I have something very important to say: Mantrailing! It’s the coolest thing ever, best activity for a dog like me. And I’m going to be a champion.

Oh, you don’t know what I’m talking about? PLEASE, it’s time for you discover the magic and fun of Mantrailing.


This is Henny Martinoni. He’s a dog guru. He’s the best at everything : clicker, obedience, search, mantrailing  etc…name it, he does it.

All dogs love him!


These are his two champion dogs.

Naja, a very talented Malinois, she can do just about anything, she’s a real pro, a wonderful dog.

Bonnie is a Springer spaniel and full of pep and life. She’s a specialist in finding bedbugs among other stuff. (I know, weird).


Bonnie at work. Can’t believe she can find such tiny little beasts. Impressive! FYI, no way will I ever do that job, I mean we’re talking about bugs here…

(Incidentally Veronica would never allow such an activity for me, it’s the insect thing.)


Team Martinoni. Two happy working dogs.


Henny and I go way back. When I was a pup Veronica took clicker lessons with him, tackling a few minor issues not worth mentioning here.

He’s MC’s friend, it was during a joint training session with Indya (Indya, my BFF) that we first met. Both Indya and I think he’s super cool.

He only works with Positive reinforcement, and he knows Eva; exactly, my Eva. (Eva Bodfäldt)


Here we are, the Corinne gang or, as I like to call us, “The pro dogs” waiting patiently for Henny and the fun to start.

You might notice I’m not among them, that’s just because I prefer to keep a slight distance from my fellow “Pro dog” members. I’m just more comfortable this way.


I think it’s Veronica’s fault, she’s Swedish, and it’s a known fact that Swedes are somewhat cold and avoid crowds.

During summers they like to live isolated in small, simple cabins. I mean just look at this Bergman fellow, those movies aren’t real fun.

Veronica can spend hours all alone in nature. What can I say; she’s Swedish!


Of course little Leon is here. You’ll be happy to know we’ve reached an understanding. The “Let’s ignore each other” agreement.

I still find him irritating at times, but I have more important fish to fry. There’s a bunch of full-of-themselves newcomers that I find…well this is probably not the time or place…

Let’s move on.


Beatrice and Mylo. I love Mylo!! He’s so cool, we hang out on Thursdays at big dog training. Beatrice always has a nice word for me. (Yeah, she has my back)


Henny gives us a long explanation with complete instructions. The exercise consists of finding a hidden person, following said person’s scent.


Let’s try this. Veronica receives a long tether that she attaches to my harness.


My job is to find Corinne, first she shows me delicious treats. “When you find me, this is what you’ll receive”… mmmmm…chicken…yummy!


Off she goes to hide, so far away I can’t even see where she is.


After what seems like an eternity, I have to pick up her scent on the cloth.


I follow the scent in the grass, this is easy!


Further and further away until…Yes, I find Corinne hidden. Piece of cake! Veronica is very proud. She kept on saying:

“Wow, she’s so focused”. Like that’s some major achievement! You’ll be glad to know that I can be VERY focused…when I want to!


All dogs are happy and have fun searching for the missing person. June with Corinne,


Mylo with Beatrice


and even little Ourai with Philippe, and he’s just a pup.


To round up a perfect day, Bonnie showed us what a real search dog champion can achieve.

Henny asks someone to put a small coin on the ground. Bonnie sets off, happy to demonstrate her talent…


…by rapidly finding the tiny coin on the ground. Can you believe that?? We were all very impressed, but then it’s normal, its Henny’s dog

IMG_0981 3.jpg

I love Henny, he’s the best. He told me I have great potentional!! You heard that? Henny Martinoni, himself, thinks I HAVE GREAT POTENTIAL!!

In other words I’m going to be a Mantrailing Champion!!


Thank you Henny, for your help, your precious advice with my Felicia through the years. Thank you for being a wonderful mentor at all times.







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