The Summer Break!


It’s summer, it’s hot and I have decided to take a break from you guys. As fun as it may be to chat, I need to seriously chill for a while!

Everyone’s on vacation, yes EVERYONE! Even Corinne, there’s no agility, can you believe that??  I feel I’m entitled to a vacation too!


You’ll miss me, of course. Don’t worry, I have the perfect solution; go visit my Facebook page, Boxerfelciasworld and look me up on Instagram and Twitter.

There’ll be great pics and my old stories.


What?? Already read them? Like once is enough? Just read them again! It’s a known fact that in order to properly understand a story you need to read it twice…at least!


Anyway, I’ve gotta go, I’m kind of busy here. Oh, you want sneak peaks on coming season… ok ok ok, a few words; Little E, Summer Guest, Tea..

Enough already, this Boxer girl has urgent business to handle!

See you guys

So long!

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