These are my cousins, Qastor and Qarisma von der Andreashöhe. They have emigrated to Sweden.

Please admire their gorgeous Swiss collar!


When I say cousins, it’s more like distant cousins. We share the same ancestor, the famous champion, Exkalibur von Hofmannstal.


The Mother is Andy and Jacky’s beautiful Pretty von Hofmannstal (From Rosine Hofmann). The father, Xenon von Eulenhorst, looks like a cool, hot guy.


Incidentally here is the Andreashöhe Team; Nando, Mosca, Lavie v. d. Andreashöhe, and Pretty von Hofmannstal.


The adventure started when Veronica sent her friend Yvonne, in Sweden, a picture of all the puppies.

“Do you want one”?

It was intended as a joke but Yvonne, who was thinking about a new pup, took the matter very seriously.


Yvonne has her own, Kennel, “Introduce”. Here with Havannah’s litter. The D team.

She kept a baby, a female; “Introduce De Luxe”. Her only Boxer now since both Havannah and Mojo are in Fairyland. (They’re probably hanging out with my Lego).

One thing led to another and her friend Maria, owner of Lux’s Bother “Introduce Da Vinci”, happily joined the “let’s look at pups” trip.


The”Boxer Fan Squad”, Yvonne, Veronica and Maria, met up in Zürich and took the train to Flawil.

I did not approve of that trip, AT ALL!! Veronica should not be allowed to see puppies. I don’t want a little sister!! Come think of it, she should be banned from all Puppy venues.

I’ve said this before; I haven’t reach my full potential and I’m nowhere near ready to be a surrogate Mom.


The “Boxer Fan Squad” were introduced to Pretty’s 11 puppies, the Q team. It was love at first sight


Yvonne was charmed by this adorable female…


…and Maria by this cute male.

It was a no brainer and the deal was sealed; Qarisma and Qastor were to emigrate to Sweden. Andy and Jacky were thrilled.

FYI Veronica did NOT choose a puppy!!! I suspect Dennis put a veto to any kind of “little sister” shopping. (I love being one of a kind, and their star.)


Just look at those adorable faces. These are the cutest puppies ever. (Now that I know I’m safe, I can properly admire Pretty’s babies).

They are just soooo cute!

Incidentally, don’t tell Veronica I said that, I don’t want her to reconsider the situation!


The siblings had so much fun.

05682BEC-20F0-42D7-8DD6-4C65927D5707 2

A professional dog photographer came for a special “Puppy photo session”. Look at those babies all snugly together.

Don’t you just want to snuggle with them? Adorable!! But shhh, not a word to “you know who!”


At 10 weeks, the Puppies were ready to leave for their new homes.

Unfortunately, due to border regulations, Qarisma and Qastor had to wait until 15 weeks and a rabies shot, before entering Sweden.

Andy and Jacky took great care of them, preparing them for a life outside the kennel: Puppy classes…


…excursions to the city and unfamiliar surroundings..


…encounters with people and children…


and some basic education.


Finally, after months of waiting. Yvonne and her husband Tom arrived in their caravan to pick up their new baby.

It was true happiness.


Yvonne had brought Lux so she could meet her new baby sister.


Maria and her husband arrived a little later, by plane. It was a jolly, merry reunion.

They spent a few fun days getting acquainted with their new babies. Visiting some local sights and the annual “Fastnacht” (Spring Carnival)


Time had come to start the long journey back home, pack everyone into the caravan and say goodbye to Pretty, Andy and Jacky.


They were sad to see their babies leave but happy and proud to have two of their dogs in Sweden. (FYI Andy’s hair is coloured for the Carnival).

Qarisma and Qastor are very lucky. They’re adopted by two, wonderful, dog loving families surrounded by Sweden’s amazing forests. Plenty of space to run, play and have fun.

I, for one, would move in with Yvonne in a heartbeat, she’s so nice and always has my back whenever Veronica complains about…well…never mind.

91354025-F70D-40C3-A2B5-23C72F8FDCE3 2

The Puppies love their new homes.

Lux is a wonderful surrogate Mom, staying close to her little sister, protecting her.


Vinci is happy to have a new playmate and keeps Qastor on his toes, looking out for him at all times.


Maria introduces Qastor to their horses.


Soon he hangs out with Vinci in the stables


Yvonne starts tracking with Qarisma, she’s a promising student.


Qarisma and Lux are inseparable,


as are Vinci and Qastor.

Their new lives consist of play, fun, long walks in the forest, some training and lots and lots of love.

A happy, wonderful, Boxer life.


Qastor age 6 months


Qarisma age 6 months

I’m proud to have two gorgeous cousins in Sweden.


Ok, enough with those pups!! Let’s talk about some other dog, off the top of my head: me! Felicia v d Andreashöhe, the cousin, and I’m gorgeous too!

Also, I love being my family’s, one and only, star.


Liebe Andy und Jacky, Ich bin sehr froh zwei Andreashöhe Boxer jetzt glücklich in Schweden leben


Rosine Hofmann is a wonderful and respected Boxer Lady and Europe’s oldest breeder (90 Years old). Here with Pretty’s sister, Phyllis.

Rosine, as always, came to admire the litter and give her opinion on the attributes of each puppy. She is always so generous with her time. 







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