Pug Love


Sunday morning, Veronica burst into the room as I was sleeping. “Felicia, I’ve got great news”

How dare she interrupt my beauty sleep? This better be good!

“We’re going to visit SPS!!”  What did she say? Her sister and the Cutie Pugs? WOW! Oh yeah, that’s totally worth waking up for!

(Not like last time…dragging me up for, “a fun walk” at 6.00 AM! Fun? For her maybe!)


The Cutie Pugs, remember those guys? Rose and Yoda? We had the best time ever during a fun walk in the snow. (Yes, you heard me, in the snow, and it was fun!)

Can’t wait to see them again!


Both Cutie Pugs came out to greet me. Rose is not that keen on my presence. She’s adorable but a little shy.


Zarah, the old Boxer Lady, needs peace and quite these days, she stayed by herself in the special Dog garden.

I happen to know Veronica dreams of one, a “Dog garden”. I wonder why?

Zarah is the sweetest Boxer Lady ever, I didn’t dare come close and disturb her (to tell you the truth, I’m sort of scared, she looks rather grumpy)


I play it safe and hang out with Yoda. (Important fact, I’m not scared per se! Just cautious)


Amazingly enough he’s quite fast, even though he’s got the shortest legs ever.

It’s because of SPS, she used to run Marathons, so obviously all her dogs are super fit! They probably run all the time.


I’m still faster then him though, oh yeah!! As I’m a very nice and a generous Boxer Girl I let him get ahead and win the race!

As a matter of fact, I’m the perfect guest! Anyone would feel happy, and honoured to have me in their home.

What? The incident at Inook’s… that was a one off and attractive baskets should not be lying on the floor, and…

well, let’s not get off track here. Let’s focus on the present playdate.


SPS has the best garden ever! It’s huge with  flowers and high grass. Perfect for dog racing.


You see the dog ears, flying by? Yeah, that’s me!! Wish Indya could see me now!! I’m so fast, I could easily win a sprint competition!


We both felt there was no need to overdo the running bit. We think intellectual activities are more appropriate for our personalities, like exploring unusual smells.


Once our brains filled with new information, we opt for the seating area. Never a bad plan, where there’s people, there’s bound to be food.


Rose. still very shy, retreats under a chair

IMG_8511 2

then on to the chair.

That’s the thing with small dogs, they’re allowed everywhere. People smile at them “what a cute little dog”.

If I sat on a chair…OMG, I’d never hear the end of it. “Felicia what are you doing”? And you’ll never see anybody smiling at me, oh no, it’ll  be “Disgusting, a dog on a chair “!

See what I mean?


Rose is just so cute, look at her. Who wouldn’t want a Pug in their house? (Apart from me)


Yoda is fun but a little “All about me” kind of Pug (remember). Typical, here he ostentatiously takes a position by the main door.

Me, “King of Castle”. Yeah, King, sure…


I observe the scene from a distance…”King” pffffff… ridiculous..

IMG_8571 2

And if the whole “King of the Castle” thing isn’t enough, he tries to beg for food from Veronica, all the time.


all the time! Even when we’re leaving. There he is, the supposed “King of the Castle”, begging. In spite of that whole business he’s very cute, and I like him a lot.


Back home, I take a moment to reflect on an important matter;

Pugs are cool dogs,  very friendly, fun, and they don’t try to boss you around.  Even though some think they are “Kings”. They’re super friendly.

I know one or two dogs that could take a leaf out of their book. Little Leon, for one, yeah, be more like Pugs. Get inspiration from their outlook on life etiquette!


What do you mean “Look who’s talking”? Don’t interrupt, I’m having an AHA moment here,

Anyway, tired Boxer Girl needs her beauty sleep!

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