Boxer Travels Part One: The Puppies


We’re going on a road trip. To Andy and Jacky! (Andreashöhe see archive) Can’t wait to see them. I wonder a bit about Flay… will she remember me? Will she be nice to me? She’s not only a Champion but a Mom now. She’s a bit vain.

(FYI; On this big Boxer show the judge awarded me with Excellent 1! So I am beautiful too!!)

We all have our bags packed. I have my special travel blanket, my bowl, food and a toy, just in case I get bored.


This is Pretty von Hofmannstal. Andy and Jacky got her from Rosine Hofmann, she’s the oldest breeder in Europe. Veronica thinks she’s an amazing Boxer Lady.

Pretty just had puppies. She bears her name well. Don’t you think so? She’s very pretty!

See, not jealous! I can admit another Boxer girl is beautiful too! (I feel it’s worth mentioning, Veronica has a tendency to tell people I’m jealous, which I’M NOT)


She had five puppies, very cute!! Here with Mommy.


Four girls and a guy.


Jacky and Andy are thrilled to see me. I was happy, also a little concerned; where are the dogs, and the cats?


Rosine Hofmann was there to inspect the puppies.


They have the coolest house! Dog beds everywhere, and even sofas for the dogs!! Now why don’t we have “Dog sofas”?

Andy should tell Veronica it’s better for me, as a matter of fact let’s make it mandatory! Yeah! All dog homes, should have special “Dog sofas”!!


Oh look at the adorable puppies! They all wanted to say hello to me. Well duh… Of course, Felicia von der Andreashöhe, the special guest is here!

Veronica was oohing and aahing. “Ohhh Dennis look at those cuties, just look, oh they’re sooooo adorable”

Ok, ok, lets not get carried away. They’re cute, but no need to overdo it! It’s just puppies!



Andy lets two of them into the garden, just to see how we got along. No need to worry, I love puppies!


The whole gang arrives and OMG, they’re wild!! Jumping, climbing, biting. Oh la la, the  works!

IMG_4450 2.jpg

They have this fun tunnel, just like in Agility, but smaller. They dive in, out and on top. I don’t know where to look, they’re all over the place.

I’m not going to try to go through it, don’t want to embarrass myself, just in case I get stuck..


Mostly, they wanted to play.


…and play….


…and play some more! Until Andy whistles and they go back inside. Veronica was in love with all of them. “Dennis we should bring one home”

What?? Home? Like with us in the car?? Today?? NO WAY!

I am nowhere ready to be a surrogate Mom!! I feel I haven’t reached my true potential yet. I need to explore my inner self, learn to find peace of mind before even considering taking in a pup.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Puppies, and these guys are adorable…here, not at home!!


Flay comes out and she did not look very friendly, at all!

I adopted my best “I hear you Sis, it’s your turf” attitude. I’m not scared, just felt it would be inappropriate, being the guest, to argue with her.

Andy was not happy  “Anständig Flay, Felicia ist dein Geschwister”. (Be nice, Flay, Felicia is your sibling)


I slipped behind Dennis. Again: NOT SCARED!  I just like it better here. I get a lovely view of the garden from this angle.

Andy called me; Hmm…well on second thought, I don’t really feel like bonding right now.  Flay looked ashamed, and rightfully so. That’s not how you greet your long lost sister!!


We settled on a kind of compromise, I cuddled with Jacky and Flay with Andy. That will do for this time.

Told you, she’s a little of full of herself…and bossy!  Nobody could guess we’re sisters!

I myself, felt very proud of my behaviour; I took the high road with my sister, AND Andy and Jacky told Veronica I’m a great “Auntie” for the pups. Ha, hear that Flay? I’m great!!!


Back in the car, I felt a little tired. Family meetings are exhausting.

I overheard Veronica telling Jacky and Andy that when I’m a bit older we would fetch a little one. Perhaps one of I’Love’s.

