I love Autumn. I know I said Summer was lovely, but Autumn is way better. The weather is perfect, not too cold, not too hot, we go on long walks and the colours are magic.

Nature is gorgeous, take time to admire this beautiful faded sunflower field. (And of course, the pretty Boxer girl posing up front)

The country went into a soft lockdown…again. This whole Covid business is really not over. Secretly, I’m not complaining.

It means Veronica will not be travelling. She spends all her time with me, her very special Boxer girl.

Unfortunately the lockdown doesn’t keep her from celebrating Halloween. I had secretly hoped I would be spared of the whole “Photo shoot in ridiculous festive collars”. Oh no!

On the other hand, I’m the best dog model ever, I know how to take the prefect pose, wait patiently until she’s satisfied with the pics.

(Just pointing out the obvious here.)

We took a Halloween walk and I wore my “Badass Bandana”, real cool with scary spiders. Gives me an edgy look.

People will call me “The Halloween Badass Boxer”.

Just before the lockdown, we went on a 3 day stay in this really great Hotel, up in the mountains, “The Lenkerhof”.

They love dogs! Just look at what awaited me in our room: A bed, treats, Bowls and a towel to clean my paws. Even a sign to put on the door not to disturb if I’m alone in the room.

At night, when Veronica and Dennis slept I decided the sofa looked more up to my standard. I’m sure the hotel management expects the Dogs to sleep here.

Veronica did not approve. (Not much she can do while sleeping, can she?)

We went for long, lovely walks. The scenery is very Swiss and romantic.

I wasn’t allowed off the leash. A small incident occurred, when I felt the urge to explore a field. I amazed myself by crawling under a barrier.

Veronica was not “amazed” at all, especially since I failed to hear her call…I was busy digging. Apparently dogs are not allowed in the fields.

Now, how was I supposed to know that!

At dinnertime, I had to stay in the room. Supposedly I might get “agitated” and “disturb” the dinner guests, if there was another dog in the dining room.

I don’t know what she’s taking about. Actually I didn’t mind, especially with the comfortable sofa within reach.

I made a new friend though. He told Veronica I was charming. Hear that guys: Charming!

It was three fun, relaxing days. Veronica was enthusiastic and wants to come here with the whole family.

Is she out of her mind? That makes ten people plus the babies. And let’s not forget the two dogs. Has she counted properly? She’ll be exhausted.

Ok, the real truth: I don’t like sharing Veronica’s attention with anybody! There, I said it, I’m an only dog and I love it!

This is Simon v d Andreashöhe, he is one gorgeous puppy, as well he should be. He’s Flay’s, that is my sister’s, great grand son. Veronica is in love, he reminds her of my gorgeous Mother, Ondra vd Hansjakobstadt.

The dark coat and white markings. Veronica loved my mother.

He was born to Mosca’s first litter. The very exciting news is that Simon is moving to Sweden

A family heard of Qarisma, Qastor and the Andreashöhe Kennel and contacted Andy. Long email exchanges, discussions, and explanations took place. Veronica served as an interpreter.

Andy and Jacky wanted to make sure their puppy was adopted by a nice, responsible family. Especially in a distant country.

They needn’t worry. The Lydeens are a lovely family with two small children. They’d already owned a Boxer girl, Colette. “They know what they’re getting into” Veronica said.

“Getting into”? What’s that about? Boxers are wonderful dogs, sometimes a little…creative and alive, and didn’t she hear what my new friend at “The Lenkerhof” said? Charming! So there!

This is Niclas

And Christine. It was love at first sight.

They traveled through a covid restricted Germany, to pick up their little Swiss pup. Hear that, some people are happy to go the extra mile for their dog!

Veronica should take a leaf out of their book! She has never taken me to Sweden, “It’s too far, too tiresome”. What a lame excuse! Look at Niclas and Christine or Yvonne, to name a few. Honestly, Veronica’s a little self-centered.

Niclas and Christine were happy to finally go home with their new treasure. And Andy and Jacky were happy to see that Mosca’s Simon was adopted by a wonderful family.

Though Jacky shed some tears, she’d grown extremely fond of Simon. She told Veronica on numerous occasions what a great personality he had, “Er ist ein Traumboxer”.

Simon arrived safe and sound in his Swedish home. He adapted quickly to his new environment and family.

I can’t believe there are now three Andreashöhe Boxers in Sweden. Of course Simon is a little special, since he’s my great nephew.

Veronica said she wants to visit them all. (Obviously I won’t be part of that excursion! Typical!)

Simon, listen, you are an Andreashöhe, stay true to our reputation. We are a creative lot, but you have to be smart about it. If caught in the middle of a…”situation”, play it cool.

Adopt your most innocent look, the “I’m so sorry, I had no idea” look. Works every time, trust me! Nobody can resist those sweet, innocent Boxer eyes.

Simon, you’re my lineage. Make me proud.

Niclas and Christine, since you run a Fragrance company, here’s an idea: Dog perfume!

Dear Niclas and Christine, I wish you many years of love, fun and laughs with Simon. If he’s as “Alive” as my Felicia, there won’t be a boring minute of those years.

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