Today Veronica decided to write a blog about me. My name is Felicia von der Andreashöhe and apparently I was named after a Swedish song,  “Felicia adjö”.

I am a Boxer Girl born in 2013. Dr L says I’m not very tall but have large muscles. I think I’m cute.

I live with Veronica and Dennis in a big house with a cool garden.

This blog is about my days, my life and my many adventures.

3 thoughts on “Do I deserve a blog?

  1. Dear Felicia – I want to congratulate you for this blog. I would love doing the same, but NDC tells me that my paws are way too big to use the keyboard. And he refuses to get a touch pad!

    So you know I also have lots of rules at home… But I’m obedient by nature and it’s not too hard to abide… As long as I have my food every now and then.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best, Boxer Hutch.


    • Well thank you Boxer Hutch, that’s very nice. This puts me in a rather awkward position… You might remember we did not hit it off that well. I will now reconsider, especially since Veronica keeps on telling me what a cutie you are. Best Boxer Felicia


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