Ha, we’ll see about that! I am entitled to an opinion. First I need to see her and agree! No Puppy in our house without my consent !!!


We drive to this really nice hotel. Dennis served my long awaited dinner.


At the restaurant everybody loved me: “What a lovely Boxer”, (Yes I agree, I might add “Friendly, sweet, well behaved  boxer”) I even received a bowl of water.

There’s a lot of talk about “the cute puppies”, “Beautiful Boxers”, Andy, Jacky and Rosine Hofmann. Guys, what about me?

Have you forgotten your little darling, your lovely little darling on the blanket? It wouldn’t hurt to mention her in in that conversation!


Back in our room, I hear them discussing the next day’s program. Words like  “Wine tasting”, “grapes”,  what’s that? Do I have to taste wine? Eat grapes? Is this a dog event? Will Flay be there?

Whatever, I’m just so very tired…

Vielen dank Andy und Jacky für ein sehr gutes Mittagessen und viel Hund spass!

Boxer Von der Andreashöhe:


Rosine Hofmann: Boxer Von Hofmannstal: A Boxer Lady on her 90th birthday, here with her latest International Champion, Pilgrim Von Hofmannstal (Pretty’s Brother)

You like Felicia’s blanket?


The Birthday Girl


Today is my Birthday! Yes I’m the Birthday girl! Today everything is about ME, I’ll be the star all day long. I actually think the rule should be: “Felicia get’s to decide everything.” Unfortunately not in Veronica’s house!

The day starts off really well. Apart from that ridiculous red ribbon. (you know Veronica’s sense of inappropriate festive gear for me! Thank god no Indya or Inook or Yoda or Rose to see me).

There is cute gift bag, and a very yummy cake with four candles, yes I’m four years old.


Indya is invited for a Birthday Party later. Veronica tells me I should share the cake with her.

What?? Hell no! I gulp it down real fast, no way I share any cake with anyone, let alone Indya!!


If you think Birthdays are all about the fun, you’re wrong! Not in Veronica’s world! Birthday’s come with the “Now you’re a big girl” talk.

On she goes: “Now that you’re four you need to behave accordingly. No chewing on books, newspapers, opera programs or glasses. No excessive digging during the walks”… bla bla bla…

Who does she think she is? A boxer expert? And what does Eva and SPS think? Has she even asked them? And Corinne? I can’t even look at her right now!


I’m supposed to get my gift and party, not have to listen to long, moralising, boring speeches!! Anyhow I’ve gone momentarily deaf.

I sulk on the carpet in Dennis’s office and why doesn’t he tell her to stop? Does he agree? Surely not, he’s the cool one, remember, from California!!


FINALLY she gives me the green light “varsågod” (Ok, go) and I can dive into the gift bag!


Now what’s this? Hmmm… and it’s wrapped in more paper, cool! I love ripping paper!


For more privacy I run off with it to my bed…stupid move; Veronica comes after, snatching it up. “Felicia, be careful, don’t rip your gift” Pffff… such a spoilsport!


It’s a new collar. Look at this one, isn’t it gorgeous with my complexion?  It’s decorated with dogs, poodles, performing all sorts of tricks. Cool!

Come think of it, is that a hint? Does Veronica expect me to do the same, like standing on a ball?


(Good news: I don’t have to wear that embarrassing ribbon any more!)


Ok, so that’s done! Now let’s find out what else’s in there. A bit more ripping… This time, I play it safe, and run to my hide out spot under the dining room table.


I got this huge colourful bird, love it.

I still don’t understand how come she always finds me here…??? Sure enough there she is, what does she want? Can’t a Birthday  girl discover her gift in peace?

“Felicia, now that you have this beautiful bird, no need to chase the live ones in the fields”

Yeah, sure! In her dreams!!!


After the gifts its party time!! Indya comes over and we go wild! Well yes, it’s MY birthday and we have to party party party!!


No fun birthday without balloons, I love to chase them, and then finally hear the pop.


