Guess what?? Little E is here!! I’m so happy!! This afternoon Veronica came back with the whole family from the airport. LS, DO and of course, the star: Little E!

She took my leash, hoping for a walk surely. And had loads of candy so we could get used to each other again.


She arrived with a hullabaloo! Letting the whole house, possibly the whole neighbourhood, know: “I’M HERE”!!

She immediately took over food chores: “Sit Felcia and you’ll get dinner”, making it clear I was to follow instructions! No monkey business!!


We played in the yard and the garden for hours. Mostly consisting in her giving me goodies. Talking non stop “You see Felicia now we put some gas here”…”Come Felicia we’re invited for tea”…”Felicia …”!

There was no other option then to obey. I did so gladly! Easiest rewards ever. Just follow Little E around!

Not like with Veronica when I have to perform all sorts of complicated “tasks”!!


Every meal I hung out by her seat. She usually shares her food, well the stuff she didn’t like. It makes perfect sense, and sharing is very “New age style”. I’m all for it!!

Not sure Veronica and LS saw what was going on. I’m certainly not going to rat her out. No no no, I am a firm believer in individual initiatives when it comes to food…and dogs!


We had a special little Christmas party for the family. Gifts and all.

Dennis gave Little E some Turkey for me. I’ve said this before: He knows what’s good for us dogs!!!

A slight problem occurred though…


…Little E recieved these fun plastic horses.  I very strongly  felt they should be examined properly… you know, just to make sure they were safe for a three year old.

Tell you what, they’re very poorly designed!! A tiny dog tooth and boom the leg was off!! Probably not appropriate for Little E at all…they should thank me for finding out!!


Little E cried and was very upset at first. Then she looked at me; “Felicia I forgive you”. Isn’t that just the sweetest?

I know someone who could take a leaf out of her book…now who could that be… let’s think for a moment…yep: Veronica!!


Actually I also think she forgave me because she immediately got a new gift. Veronica bought her a SINGING DOLL!!! Yes you heard me!! SINGING!! What more: A singing Elsa!! Real loud Elsa!

There was no volume button, it only came in LOUD and LOUD and LOUD!!  She made it sing ALL THE TIME!! Over and over again “Let it go, let it go…”

I think LS and DO secretly hate Veronica just a little right now… probably Dennis too. He spent alot of time in his office.


Then there was a tiny misunderstanding. You see I thought the doll meant she didn’t want the horses any more…I promise,  I really thought so. As it happens: she does want them.

Veronica was furious!! How was I suppose to know that?? An honest mistake, anyone could have made.


New year eve came, we all went shopping. I was very excited to be able to come along…at first.That is until they stuffed all the uninteresting food in the back with me. No space left!

Veronica looked at me ” Felicia, it’s only for two minutes”… Yeah well I don’t care, two minutes or ten… and why only uninteresting food? I heard her tell LS “Make sure no cheese or bread is in the back”. What does she think, I’m a food thief??

(Had this something to do with the meat incident the other day? Apples and pears here guys, let’s not get things mixed up)


Littel E got all dressed up in an adorable ballet outfit. Look at her, isn’t she just the cutest little ballerina???


The family arrived and with them a HUGE shock: Veronica took Indya and me upstairs!! YES, away from all the party fun!!

Apparently “Party fun” can be stressful for us! P L E A S E!! We love parties, we’re both real party animals!!

“Felicia and Indya this is much better for you”…says who?? Did she even ask Eva (Bodfäldt)?? or SPS or Corinne?? Did she consult with the specialists???


The next morning Little E was all “Party, party” she just couldn’t stop. Every one else looked worse for wear…apart from Veronica!! She’s just like Little E!!! Too much energy.


We watched the “New years’s concert” from Vienna. Little E refused to wear anything other than her tutu…and a hat.


It’s Little E’s last day. I’m very sad. We share the breakfast…: “New Age Style”.


We went for a long walk. I never pull and Little F can walk safely. She absolutely loves to hold the leash “I want to hold Felicia”!

Veronica tried to tell her we can both hold on together. That did not go down well …at all!! “I CAN HOLD HER  ALONE”.. I think even the birds on the other side of the field heard her.


We chilled in the living room. She’s the best “Candy machine” ever “Felicia älskar godis” (Felicia loves  candy)… yep, you got that right!


In the evening we lit some sparklers. We’re both fascinated! So beautiful. We had so much fun. A perfect ending to a New Year’s holiday.


The little family has left. I was not even allowed to accompany them to the airport. The house is quiet. Too quiet!! Frankly boring!!

I miss the noise, the screams, even the singing doll and of course the food sharing!!





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