I’m feeling very scared. This is D-Day: The Surgery! Anybody in their right mind would be! (see “The Torn Ligament”)

My leg is going to be CUT OPEN! Freaky! I will be asleep all along and feel nothing…so they say. Supposedly Dr B is a big shot surgeon.

Are we sure about that? Has Veronica even seen his credentials? What is she basing this fact on??? Her vast medical experience??


Here he is, Dr B, I grudgingly have to admit he’s very nice and friendly. At first sight at least. (That’s before cutting me open!)

He explains that he will perform a TTA (some kind of fancy procedure) and put a titanium (whatever that is) piece in my leg and it will heal together.

(Tibial Tuberosity Advancement)


Turns out this Dr B actually IS a big shot. Apparently he was part of the team that created this method, the TTA. He has performed this intervention on more than a 1000 dogs!!

Can you believe that??!! WOW, I mean WOW!!

I, for one, think he has a super cool hat! Like a hippie surgeon. What’s more, he’s married to the other Dr B!!! The wonderful Ophthalmologist! Remember her?

I feel absolutely confident, I’m going to be fine.


I’m so not fine!! I feel horrible. The assistants had to carry me into the car. I’m shaking and freezing. And I have that stupid cone on…again!

When Veronica saw me she burst into tears. As much as I appreciate her concern, this is a little embarrassing. (Get a grip, I’m alive!)

She covers me with her soft vest. Feels really good.


I have no stitches. Dr B glued the wound together. (Glue? Really?) He said my operation went very well. My ligament was torn up to 60%.

Right now that’s not my main concern.


I’m feeling miserable and Veronica puts her cashmere scarf over me. I don’t want to drink or eat or anything.

Veronica sleeps on the sofa that night and checks on me every hour. Pouring water into my mouth with a spray. Feels kind of nice.


Slowly but surely I emerge from my deep state of unpleasantness. I had no idea surgery could be this exhausting.

Veronica has arranged all my beds on the ground floor, so I have a choice. (As you know, I have quite the collection) She’s blocked the stairs. I cannot access my comfy night chair. Very irritating!


While they’re having dinner, I sneak up on the sofa…serves them right. (At this stage any kind of revenge feels good.)

When found out, Veronica freaks out big time; “OMG… OMG…what if she hurt herself…!!! I have to call Dr B” (Thank god Dennis puts a stop to this silly idea!)

FYI she already called Dr B at least 3 or 4 times with all sorts of silly questions! Frankly embarrassing!!


Turns out post surgery is dull. I can’t do anything, I just have to lie there. Veronica stays with me ALL THE TIME.

“I don’t want to leave her alone, she might hurt herself”.

Told you, pathetic! I have a theory: it’s an age thing. She was never like that with her previous dogs or even her children.


First ten days I’m only allowed out on sanitary walks in the garden. On the bright side, without my cone!


Finally, cone misery over!


We progress to 10 minutes walks outside the garden. Each week we can add 3 minutes. Trust Veronica to follow instructions strictly.

She bosses other family members around, (i.e. Dennis), on how to handle a convalescent Boxer.

She’s such a control freak!


This is Dr F, he’s a physiotherapist/osteopath, and what’s more, he knows SPS. That’s to say: he’s a cool guy!

He treats not only dogs, but horses and even the animals in the local zoo.

He comes once a week for my home physiotherapy sessions. I adore him, he’s so nice, and has a magic touch. I love these moments.


This is his dog, Skan, a “Kleiner Münsterländer”. She’s very beautiful, adorable, perfect and obeys. In other words; another of those goodie, goodie dogs.

No, I’m not jealous! Just saying.


Remember my B-day bed? Well…as I was slightly bored…I kind of got distracted. I had no idea it would rip that easily.

What can I say, a Boxer girl needs stimulation during this difficult time!

(Incidentally the bed is now perfectly repaired by a local, miracle (Veronica’s words) seamstress.


Veronica was not happy, to say the least. She organises indoor activities: she ordered a “Ruffle Snuffle” mat. “Search for the candy”.


“Where’s the treat”?


“Rip out the dental bone”.


“Candy hide and Seek”

IMG_7957 2.jpeg

Who knew indoor activities could be so exhausting. It’s been 8 weeks since my surgery and tomorrow we’re going to see Dr B.


Dr B has to be my favourite Surgeon in the world. He takes an x-Ray and declares my bone 100% healed. From now on we have to build up my muscles. Music to my ears and…


…I can FINALLY sleep in my upstairs chair. Yes Dr B you’re the best!

Many thanks to:

Dr Luc Borer for performing such a perfect surgery on my Felicia. I am grateful for the patience and kindness of the whole “Vetchirurgie team”, whenever I called…slightly worried.


Dr Jérome Föllmi for helping my Felicia get back on track, for his patience and friendliness. Felicia highly enjoys those Physio sessions.


I can recommend both these excellent Veterinarians, they’re not only very nice, but also very talented.

The Ruffle Snuffle mat:


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