Indya is less thrilled by this game, she abstains from the actual chasing, and prudently  just pushes it.


After the balloons we race! I’m SO fast…not fast enough though…damn Indya!! She wins AGAIN!!!

(VH, a word; can you stop running with Indya for just a bit?)


A tug of war competition is arranged. Sadly no winner. We’re equally strong. This I find vexing: How come I don’t win with my big muscles?? (You heard Dr L!) I should win!! It’s pure logic!

Perhaps it’s my technique, yeah that’s it. MC has trained Indya to use secret moves, tricks…Nothing to do with muscles!

I thought Birthday girls were supposed to win all the games, well that’s what I heard.


After hours of playing we’re wiped out. There was no cake. No, I feel cakes on Birthdays are overrated! Only the Birthday girl should have one…before the guests arrive.

Veronica felt sorry for Indya (she’s such a softie) and gave her lots of candy all the time until she went home.


The fun wasn’t over. In the evening we went out to a restaurant with EC! “The Hamburger Foundation”. I love that place, it smells great and the owners love dogs!

So ok I can’t actually have a Burger. I think they should have a “Dog Burger” just for us dogs. Yeah that’s a thought. Makes total sense!


Veronica kept the biggest surprise until the end of the day: “Felicia, next week we are going to visit Andy and Jacky”.

What??? Yippie!!! I am going to see Andy and Jacky!! Flay my sister, I’love (that’s her name) my niece,(above) Gamine and Pretty. We are going to “The Andreashöhe” kennel, where Lego and I were born!!!


I love Birthdays! Do you have a gift for me?


Best Burgers in Town:

Dr L


This is Dr L, have I mentioned him? I might have, once…or twice. He’s our Vet and we love him, Indya and I. He thinks I have big muscles. Yes, that’s the him; Dr L.

Veronica is especially thankful. He was the one that discovered my Lego had a problem. Something about a tumar or trumor, or perhaps tumor.

Anyway, he must have done some wonderful magic, and abracadabra, she was much better.


Today, as I was resting after our long walk Veronica called me: “Felicia we’re going to see Dr L”.

Yippie, Dr L!! Yes! How cool is that. I love going there, I’m the star and I get candy!


We arrive a little in advance.  Veronica’s never late. As a matter of fact, in her book, being on time is arriving at least ten minutes early!

Don’t get me started on her neurotic travel schedule. Let’s just say it involves a lot of waiting at airports. As a matter a fact it’s a family thing. In my opinion they’re all a bit crazy.

Not the outsiders, they’re cool and laid back. Perhaps they should form a club “The hip cool outsider gang”.


That said, we have plenty of time in the waiting room! Now why is Dennis here? He usually never feels his presence is required! Strange, I wonder…

Am I very sick? Oh but of course: Dr L has spent a year in Berkeley and Dennis wants to talk to him about California!

Yes, that’s it, nothing to do with me.


I can relax and chill until it’s our time.


Wait a minute, is that Dr L’s voice? There’s a dog there. Hey, I’m here! It’s my turn! Can’t believe he’s taking such a long time with that other guy.

Perhaps he hasn’t been informed I have arrived. I might growl a bit, just to make my presence noticed. Nothing to do with the dog, oh no, I’d never do that! I’m easy going!


Finally the nice assistant fetches us and it’s time for “The weighing of the dog”. I weigh 29.6 Kg, that’s nearly one kilo more then last time.

I give Veronica a quick glance, and surely enough she looks worried and gives Dennis the look. The “Is this ok” look.

C’mon guys, I’m perfect and NOT CHUBBY! And where’s my treat? I should get a treat for being such a good Boxer.


I’ll just sit here and wait. Surely they’ll give me something. I sit perfectly still for a long time but nothing. Instead we’re shown into the consultation room.


There he is: THE Dr L. He immediately rewards me with a goodie as soon as I jump on the table. Ha!


and another one…


…and another one. Voilà, there’s someone who truly understands a cute Boxer girl’s needs!


