The Gift


I’ve received a surprise gift! Yes me, Felicia von Der Andreashöhe has received a gift.

Last Thursday, the bell on the gate rang, there was the mailman with a box,


A very big box. I was intrigued, what could that be, Veronica solved the mystery: “Felicia this is a surprise for you*


A what now? A surprise, just for me? I couldn’t believe my luck! Now who could that be, sending me a surprise gift? I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

What can it be…


…what can it be?

I peak inside…hm…ohhh.. it’s from Cloud7!  OMG, really? For me? There’s a note inside, apparently they think I deserve a little surprise gift.

Oh that’s so sweet.


I do love Cloud7 products.

Their Bed came out “Best in Test”, on my Dog Bed survey.  This bed’s not only comfortable but also very solid, and absolutely gorgeous, even the blanket is soft and Cloud7.

Incidentally I look fab sleeping in it, and I happen to know Veronica loves the design.

Now lets get back to my exciting gift:


It’s a travel blanket and a Bowl


The Bowl is great. Very modern, a simple sleek beautiful design. It even has my name on it.

HA, you hear that Indya? Make no mistake; This is MY Bowl, with MY name on it, Felicia von Der Andreashöhe’s bowl!!


The travel Blanket is a beautiful grey. It matches Veronica’s interior to perfection, her black chairs and  the living room’s grey carpet!

I notice these things, Boxers can be sensitive to interior decorations and have exquisite taste, well anyhow I do!


Just as perfect in the kitchen! Don’t you agree? Very nice. The sleeping area is ever so soft! The back is water proof.


It can therefore be used in the garden too. Now this will from now on be our official travel blanket, easily rolled up.

Veronica is very excited, apparently this must be a new addition to the Cloud7 collection. No way she would have missed it on their website.

She’s always aware of what’s new on her favourite websites…I know, pathetic. No clue how this blanket escaped her sharp eye.


Veronica places the blanket by her desk. A great location if I may say so.


From here I have a perfect view of the living room, the dining room, and I can even get a glimpse of the kitchen!

You can actually see a tiny bit of they grey carpet in the corner, see what I mean. Yep, beautiful match!

I’ve been spending a lot of “free time” here.


And I’m close to Veronica whenever she’s on the computer! I love sleeping close to her, makes me feel safe…no sorry, let’s put this right: I’m the one keeping her safe!

See my dangerous look? “Felicia the guard dog is watching over her owner”.


As a matter of fact, I can be a real Badass, so, let’s make this “Beware of the Badass Boxer, lying close to her master ready to pounce”

Yeah, that’s more like it!

IMG_8649 2

I agree with you Cloud7 team; I deserve a gift. I’m a good Boxer Girl, sweet, innocent, obedient and very friendly.

What now? Oh yeah, the  “I’m honest” thing pfff…(I’m starting to regret this whole confession business)… so ok I might not always obey and some dogs are truly irritating,  little Leon for one!

Apart from that, I’m an angel dog, and yes, I deserve a gift!


You hear that people out there? Felicia von Der Andreashöhe deserves and appreciates gifts.

On a side note: Don’t you think I look adorable and innocent?

Cloud7 Team: THANK YOU!  Oh, BTW, If you continue to make cool products I’ll make sure Veronica buys them…I have a plan!


Many thanks to Cloud7 Team for having spoilt my little F. She enjoys your gifts every day


In need of beautiful, quality, Dog accessories? Do as Felicia does, go Cloud7:

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