A few years ago Dennis moved in with us.  I was totally unprepared.  Ok ok Veronica had told me about this guy Dennis and he was going to come and stay. I thought it was for a few days. Like all other houseguests.

I don’t mind guests, actually even quite nice.. but moving in… that’s a whole other story.


The day came, she left for the airport ( I was not even allowed to come with her) and  there he was bringing with him FOUR HUGE SUITCASES!

What was that all about??? Then I sort of remembered vaguely her telling me he was moving in..for good!! It might just have slipped my mind.

I liked our life together, just Veronica and I. And I was NOT happy!

I barked at him doing my best to show my disapproval. Veronica  told him to ignore me and he just walked right into OUR house!!

IMG_7228 (2)

My plan was to give him the cold shoulder. Perhaps he would leave, move out again. At the same time I was a tiny bit curious. I had to know why on earth Veronica wanted this person to live here, with us.

As they were having dinner I made a calculated approach to test him. The result of said approach was unexpected. He did not send me away but patted me, talked to me, told me I was a beautiful boxer.

‘Ok lets not get carried away’ I thought.He’s just trying to get into my good books.

Then he did something really cool he…


…gave me a piece of dried meat.. FROM THE TABLE! Wow, that is totally unheard of in Veronica’s world!

He played with me, in the garden. And reluctantly, VERY, VERY reluctantly I had to admit he was  more then cool.


He spends a lot of time in the kitchen. He does Sunday brunch. He cooks all the time (something Veronica never did) and he OFTEN gives me little treats.

He tells Veronica “She likes fish” and “She likes lamb”.. I sure do!!!


Indya totally agrees with me. She hangs out by the cooking station just as much, hoping for the best.

Dennis thinks us girls deserve good food, and taste new stuff. We couldn’t agree more. (he does not think much of our “dried diet”)


We wrestle in the sofa…this is a game Veronica does not approve of (she has another opinion of  what a “dog game” is). We have so much fun though.


He likes to sleep late. Sometimes too late, in Veronica’s book. She sends me up to wake him. That’s hilarious; He is deep asleep and I jump on the bed on him. Not sure he appreciates as much as I do.


I like to sleep close to the sofa when he is reading (you never know he might go into the kitchen)


In his office when he is working, especially when we are alone. I help him concentrate when he’s writing.


At the end of the day the arrival of this new member  highly improved living standards at our house.

Veronica is kind of a rule person, the dog/activity person. Dennis is easygoing and fun and cooks. We form a great team.






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