This is my Lego, she used to live with us. Today I feel a bit sad; it has been two years since she left us.

Veronica told me she moved to this wonderful place for very old or sick dogs. It’ called “Fairyland”. There, they are happy and feel no pain.

We are not allowed to visit.


This story is about her. She was my everything, my surrogate Mom, my Mentor, my security blanket, my friend and I miss her so much.


Lego  lived with Veronica for many, many years

She loved obedience, and they took part in many competitions.  Even during walks she ASKED for exercises… pushing Veronica’s hand in encouragement.

Personally I find  that’s a bit weird? I’d rather chase irritating birds, so much more fun.


She enjoyed  Agility a lot. She was perfect since she loved to obey. Never made any mistakes.


Sometimes I find that a bit irritating.. to hear what a goodie goodie Lego was. “Little Ms Perfect”! Ok I might be a tad jealous.

The thing is ; I do, at times, find it difficult to control my emotions and I am perhaps a little, little impulsive…


But yes, she was pretty perfect; Never ran after cats, or rabbits, or birds… Always came back straight away when Veronica called… etc etc


The day Veronica came to visit Andy and Jacky, Lego came along so she could check me out. She was happy to be there,  Andy was  thrilled to see her. She was an Andreashöhe after all.

I felt a little intimidated. She was an old lady.

IMG_7576 (1)

She was very gentle and sweet. Andy told Veronica everything would be fine.  Lego  seemed to like me and we accepted each other quite well.


A few weeks later Veronica and NC picked me up. Lego immediately made me feel comfortable and when we reached my new home I was happy.


With Lego, I felt secure. Protected from anything or anyone.


She never pushed me away. In the garden after playing around I sat close to her, just incase.


We had two beds, I always moved over to Lego’s. I did not like to be alone…


…for sleeping or just cuddling .


She was my mentor. I looked up to her and tried to act as responsible as she did. Well  this turned out to be a little difficult at times…or most of the time.


Lego had been a wonderful surrogate Mom for all Puppies in the family. Yuna, MC’s first little one.

(I never met her since, sadly, she had to leave for Fairyland early)


Indya of course. Both spent a lot of time at our house as puppies, when MC worked. So I’ve been told.

I think Lego liked little ones. Even if she did look a bit grumpy.


MC and Indya often came over. Lego was our Queen. Us pups  played crazy games. If we became too wild, she gave us the look…the:

“STOP IT NOW GIRLS” look. We knew it was time to calm down.


I grew up and Lego got more tired. Veronica told me I had to be very gentle with her.


It was my turn to comfort Lego, to keep her safe, and secure.


The last one.

Some time after, she decided to move to Fairyland.

The whole family was very sad.

Veronica especially, I saw her crying. She told me we should be happy for Lego.  She was now with her friend Tessi, with Yuna, having fun and playing wild games.

Why can’t we go and visit ??


I felt lost, sad, lonely… life without my Lego was not the same

I loved her and miss her.

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