I don’t feel like getting up today. It’s surgery day. I have to trust my “Entourage” (Dr B, Dr de W, Dr F, and Dr L) They all say the meniscus is a much easier intervention than the ligament. Yeah…easy peasy.


Dr de W gives Veronica all the important instructions and medical explanations. I still think she seems very young.

Amazingly enough Veronica looks confident. Apparently, Dr de W was head of the  surgery department for small animals at the University Hospital. She probably knows her business.

Yeah, this will be a walk in the park!


Bunch of liars!! This is NOT a walk in the park! This is not “Easy peasy”! I’m NOT fine, at all! I feel miserable, sick and betrayed.

I’ve got news for you: Meniscus surgery is NOT fun. “Easy intervention”, my foot!

On the plus side, Veronica did not embarrass herself by breaking into tears. (Come to think of it, should I feel concerned?)


Dennis carries me inside. Veronica is actually quite relaxed, chatting with a friend all evening.

Hey, suffering Boxer over here, can I get some attention please!! At least she spends the night on the sofa, as she rightfully should!


We’re off for 10 days of torture cone, and four weeks of minimal walking.

As expected, Veronica has made a few, utterly embarrassing calls to Dr B’s and Dr de W’s staff. (They probably go “Oh no, not the Boxer lady…again”!)


My life has become one long path of misery. Let’s backtrack here:

1) The “Corneal Ulcer” with Dr B (the Ophtalmologist). 10 days of cone.

2) The Ligament surgery with Dr B (Othopedic surgeon) 10 days of cone and a 8 weeks of strict leash walks.

3) The “Sarcoma Tumor” with Dr C. 10 days of cone.

4) The Meniscus Ordeal. With Dr de W. (Orthopedic surgeon) 10 days of cone and we haven’t even started rehab. God knows how long that’ll be.

They say it’s shorter, but see, I don’t trust these guys any more!


Veronica tries to cheer me up by taking me close to her all day. In the garden.


By the dinner table Dennis is a sweetie, he comes over with little bites from his plate.


First Rendez vous with Dr L. As much as I love him, right now I’m extremely suspicious. What do I know about this whole rehab business?

I want facts and results before I can give my opinion on the matter.


It turns out to be very technical. Dr L measures the circumference of my thigh. I have a difference of 4 cm.

He takes pictures, makes annotations, and films me walking to see the evolution. He gives us various exercises.

So I guess that’s ok. We will have regular follow up appointments.


Dr F, that’s a whole other story, his routine I know. He manipulates my leg and my back and performs laser treatment.

I adore when he comes, He’s so nice. The only thing is his “Kleiner Münsterländer”, waiting in the car. Veronica always has to go out to cuddle with her.

It’s not that I’m jealous, but is it really necessary to cuddle with another dog on my turf??

IMG_1842 2.jpeg

10 days have passed and technically my cone should come off. But no!

The wound is not healed. I have to keep it on for another 6 days, so they say!! Seriously?? What happened? Medical error? Can I sue?

Apparently it CAN happen, especially on the knee. Yeah, yeah, whatever!

IMG_1772 3.jpeg

Finally, I’m cone free! We can start some fun stuff. Find the candy in the “Ruffle Snuffle” Mat.


Search games in the garden.


Our walks are very short and always on a leash. Veronica, being an even worse control freak this time, doesn’t let anybody else in charge of those!!


Oh, except Baby L (!)…Don’t ask!!


I love Baby L


She gives me a little kiss and tells me I’ll be fine. So sweet, what a darling.


I know Veronica is doing her best, but frankly being attached on a leash in the garden is not my idea of fun. (Only because she’s worried I might run or jump.)

Can’t wait for this whole ordeal to end!


It’s been 4 weeks. Tomorrow we have our appointment with Dr de W. I want the truth: Will I EVER be able to lead a normal dog life again?

It’s been 9 months since I had a proper playdate!


Dr de W examines my leg thoroughly. She’s happy with the result. My leg is still a little swollen but healed.

My walks can increase and should continue on a leash for a few weeks (Trust Veronica to make that into months!)


Dr W tells me I’m doing great. (Dr de W is the best). I’ll be able to live like a dog with a few restrictions. No more agility, there’s a risk I might injure the other leg.

That’s actually the opinion of my whole “Entourage”. At this stage, frankly, I don’t care, as long as I’ll be able to run and play again.


There was even a bonus, we got to meet Dr B and Ms Dr B. I was thrilled to see them, we even met their new pup, a little “Kooikerhonjde” very cute. I did NOT growl.

(I’m not that stupid, they have access to sharp instruments)


Ok, I admit, the meniscus IS easier. (But I still suffered…on so many levels!)

I think I’m a hero! All these surgeries, I fight through them like a pro. Yeah, I have scars, I’m a badass Boxer. I might even get a tattoo!

Special thanks to Felicia’s “Entourage”

Dr de Wolff Noussitou for performing a perfect meniscus surgery on my Felicia and for being understanding and patient.

The surgery assistants Team, for answering my calls with warmth and reassuring words.

Dr Jerome Föllmi for his numerous treatments and responding to my worried text messages, even on the week end.

Dr Gabor Luka for coming back from California, full of wisdom, just at the right moment.

And of course, Dr Luc Borer, Dr Stephanie Borer and Dr Delphine Carquillat

Felicia and I are fortunate to have such wonderful experts to help us through her medical parkour.

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