The Rules


Veronica is a BIG believer in  rules. She adores rules. She lives by them, AND wants all house members to go by them. It’s a little too much at times. Dennis agrees with me.

There are a whole bunch of rules JUST FOR ME!


I have already expressed my opinion about my bed rule, and the barking rule, in Home episode. You might think that is already a lot.. NOOO there are MANY more…

I am not even going to get in to the “I am on a walk” rules “car rules” etc, I will describe those later

I think it is because she used to be a teacher.


When she opens the door for me; I AM NOT ALLOWED TO RUN OUT ! I have to ask for permission! Seriously ?  The door is opened FOR ME..! That’s so crazy.


They have amazing comfy sofas. Am I allowed up ? NO !  I have to stay on the carpet. I think that’s very unfair, therefore I sneak up whenever I can.

I get caught and immediately sent down, no need to say.


Same goes with their bed. I try all the time. Looking as sweet as possible, perhaps even a little sad and lonely.

After the “desperate look” session I….


…  softly climb up and make myself very small and discreet. You see, they both think I’m so cute, that’s their weak spot. Usually I get to stay a little before being sent down…


…I make a point of not saying goodnight, and  I sulk downstairs.  WHY can’t I watch TV with them on the bed ?  I just don’t understand their explanations.


EC often comes to visit. He’s just great, I love him and he loves me, we are best friends.  He is no fan of the rules, well my rules. I’m always allowed up on his lap in the sofa to cuddle.


Sometimes he comes for sleepovers. I sleep on his bed. How cool is that, now we’re talking. This is someone who truly understands a boxer’s needs.

IMG_6052 3

I don’t want to be all negative.  We need to be understanding with Veronica’s small…”eccentricities”  and she just adores me, and I get to climb up on her lap. Dennis says she’s actually a softie…

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