Today Let’s talk about my Bed…S.  Yes in plural! I have and have had a number of Beds. Veronica want’s the best for me. That’s the official version, unofficially she loves to shop!

(There is another reason. I might, or might not, tell you why next week)

As I’m a Dog Bed expert by now, I’ll share my experience and conclusions with you. It’s called “Felicia’s Guide To Dog Beds” (FGTDB). Results on a scale from 1 to 10.

Let’s begin the tour:


The “Cotton Bone Bed”.

FGTDB: 7, +Beautiful, comfortable.    -Gets dirty easy, looses it’s shape after washing

Look how cute I am, “Felicia the adorable Puppy resting”.


The “LLBean Personalised Fleece Bed”. (With my name embroidered)

“FGTDB”: 8, +Soft fleece, easy to wash   -Tends to flatten over time.

A side note: I really was the cutest puppy ever!


Even Lego enjoyed it, I loved to snuggle up very close to her. I do miss my Lego, I really don’t get this “no visits allowed in Fairyland”??

Wonder who’s behind that stupid rule? I know it’s not Veronica…it could totally be her though…what with her personality!


The “Harry Barker Striped Bed”.  A gift from Razzy to Lego (You remember? my handsome Weimaraner friend)

“FGTDB”: 8, +Very soft and comfy, solid  -Filling cannot be washed

IMG_1228 2

The “Harry Barker Bed”, size Large, can be shared:

Here we have two beautiful young Boxer girls. Oh but look, it’s Felicia von der Andreashöhe and her BFF, Indya von Exkalibur.

Veronica adored this Bed, she even ordered the matching striped mats.


For the car


…and my Dinner station area.

“FGTDB”: 10, +Solid, does not retain dirt, easily washed


The “Ecological Recuperated Fabric, Fill it Yourself Bed”.

“FGTDB”: 6 +Cool, beautiful patterns   -Not very comfy, gets dirty quickly

Side note: I was hanging out by the door, waiting for EC, he was staying with us at that time


We had quite a few of those. Yes in a big house there has to be several Beds, even though most of the time


I wanted to share them


with my Lego


The “Mungo and Maud Bed”.

“FGTDB”: 5, +Beautiful   -Looses it’s shape, too fragile, too small

A clear upgrade, Veronica had been eying those for some time. She was quite disappointed though. Did not live up to expectations, by any means!!


A tad small for two (And this is the largest size). Mind you, I loved sleeping close, very close to my Lego.


The “Outdoor Observation Bed”.

“FGTDB”: 8, +Perfect for the outside   -Too hard

Keeping guard is my duty, I’m a Boxer, a guard dog! My job is to stop intruders and show who’s the Boss around when it comes to passing dogs.

Especially my sworn enemy, a.k.a. the “I’m so full of myself the Jack Russel” (Unfortunately Veronica doesn’t see my point of view…at all!)


The “Cloud7 Bed”. Our Best in Test!

“FGTDB”: 10 +Super comfortable, keeps the shape, solid, rejects dirt, easily washed    -With very active dogs there can be a very small problem.


Now here we have the ultimate amazing top notch, beautiful, comfy Dog Bed, and my absolute favourite of all!! (And Veronica’s of course!)

I can spread out (Size XL), rest my head on the sideboard. Veronica even ordered the Cloud7 special blanket to make it even softer.


Great for traveling, here on my “Boxer Travels” post.

“FGTDB”: 10 +very easy to roll up, easy to wash, comfortable


Loads of space for co sleeping comfortably downstairs

IMG_3655 2

and upstairs.


You might wonder what happened to all those various Beds…Should I tell you…or not, this needs some serious consideration!

Perhaps next week…right now my Cloud7 Bed is calling…



Best in test, amazing quality, also priciest:

A very good quality price Bed:https:

Very nice and solid especially the dog mats:

Absolutely not worth the money:


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