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I’m a star! Yes, just look, I have my own photo shoot; I’m a star! Last year Veronica got a gift from all the children; my own photo shoot session with a pro.

I was very excited. An hour just for me, and I am the best model ever!


This is Celine Bissat. She’s a magician, she makes all dogs look amazing. (FYI; I always look amazing.)

NC was the one who discovered her. He’s also my big fan, and he arranged the whole business.


Here is Celine with her dog Ayko. Veronica thinks he’s very elegant. I can be elegant too, even if I don’t appear it at first sight. I have big elegant muscles (even Dr L thinks so).

(Supposedly Indya is the elegant one. Says who??)

We got there early (Well of course this is Veronica and her son NC…early is the family motto)  and at first I was a little concerned. What was going to happen, who was this Celine person, was she nice.


I needen’t worry. She’s just ADORABLE! AND there is a huge box of toys. Just to make us happy. Real cool. Veronica had brought loads of candy, well of course! I don’t work for free!!


Veronica did not want her picture in this post.

Stupidly enough she told the family; “Men Mamma, du måste naturligtvis ha foton av dig med!!” (Mom, you’ve got to have a picture of you too)

Even stupider she asked for their advice on which one to pick! Obviously that started  a never ending discussion…via SMS, ridiculous!


She’s such a softie when it comes to the children. She’s pathetic, she can’t say no. She used to be this very stubborn, strict rules kind of Mom…what’s happened to her?

Old age probably…Wish she would be a softie with me too. But NO I have to obey and follow all the rules. Indya agrees with me on this one!


I just love having my picture taken. As soon as Veronica takes her iPhone out, I pose! I can sit on benches, stones, walls, wherever she wants me to.

I’m such a perfect Model. I’m astonished I don’t get publicity agencies seeking me out to work for them. I’d be perfect! AND, I could get free samples!!


“Felicia, the Boxer, loves Orijen”. (I do love Orijen, Veronica tried to trick me into eating another brand… thought she could fool me…ha, who does she think she’s dealing with?? I’m a connoisseur!)

I turn my head. I know Veronica likes me to look up, down, on the side and I do my best. I kind of like my profile.


I am a star, what an adorable face. I mean the fact is I have MY OWN BLOG! That’s something!


Celine clicks away, and I take my best poses, looking alert and beautiful. It does help that NC has candy ready for me in between poses.


Lying down relaxed. Veronica sometimes takes a long time to get the perfect pic. That’s ok, I just stay put until she tells me “Perfekt Felicia, gott.”  (Perfect Felicia, treat)

Celine on the other hand is a professional, she has a special Camera and takes loads of photos. And they’re all great!


A profile view, head between paws. I know people think this is very cute! Yes it is!


Felicia in sitting position. Veronica was so happy “Bravo! Du är så duktig Felicia” (Your doing very well Felicia)


Here I’m grabbing a treat.


Look at this expression; Little Boxer Felicia, adorable, sweet, kind, innocent and obedient. What’s not to like?

I know Veronica says she has a story or two about my so called “mischiefs”, they’re NOT. They’re just misunderstandings. I might tell you about them, and I’m sure, you’ll take my side!


Celine loves all dogs. Look at all these bully pups, aren’t they adorable. Told you, she does magic.


You see how perfect my pose is?

Indya does not like having her pic taken. She always turns her head, or runs away. She has no patience. I think she finds this whole business ridiculous.

Can it be because VH jog with her all the time? (VH, here’s an idea: run less with her!)

Bet you Celine could make her stay put though!


This, I think, is Veronica’s favorite, I agree, it’s very nice. I look important. This could be used in a campaign:

Vote for Boxer Felicia, she has power! She will make the world a better place.

Actually I do have an idea or two about how to improve our rights. (Off the top of my head; all sofas and beds should be dog friendly.)


Veronica and I have a very strong and special bond. I rely on her and I love to be close to her. We belong together!


This in my favorite. It reminds me of my Mom, Ondra.


Ondra von der Hansjakobstadt

She was in a photo shoot too. (Not with Celine) Look at her, we’re just the same. She always put her head down, just like me.

Veronica loved her, that’s why she wanted one of her puppies. She had to leave for Fairyland not long after my birth, so very sad. Andy and Jacky were devastated.

She’s with my Lego now, bet you they’re having fun!


Celine you’re a magician!  You make me look amazing, beautiful, powerful and also very sweet!

Can I come back?

Thank you Celine for all the lovely pictures and your patience with my Felicia.

I highly recommend Celine she is a wonderful photographer:

Celine Bissat

Special thanks to my wonderful children for such a perfect gift

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