The Family


This is my family. There are a lot of them! They’re all VERY COOL and everybody loves me…and Indya of course. We are a dog fan Family, and even better a boxer fan family.

I love when they come to our house. There is always fun stuff going on; Candy, games, cuddle, new toys… so much crazy time spent together.

Yes I know, they want to see Veronica and Dennis too, and yes they look forward eating his food, yes, yes, but that must surely come second to playing with me!


Number one: Zelda. She is great, and loves to cuddle. Sometimes she gets a tad irritated when I’m too enthusiastic during my greeting sessions. I don’t really understand why, but she goes on like;

“NOOO! Now she drooled on my black pants again”… “Mamma, call your dog”…What does she mean “Drool”?

I DO NOT DROOL! I just have large chops.


Most of the time she is very sweet and fun and takes me on runs, something Veronica and Dennis don’t do.

They NEVER run!  I like to sit and watch her work, she might even give me a treat.


Number two: Malkah, she lives with Victor, Indya lives with them. They take Indya running all the time. She’s become quite the long running athlete, I’m more of the short distance kind.

They’re such fun and they love me but clearly Indya is their star. She CONSTANTLY reminds me of this fact, and makes sure it stays this way.


I love to go to their house. Indya has cool toys and amazingly enough she  shares. I don’t really understand how come or why but whatever toy I choose, she takes another one. This makes me very confused.

They have a small garden and listen to this: THERE ARE TWO CATS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF  THE FENCE!

Veronica and Malkah are such spoilsports; they don’t allow us to run out and tell these guys what we really think of them.

IMG_6636 2

Number three: Nathan, he’s married to Melissa. He is the Yankees fan. He’s very cool we play all the time, and he has given me great toys.

He really spoils me. He’s into sports so we play a lot of ball games.


Melissa used to be afraid of dogs.  Us boxers taught her dogs can be nice and fun. Especially since she got to know Indya and me as puppies.

I slept on her lap as often as I wanted. She even baby sat me when NC and Veronica went to the opera. I’m sure she loves us now.


Number four:  Maddie, Dennis’s daughter. She is so sweet and fun. I only met her once since she lives very, very far away.

She stayed with us for a week and we bonded really well. Wish she could be here more often.  I heard Veronica and Dennis talk about her coming next year.


She was here for our cool Halloween party. I slept on her foot during dinner, she did not mind at all.

She loves to cuddle and play with me. I miss her and hope she comes back very soon.

IMG_6638 2

Number five: Elie, the cool guy. When he’s here we watch TV together. I especially liked a movie called “Star Wars”! Really awesome!

I sometimes go  over to his place. We play and when I’m tired I can sleep on his bed. I know!  How lucky am I?


He is very strong and likes to pick me up. There is NO WAY Veronica can do that, I am way too heavy.

EC comes over very often I think it’s because he wants to play with me….Dennis says it’s because of his cooking…  Veronica says it’s because he wants to see her!

They really don’t get it at all : I’m the star!


I LOVE MY FAMILY! (Incidentally see the Boxer, ME? I’m “The Flower Girl”!)






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