven’t I got a sheep skin at home?? AND Razzie has three indoor beds!!! I only have two! So unfair.

I slept and slept! Veronica and GM talked, drank tea.


I cuddle with GM: I’ve known her since I was a tiny pup.

I do love her very much, she’s the nicest and she loves me too. I can’t do anything wrong in her eyes! (Now Veronica should take a leaf out of HER book).


The day was nearly over, one last forest run Before the train (Razzie ahead of course!)


I love stations, so much stuff to check out. No dogs anywhere, what a pity, would have been fun, just saying.

Not that I minded being the only dog here… better this way, no need to share the “spotlight”.

But a fellow companion here or there does give me a little distraction, not that I would exaggerate. I can be zen…I’m in Zürich!!


I was so tired! Veronica read her book and we chilled.


I had the best day ever! So much fun I love spending time with my handsome Weimaraner friend, and GM is the best.

“Felicia, you behaved very well, I’m very proud of you”! You hear that?  PROUD OF ME!!!

I miss them already

Can we please go back?





Eva Bodfäldt: Dog Training Swedish Style


Positive reinforcement is very important to me, it’s the way to a strong bond with my dog. A relationship of mutual trust, of happiness and joy.

Eva Bodfäldt is, in my opinion, the most outstanding Dog psychologist/trainer I have worked with, her ideas and views correspond to my vision of life with a dog, her books have guided me for many years.

Having her come to Corinne’s was a wonderful experience, she made us see and accept the dogs we have. To work around our personalities as individuals to form a team, handler and dog, towards a stronger bond and mutual understanding.

Thank you Eva.


Something major’s going on.  Veronica is all excited,  this, apparently,  super famous dog trainer is coming to work with us at Corinne’s!! Yes with OUR group!! AND she’s going to stay at our house!!!

Veronica gave me THE TALK!  The “you have to be on your best behaviour” talk. “Eva is very important” and “You have to show her you actually know the rules”!


Gee! Enough already, she was making me nervous… who IS this Eva person..? I started to picture a tall severe looking lady with perhaps a whistle.

Dennis did not escape the lecturing “Don’t give her treats all the time”, “She’s not allowed to behave this way when Eva’s here” he got quite tired of her nagging too.

I’ve said this before: She just doesn’t know when it’s time to stop!!


The day came, there she was, THE Eva, nothing like I imagined; she was fun, joking and laughing a lot. And no whistle in view!

Dennis cooked a delicious dinner, (we all know Veronica is incapable of that) the atmosphere was very nice AND I was allowed to sleep on my usual spot under the table,  Eva did NOT mind! Ha!


I was starting to relax, Eva was very friendly here, but at Corinne’s tomorrow… Some teachers are VERY strict, so I’ve heard.

Veronica and Eva seemed to get along really well, they talked non stop, and amazingly enough not about me!! Can you believe that???

Not even that much about dogs! I felt a little left out…it could have given me a few heads up for tomorrow.


Veronica had shared as much information about Eva as possible to the team. Her ideas, her book, and of course stories of her own dogs (I did hear a lot about them).

The amazing Golden Retriever Kipling, the one on the Video. That film had been shown, at the time, among Veronica’s friends and in several Obedience clubs, Kipling became quite a celebrity here back then.


Then of course Eva’s black Labrador Zakk, a wonderful dog. Sadly he’s in Fairyland now

I’m NOT jealous! You see, Veronica does not expect me to be that good!! (Well yeah, like I could heel that well, best joke ever!!)

The plan was for Eva to work with each one of us, focusing on our weak spots, or whatever needed improvement.


Eva showed everyone her reward system. Varying between, treats, play and cuddle.

First in line was June with Corinne. June is always so concentrated, focusing on her master. Ok, she’s a Border Collie, she’s older then me AND she’s with Corinne!

Wish I could do that, stare at Veronica all the time, bet you she’d like it. I tend to get a tad distracted.


Innok, he’s a Beauceron, my friend, he’s charming and handsome.