Time for the examination. Dr L has to listen to my heart, my lungs, and feel my stomach etc

Veronica starts fussing about my weight. Dr L reassures everyone “She’s perfect, she’s all muscles”. HA, hear that guys: Perfect!! “ALL MUSCLES”!!

Who cares if India is faster. I’m strong, like a body builder, and I run faster then Yoda and Rose!


Dr L is very thorough, he want’s to make sure I’m  fine and healthy. See how perfect I stand? Just like like a statue.

I’m the dream patient! They should have special rewards or perhaps even medals for the exceptional clients like me.

Actually I love this examination bit. I’m the centre of attention, the star!


Once that’s done Dr L goes through my passport to see what shots I should get.


Dr L put a delicious treat on the table. I get kind of absorbed in munching when I hear “Bravo Felicia, it’s done”

What?? How??? When?? I don’t understand how this could happen. I was supposed to know when the shot was given, so I could brag in front of Indya!


Hmmm… come think of it she isn’t here. This is how I will relate the vaccine episode :

“Felicia looks at Dr L with courageous eyes, ‘I’m ready Dr’. And without a sound, stoically she receives her shot”

Yeah, that’s it, sounds perfect, and Indya will be so impressed!


Dr L sits down and tells me I’m in great shape.

Veronica asks a few questions, Lime disease, claws, travelling with dogs etc… Real boring stuff, I’ve said this before, she worries too much. Chill! I’m fine!

(She needs to go “California style”!)

IMG_1619 2.jpeg

Berkeley is mentioned (told you), and Dennis happily chats along. I just sit still minding my own business, hoping for more treats. Alas even Dr L thinks I had enough.

Sadly the visit is over and we have to leave.


I get some vitamin pills for my muscles. There is even a dog cookie jar.

Veronica tries to give me one…Cookie…what…? oh is that a dog in the waiting room? Who’s that guy? I can perhaps just take a quick peak..


Veronica is such a spoilsport, she sends me off with Dennis to the car. I promise, just a small peak! Doesn’t she trust me at all??

Bet you Dr L would understand. Ha, AND he thinks I’ve got big muscles!

My gratitude goes to Dr Gabor Luka for rescuing my old Lego and giving her a second chance and for taking such good care of our Boxers. My thanks to the wonderful staff.

Dr Gabor Luka


The Pug Walk


Today is my lucky day!!! I am very excited! Veronica and I are going on an excursion. We are visiting Veronica’s sister, SPS.

Remember her? She’s the Veterinarian animal behaviourist, the one with the three dogs, two horses and a cat. Yep! She knows it all.

Dennis, yes him, gave me “the talk”. (Veronica was probably keeping hers for later) “Now you behave! Don’t embarass yourself…and us!”

Pfff… Why is he lecturing me?  He’s supposed to be the “California cool guy”!! And, I’m nearly perfect anyway!


It took forever for Veronica to get ready. (Dennis’s much faster, he could really teach her a thing or two!!)

I waited patiently in her room. Look at me; perfect already!


This is Rose and Yoda, The Cutie Pugs. I met Yoda a long time ago, we’re pals, but Rose, she is the unknown entity.

Veronica think’s they’re “soooo cute”!!! I have to agree here, they’re adorable with their little wrinkly faces.

(See; not jealous. I just thought it worth mentioning)


Just before leaving Veronica made me sit down…oh, oh here it comes, “the talk!!”…sure enough;  “Felicia you have to be gentle with Rose, she’s very small. Don’t play violently with her”, “And remember: don’t be bossy”!

Bossy? What’s she talking about?

Perhaps, on very rare occasions, I might have been a tad controlling with some of the new guys at Corinne’s. They’re irritating.

At any rate, I have to express my inner feelings…It’s a well known fact that keeping emotions bottled up is not healthy!


