Indya, My BFF


This is my BFF/cousin Indya, we’re the same age. She often comes over for playdates and sleepovers when her folks are travelling or at work.

I love her…nearly all the time.


I have been told to be super nice with her since she’s away from her home and not to be jealous, I AM NOT!

I just think she gets too much attention; and all the favours, like eat first, get the good toys, climb on Dennis’s lap.


Sometimes “Being nice” is very difficult and then I get a time out.. how unfair is that?!


Most of the time we have great fun, we play tug of war, though Indya always ends up with the toy, I don’t understand how this is, I think she does magic.


We love to keep guard and bark at all the bypassing dogs, like the “full of himself Jack Russel” down the road, showing off just because he is on the other side of the fence.

As you know this is not a “Veronica approved” activity. “Stop annoying that sweet little Jack Russel”. Sweet? My foot!!


At night we sleep together. I have my huge Cloud7 bed, very cool and comfy, so I don’t mind sharing.


India totally agrees with me when it comes to being left home alone, why can’t we go shopping with Dennis and Veronica?

No it is: “you have to stay”, “be good girls now”, “this is not fun for you”, PLEASE what do they know, stores are cool.


Indya stayed with us last week, but she had to go home, VH and MC were back from their trip.

I felt  very sad,  frankly it is a bit boring without her, but also a little happy  since I can be queen of everything again, and the star.

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