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Here we are again, the Festive season! The tree, the decorations and last but not least, THE MUSIC! As you know, Veronica is obsessed by it.

We, that is Dennis and I, have to endure those irritating songs, over and over again, in the house, in the car, all day long.

No wonder Dennis has spent so much time in his office lately.


On the bright side I get my very own Xmas calendar filled with yummy treats.


Every year, in December, Veronica and Dennis travel to Stockholm. Veronica longs for the “Real Xmas spirit”. Supposedly “it’s much better there then ANYWHERE else”

(Like she’s travelled all over the world)

She particularly loves the Lucia celebration, you know those guys with white nighties candles and funny hats. I think the whole business looks kind of peculiar.


The big dog show is an annual must on her agenda. Two full days of dog fun, dog shopping and much more.

The highlight is, without any doubt, meeting up with Yvonne to admire the gorgeous Boxers.

Dennis pretends to be tempted by this prospect but declines at the last minute and spends the weekend enjoying cultural activities in the city.


There’s usually a mandatory Opera night. “Dennis you’ll love La Traviata”. Really? Did she ask him?

I spend the week at Uncle Bradley’s, fine with me, even though I’m not allowed to play with other dogs yet.


Veronica got a bit of a shock when she picked me up. I had been sick and was very skinny. She went straight to Dr L for a check up.

Turns out I’d lost 4 kg, Dr L took the matter very seriously, what with my medical history.


Luckily, a blood sample showed no problems, I just need to get back in shape.


Turns out being skinny is exhausting! I slept the whole afternoon while Veronica prepared the table for the Xmas dinner with the family.

THE table! Veronica had ordered it from this special store in Stockholm. It’s not just any kind of table, it’s a fragile table and comes with a whole set of rules.

(Mostly decided by Veronica)


This whole neurotic Table business started with the acquisition of a coffee table, same store, a couple of years ago.

Similar rules were enumerated that gave way to numerous remarks by her children.

“OMG, Dennis, you put a glass on the table without a coaster, and you’re still alive”?


The old table, was practical, solid, and what more, NOT fragile. Kids could eat without fear, water, food, wine anything could be spilled without making Veronica freak out.

That blissful time is over! Now all family members have been told to be careful, careful and careful. We have table mats, coasters etc… Veronica even keeps a cloth close by just in case.

ZC told her “Du har blivit precis som Morfar” (you’ve become just like your Father). That’s saying something.


On D-day Baby L and Indya come over to “help” with the cooking  Everyone’s very excited and happy.


We all put on our finest Xmas outfits. Baby L in her party skirt and diamante shoes.

9142C754-E355-40B1-9AF0-5668C700393D 2

Indya in a festive Bandana


Me, with the bell collar. I don’t understand why Indya always gets to wear the bandana. But in this house, sadly, I’m not the boss…


Unfortunately we were sent to the hallway, behind the glass door. Apparently there are “too many guests” and “you might get overwhelmed”!

Lame excuse for excluding two perfectly well behaved Boxer girls from the party.

IMG_6497 2.jpg

Being a Mormor (Grand Mother) entitles you to any kind of gift, that’s Veronica’s opinion at least. She gave Baby L an “Elsa dress” (pretending it was a night gown) and a diamante bag.

None of which were on the list given by Baby L’s Mother, the “Elsa dress” was specifically asked not to be bought. (Thus the “it’s a Night gown” excuse).

She got more fun stuff, like a flute and a little Piano…Baby L was very happy and everyone enjoyed loud musical performances!



The night was a great success. Dennis’s food was fantastic. There was singing and most members participated in the Xmas dance. (Whether they wanted to…or not)

I’ve said it before; this is one bossy family.

Even though we only observed the celebration through the glass windows, we were exhausted.


New Year’s Eve was a quiet affair, just the three of us.

3AC8A54E-043D-4341-8B93-54BB601B22E4 2.jpeg

There was a special holiday treat; two wonderful house guests.

Veronica’s goddaughter Hedda, I love her. She took me for long walks, played endlessly with me and…


…allowed me to cuddle with her as much as I wanted.


And Little E, I hadn’t seen her in a long time, we immediately bonded and…

3A67E594-56C1-472A-A6E6-556484E49D51 2.jpeg

…hung out from morning until bed and had so much fun. She’s the best.


Veronica decided my “Gift opening ceremony” had to be postponed until the house was calm again.

WOW, look at all these gifts!! Santa has been very generous this year.


Let’s get down to business and get this party going!


What? You think there’s too much stuff? I’ll tell you what; I deserve each one of them! I’m a medical hero!

Mishaps? Well Santa obviously judged they were minor events not important enough to be taken into consideration.

My medical bravery outweighed by far any small “problem” that might…or might not have occurred.

6FF34572-0479-41E5-B239-622C6F12CB3B 2.JPG

The house is empty, gifts unwrapped, all Xmas decorations gone and most importantly no more music.

Now I can properly relax…only the table remains.


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