It has come to my attention that “Some People” think I’m spoiled! When asked, Dennis just laughed, “What kind of question is that? Of course she is”!

On what grounds can “People”, (and Dennis), let such a rumour circulate! Who are these “People”? Do they actually know me?? Never judge a book by it’s cover, they say.

I suggest we take a close look at my my life, so these “People”, whoever they are, can see that I’m just a normal, average dog!

I have a few beds, yes, but they all serve very different functions.

The “New bed”, is located by Veronica’s computer, so I can give her moral support with her online activities but most importantly, protect her from intruders.

The “I keep guard” bed is strategically located in the entrance hall. Highly necessary to secure the family, I’m a guard dog, remember?

What? NO, I cannot lie on the floor!! I need to do my job in acceptable conditions. The floor…what a disgrace for a Guard dog of my rank.

The “Basket Bed” is in the living room. Lately, however, I have not been able to use it…

…Little L has taken over, it’s now known to be “Mitt hus” (My house), or even “Min båt” (my boat). You’d think Veronica would dissuade her, but no. Little L is the Princess of the Castle.

(BTW I’m the Queen, just to make things perfectly clear!)

The “Upstairs bed” is where I supervise the back and forth of the staircase.

The guest room is strategically situated on my right. The “Veronica & Dennis Residence” offers complimentary protection services from the local guard dog: Felicia v d Andreashöhe (Me!)

The”Bedroom Bed” is for nights. I love to be close to Veronica. How else will I be able to protect her?

All my beds are from Cloud7. I’ve tried a few other brands. What happened to those? They exploded under mysterious circumstances.

Lately, however, I have sneaked up on the armchair at night, I don’t think Veronica has spotted me. I’m really well hidden.

My comfortable Travel Mat, perfect outside and inside.

This is my “Wait for Dinner mat” (AKA my “Time out mat” but that’s irrelevant in this context.)

Some dogs whine and stare at their masters for food, no point doing that with Veronica. She just ignores me (Trust me, I’ve tried the “whining thing”).

I go to my “Dinner mat” to wait patiently. (Like I have another choice?)

This is my “Walk-in” closet. I have a number of gorgeous leashes. I can see what you’re thinking…probably something close to “OMG that’s insane”! Now let’s get some perspective here, most of those were bought for my Lego.

And there is an explanation:

Veronica has traveled a lot to the US and always brought back a new leash or a collar. Her story is that it’s “Much cheaper and fun” there. I wonder…

Here are a few examples:

Festive: “Halloween”, “Valentine”, “X-Mas”. Sport series; “The Yankees”, “The Giants”. Universities: “Stanford”, “Harvard”. Fun: “Star Wars”, “Leopard” “Glow in the dark” and also a few plain coloured ones to match her outfits (I know, how vain is that?).

Side note: How many shoes do you own? Yes, I thought so.

Veronica mostly uses three meter long leashes bought in Sweden. “It’ll give you a little freedom” (IOW keeps me from sneaking off in the fields to dig).

How can she even use the word “freedom” in this context? I’m on a leash!!

My toy box. Apparently “Lynch Bages” is a fancy wine, Veronica won the 12 bottles at a lottery.

You think I have too many Toys? Some are gifts from lovely people, Santa and the Easter Bunny.

Truth told, there’s another bag of toys in the basement, you see Veronica changes them every month. So I don’t get bored, that’s why I need so many, it makes total sense.

Dennis has a soft spot when it comes to me and my sweet “love you Dennis” look. (FYI not begging! Just my natural charm, apples and oranges here) “Are you hungry Felicia? Here, have a little piece”.

(Works all the time!)

Veronica is immune to any of my vast repertoire of looks.

My personalised bag, a gift from Veronica’s friend VT. So sweet of her. Here we store a few of my belongings and we use it for traveling.

It also contains my more than embarrassing rain coat!! Yep, I can see you agree, I got it on my Birthday, remember? What kind of Birthday gift is that? I ask you???

I look ridiculous. Veronica, on the other hand, thinks I look “Chic”.

On a less embarrassing level, my winter coat. I don’t need a winter coat!! This is not Sweden! Even Veronica’s sister, SPS, (and she is a veterinarian behaviourist, mind you), says so!

But does Veronica listen to her? Her own sister! NO, it’s “Oh Felicia, you might freeze and you look gorgeous”…. Says who???

Veronica even tries to sweet-talk me by telling me these are Cloud7 coats. Like that’s going to make things better. Well, I’ve got news for you: it doesn’t!

Every day we go for long walks, mostly in the woods. Just plain walks, like any normal dog.

Shall we sum up? You’ve probably already made up your mind.

A Bed…or two, a few leashes, some toys, everyday walks…in other words just a normal “Ms ordinary average Boxer’s” life, nothing more.

Now look at me, is this the look of a spoiled Boxer girl?

What’s that now? “You don’t want to hurt my feelings but you think I’m little spoiled?” Did you even read my story properly…oh you did, did you…

Well, I’m deeply hurt and…whatever…anyway, I don’t have time for this nonsense…

…I’m exhausted and need to sleep and rest in the armchair Veronica arranged for me with a soft “SOCIETY” blanket.

“Spoiled Boxer”, my foot!

Boxer Felicia sleeps on Cloud7 Beds:

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