As we arrive up in the hills, there’s an unpleasant surprise: SNOW!! Not the snow again!!  Well, I won’t make a fuss, don’t want them to think I’m a wimp (which I’m NOT!)

SPS was so happy to see me. Of course, it’s me, Felicia!

Both Cutie Pugs came up to say hello. Rose very shy, took up a safe position behind SPS.


Yoda immediately wanted to hang out. He’s cool, yeah, real cool.

I have to explain my embarrassing short blue leash; It so happens that lately Veronica and I have had a little disagreement on how a walk should come off.

Apparently I’m easlily distracted. Thus the leash,”it keeps me on my toes”, so she thinks. Sure..whatever…I’m planning to get back on track ASAP…but don’t tell her!! (FYI: I CAN focus, I just choose not to!!).


Enough about that stupid leash! C’mon Yoda, let’s go wild and play crazy!!


We ran off together! Even Rose tagged along.

I have a great advantage here: I have longer legs!! Yes for once I’m THE ONE WITH THE LONG LEGS!  Oh yeah!!!

I feel like a giant! What a powerful feeling. “Felicia the giant dog”, “Felicia the monster dog”, hmmmm… “Felicia the powerful giant Boxer dog”. Yes that’s it! I’m the coolest!!


Rose felt walking with SPS was a better choice and left. (It wasn’t my fault! I did NOT scare her!! I promise I was as good and gentle as ever. Ask Yoda)


Now this is my kind of snow. It’s flat, no problem running anywhere, none of that deep snow nonsense. And this place is pure paradise, a vast flat desert!

I have to come back here. Perhaps Indya can come too. She would go crazy!!! (On second thought perhaps not, I kind of like being the running Queen here)

Yippieeee, “RUN Felicia RUN!! Show them your long powerful legs!!!  “Look Felicia the powerful giant Boxer dog’s running”… Ha, ha yes that’s sounds so cool!


Yes “Felicia the powerful giant Boxer dog” needs her daily exercise! Boy, do I like that definition! (I’m planning to keep it to myself, I get the feeling Indya might tease me.)

IMG_3403 2.jpg

Now I didn’t feel running was the main purpouse of this visit. (I might be a giant here but I’m not Indya, I’m not obsessed by running. No need to overdo it)

We played and played and played a bit more. Even Rose joined us.


We headed back. SPS walks so fast, and those small cutie Pugs are in great shape. But then SPS used to run marathons, so I guess it’s a family thing. Like VH and Indya. To each their own.

No way in a million years will Dennis and Veronica take up jogging. Ha, what a joke!!

Anyway, I can run, you saw it! (And I have big muscles, even Dr L thinks so!) (“Dr L”)


Zarah waited back in the house. She’s nine years old and a little fragile, she can’t walk far anymore.

She’s the sweetest Boxer ever, real nice and friendly. I like her a lot. She’s very discreet and quiet.


Not like Yoda, look at him taking up the postion right infront of her. Who does he think he is? The King of the castle?

I like him, oh yes, very much and he’s fun. But he’s a little full of himself. Everything’s not about him!!


Rose on the other hand is discreet. She sits down, gently, close to Zarah. She’s a little shy, generous, modest…well just like me!

Can’t believe how many self-centred dogs are out there!


Hey! HEY!!! What’s going on?? Is Veronica giving out candy??? HEY GUYS! What about me?? I’m older and larger and stronger; I should get first!

Remember, I’m “Felicia the powerful giant Boxer dog”!!! Make way!!


Sadly all fun has an end, and we have to leave. What a great day! Can I come back?? PLEASE??

Back home Dennis looked me in the eyes; “Did you embarras yourself?” “Did SPS make a diagnosis on your sometimes erratic behaviour?”

What does he think, Veronica will not go to see her sister and complain about me! They have more important matters to discuss. There is nothing to say and…


…I’m perfect!

The Cutie Pugs are my buddies!!


Thank you my dearest sister for your patience and advice all through the years, me and my Boxers are most grateful