They trained both heelwork and walking nicely on a leash. Eva showed FE how to walk with him on either side, keeping his attention.

He did so well, I was impressed (and perhaps a little, little jealous).


Mylo, an Australien Shepherd, a super cool dog. He does bark quite a lot, seeking BN’s attention.

Eva taught her to reward him behind her back, and only when he’s quiet. At first I could see he got irritated, “What, and why??”

Mylo’s a smart guy, very soon he caught up. No barking: as by magic, treat dropped close by.  By the end of the day, he was calm and silent, and rewarded a lot!


I don’t like little Leon, a Jack Russell. He’s hype and runs everywhere, he is just too jumpy all the time.

Veronica does not approve of  my attitude when it comes to Leon. She thinks he is “sooo cute”, “Look Felicia he’s adorable and funny”!

Funny? Really? I don’t see that at all!

Eva worked on his focus and not barking. All his energy put into a chore, a game or an excercise. He became very different. Hm…calm little Leon…?  I just might reconsider the situation.


My turn, Eva explained her introduction to heelwork, I looked at her fascinated, is this when I get a treat? (had just seen the other dogs munching) Nope, nothing.


Veronica started walking expecting me to follow in an orderly way. I don’t quite know what happened… the thing is… I didn’t really feel like working …

…I got distracted…where were the others?… Is that Inook playing with Leon??… Who’s that guy walking down the street?…Is that a beagle with him?  … what are these irritating birds doing…  it was just so difficult to focus.  Anyone can understand that. (I’m no border Collie, us Boxers, our strengths lie elsewhere)

Eva said something that sounded very much like “tying up” and “tree”… what ???


…Veronica DID tie me to a tree!! Yes, just like that, AND she went to cuddle with Leon! Leon out of all dogs! I couldn’t believe my eyes! What’s going on??? (Not warming up to him any time soon)

I felt so embarrassed, on top of that in front of Inook and Mylo, the guys! Straight after they had been Mr. Perfect, both of them..

And what did Eva think?


Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Veronica came back. This time I did my best, (Not getting caught again!!) I listened, I focused. Just look at me!

Coming up right between Eva’s left hand and leg.  You see what a good dog I am??

IMG_0608 2.jpg

My turn to be Ms. Perfect…nearly…well close enough! Veronica was very happy, suddenly heelwork was actually fun.

I have a lot to live up to. I keep on hearing about Little Ms perfect Lego, I mean don’t get me wrong, I loved her, but no need to rub it in!! Not to mention all the other perfect dogs out there.

I need to meet some bad ass dogs!!


Apache another Australian Shepherd, we don’t really get along. It’s just a mutual thing.

He’s great at agility and very obedient,  (I reluctantly  have to admit) but a bit shy. MJ wanted to work with his fear, especially with people.

Eva suggested MJ give Apache treats while saying hello to all people she meets. Making it fun, and relaxed.


Eva seemed very happy, she was all smiles at lunch, they served Raclette. Some smelly cheese dish. (We were not even allowed to taste!)

After two days of intensive fun work, all problems tackled, everyone seemed in great spirits. There were laughs and jokes.

Us dogs felt like super champions. We were all giving each other smug looks, like “Ha, I’m the best”. Holding our heads high, tales wagging, that is until we crashed into deep, exhausted…


…. sleep. Had no idea learning to be perfect, “intense style,” was this tiring…

How do the “pro competing dogs” handle it??

Thank god Veronica is not into that any more, of course little Ms. Perfect Lego had no trouble. Me I’m different! Anyhow, I don’t need competitions to glow, I glow on my own,  “Au naturel”!!


Inook was just as knocked out as me.


Even little Leon was quiet, and calm.


One last evening at home, dinner in the garden and cuddling for me and Eva.

Tomorrow she’s leaving, soon she’s going to fetch a new puppy, a little black labrador. Her name is Will-Ja.

