This is my rehab center. I come here twice a week.


Fanny is my own very special rehab coach. We adore each other, she’s the best and very, very generous. I get so much candy and many hugs.

Her little Dog, Caramel, is very cute. (Obviously super well behaved)


My Dr L supervises the program. As you know he spent a year in California to become a rehab specialist.

He loves me. What’s not to love? I’m, adorable for one, and patient zero in his new program.

(Incidentally, I have decided to forgive him for the whole California business)


This is Ms Dr L, she’s also a Veterinarian rehab specialist. She’s very sweet and friendly. (And obviously knows all about me).

Let’s take a moment here and admire my elegance and grace. The perfect posture. Yes, Ms Dr L is beautiful too, but she’s more of the sidekick, I’m the top model!

I honestly wonder why haven’t I gotten any offers to be a spokes-dog for various products? Dog beds, Dog food etc… I could get tons of free stuff. Their loss!


The waiting room could do with some improvement! For one, the stone floor is very cold.


I’m forced to sit on the door mat. That is, until I decided this did not work for me so I…


…moved on to the sofa. I didn’t ask for permission, but what’s a freezing boxer girl supposed to do?


Amazingly enough Veronica said nothing, she even sat down with me. (I suspect she finds the chairs uncomfortable).


The rehab room is filled with cool gear for a perfect workout session.


The session starts with this weird electric treatment, “Electro Stimulation“, not really sure what it’s all about, supposedly it’s good for my leg.


It doesn’t hurt at all, it tickles gently and amazingly enough my leg does feel better.


The work out program begins with the treadmill. Easy peasy, I don’t even need a leash.


These exercises are for my balance and to strengthen my legs. Could you do that?


This one is quite tricky, try it!

CA29E5F5-310B-4DD7-B626-B14730E3AD00 2

Walking with the big ball…

1536DE8B-C8AF-4638-ADC1-D809C0726588 2

…and the peanut. I’m such a pro, I’m amazing!

Take that, you Police dogs, supposedly “the best at the rehab workout”! I’m just as good, perhaps even better, yes surely better! AND I’m a Boxer no less! What can I say, I’m a natural.

FYI I would do all these tremendously difficult exercises even without the “Parfait”, (the paste). Just thought I’d mention it!


We always end with a laser session. Very relaxing.


Dr L monitors my progress regularly. He’s very happy with the results. I’m getting stronger and stronger, and what’s more: I LOVE to come here.


Unfortunately Fanny left for a very long vacation. (I’ve said this before, these guys should NOT be allowed to go on vacations…ever!)

Luckily Stephanie was ready to step in, she’s very sweet and gentle. So it all worked out.


Dr L has two practices and this week I was summoned to the other one. I was led, under false pretences, into back room. (I was made to believe this was a courtesy visit).

Two assistents dressed in Swim wear (how weird is that??!!) and Dr L put this absolutely hideous, orange vest on me! (thank god no dogs around to see this embarrassing outfit).


They bribe (!) me, to go inside this weird big glass box that Suddenly fills up with water. Yes: Fricking water!!!

What’s going on? A giant bath? I can’t believe Veronica make me do this. Luckily I’m generously rewarded.


Without any warning the floor starts moving…MOVING! OMG! This is a water tread mill!

After a brief (VERY brief) moment of slight pani…astonishment, I catch on and walk as if this was my every day workout.

Everybody’s cheering. And rightfully so!


They all want to congratulate me, I am patient zero in this water tread mill. The first dog ever to try it.

I’m such a success! I deserve all their attention and mostly all their treats. (If I may say so, I’m an amazing dog!)


As a matter of fact I am Dr L’s Team’s star. They all gather round to admire my numerous skills.

I should start my own show.

“Boxer Felicias Workout”. An online service. Everybody would buy my program and I’d be a millionaire. I could expand with T shirts, sweatshirts featuring my picture.

“Stay Fit with Boxer Felicia”. I’ll be famous, I’ll be a star.


I already have the glasses!

My thanks go to:

Dr Gabor Luka and Dr Pia Luka for setting up this wonderful Rehab Center 

The team assistants for their friendliness and warm welcome

Special thanks to Fanny for being so sweet, patient and loving with my Felicia




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