I am a little worried and upset. Today I have an appointment with the new Dr. Yeah that’s it: NEW! My favourite Dr. EVER has abandoned me!

He’s leaving for A WHOLE YEAR! Apparently there is this one famous professor in a place called Davis, with whom he wants to study.


Without fair warning, he broke the news during my June appointment. The nerve of him! So suddenly, he’s not good enough? He has to specialise?

PLEASE, how much does he actually have to learn? What were all those University studies for?  Plus he already spent a year with another professor in California. Wasn’t that enough?

No, no, no. I know what’s going on here, he just want’s some fun time with his family, and his dog. Yep even the dog is leaving.


He introduced us to his replacement, Dr. S. “She’s very nice and will take great care of you,” so he says. (Easy for him to say, he’ll be gone. And define “nice”!)

She looks super young, is she actually a real Doctor? With a proper diploma? She’s  pretty and all, but looks are one thing, knowledge is another. Apples and oranges here.

As I am a good dog, and very sweet, I will give her the benefit of the doubt and make my own conclusions in due time! (Like I have a choice here?!).


So here we are, on our way to my first appointment with this Dr. S. I am going to compare everything! YES EVERYTHING! Every little detail will be scrutinised!


Waiting room, the same. I stay alert to pick up any clue as to how the atmosphere is, now that he’s gone.

At the moment no change.


The mandatory weighing (same as before). I’m still between 29kg and 30kg. No, I’m not fat. I’m perfect for my 56 cm hight. (We already established that).

I have big muscles, even Dr. L says so.


Time to go into the consultation room. Looks the same to me, most importantly: the candy jar is in place. I love to come here. Well I love Dr L. (sigh)


What’s that I hear now? A feminine voice, yeah, that’s her, the Dr. S is arriving.


She sits down on the floor to greet me. Well now that’s nice, I like that. She talks sweetly, telling me I am very good and beautiful dog, (duh, yeah!) and that she will examine me and give me a shot.

Amazingly enough I don’t mind shots, see, at exact the same moment I get a candy.


She feels my heart, my stomach, pretty much the same routine as before, I get my shot, my candy. So far nothing to complain about.


That’s when things get out of control. “I think there is a little problem with Felicia’s eye”. What’s that now?  What does she mean by “problem”?

First of all I have no problem! Ok it feels a little weird but that’s surely temporary because of the weather or something, pollen or something.

It’s a known fact that pollen can affect the eyes.

IMG_3720 2

But Dr. S is very thorough and goes on and on looking. She thinks I have something called a “Corneal Ulcer”.

Typical, the moment Dr. L abandons me I have a problem. Dr S tells Veronica not to worry, she will send us to an “Ophthamologist”.

“Ophthamologist”???  And WTF is “Corneal Ulcer”? Explain yourself!


Dr. S tells me it’s a little injury to my eye, and I will see an eye specialist, that she is very nice and will heal my eye in no time.

Even though I’m not happy about my so called “problem”…


…I grudgingly have to admit this new, young, Dr. knows her business, and she’s cute and she has a killer smile.

I forgive you Dr. L, but you better be back in due time!! (Before I break a leg or something).


Meanwhile I’m super stressed about this whole “Ophthalmologist” business. She’s going to look me in the eye and perhaps perform a “little intervention”.

You hear that guys? An intervention!! Yeck, I’m so not looking forward to that!  But I’ll try to be brave…hm…

“Felicia the brave, strong, stoic Boxer in the face of medical surgery”. Sounds very cool!

(I know, I’m stretching reality a bit, but shhh don’t tell anyone).



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