I miss Eva, working with her was just so much fun. I wish she could come here often, teach us more cool stuff. Veronica and I really improved our teamwork.

Best of all:

Eva told Veronica I’m a great Boxer!  You hear that???  THE Eva Bodfäldt thinks I’m a great Boxer!!!

Yep, Now I can look smug!

A note from Eva Bodfäldt:

Kära Felicia! Du är en så underhållande och sprudlande skribent. Jag har just läst din blogg med stort nöje. Keep up the good work with Veronica! Never give up! My biggest hug! Eva, the swedish dog trainer.

 Learn more about Eva Bodfäldt:







Veronica loves Halloween…I secretly hopes she’d forgotten about it…

You see, she makes me wear silly gear . . .yes ridiculous ones. Supposedly I have to be in the “Halloween spirit”.


“Felicia you have to look festive” and “Oh that’s sooo cute” and “Dennis, come here and see how adorable she looks”.. etc  etc… Sure… more like “RIDICULOUS”!!!!


Indya never has to wear anything remotely as embarrassing, only a discreet pumpkin collar, look. Me…. well, you’ll see… and Veronica loves them all!


I did get this real cool toy, it squeeks! This drives her crazy, the squeeking (guess she hadn’t noticed  as she bought it).

Well, I squeeked big time, all over the house. I’ll show her “Halloween spirit”!


She tried to take the toy away (probably to lock it in some cupboard, she does that sometimes), I gave her THE LOOK!  The “don’t you dare take my toy” look.

Never works, can’t blame a girl for trying. Now listen to this; she gave up, yes, just like that… strange…

Guess she wants to make up for making me wear those stupid outfits!



The festive collar:

“Look Felicia, it comes from a very fancy dog store in New York”, yeah, like I care…

It has little bells on it, so when I run I feel like I’m a Christmas reindeer..  That’s supposed to be “Halloween spirit”?? Really??  Stupid!

Luckily she’s very worried it’ll get dirty or a bell falls off, so I don’t have to wear it out of the house! Or even in the garden. (Only for this photo).


The Halloween bandana:

Dennis chose the bandana on their last trip ( “California  style”  he told me),  I actually love it. Kind of cool, with big black spiders. Gives me the “Badass” look!

Yeah  “The badass Halloween Boxer” Ha.. that’s awesome!  I wish I could show off at Corinne’s, even Inook would envy me.

I hope I’ll wear it tomorrow on our walk, people will say; “Oh, here comes the Bad ass Halloween Boxer”!!


The Halloween leash and collar:

It was Lego’s set, it’s decorated with bats and the colors look great with my dark coat. I don’t mind at all. If Lego wore it, then I can too. This was the first Halloween gear, before Veronica took it to another level.


Yes, those were the more simple days. (Lego never had to endure this newer trend)

Let’s just hope that’s it, not the clothes….please! (I think I’m safe, she doesn’t like clothes for dogs, phew!)


The Halloween frilly collar:

This is the worst ever!!  I look so pathetic and ridiculous…it’s Veronica’s FAVOURITE!!!  What’s wrong with her??? Is this some kind of joke???  Has she lost her mind???

I am not leaving the house if I have to wear this… “THING”!!  Even with smelly meat balls, nope! I’ll just stay on my bed, she cannot lift me anyway.

I’m sure Dennis is with me on this one!


The Trick or Treat collar:

Very discreet and simple, can’t believe she actually allows me to wear it.

The whole day I have to wear these different outfits, “Oh, Felicia, you’re the most beautiful Halloween Boxer in the world”. Nice try, I’m not falling for that one!


Then comes the “waiting for the children”, I love that part of the day!  They’re so cute…  well  most of them…nearly all of them….apart from a few freaky ones…real scary!


Veronica makes me go inside, supposedly my barking might frighten them… ridiculous, they are the scary ones…pfffff

They get loads of candy, Veronica makes sure there’s more then enough.

Oh, I get treats too, well of course, what else?  IT’S HALLOWEEN!!

Trick or Treat!