Morning Routine


Early mornings I sleep, I’m so tired,  I just want TO SLEEP! I do NOT like to be woken up, thrown out in the garden when I’m not ready. This is something Veronica DOES NOT UNDERSTAND.

She  wakes up early, VERY early!  She is up and ready for just about anything, full of energy. Veronica actually LOVES to get up early. Is that a Swedish thing?

Me and Dennis we’re different, VERY different!

We  sleep late,  linger, stretch and take in the day, before getting up and on to things.


I have tried using the upstairs bed, thinking she might ignore me going down, leaving me alone, in my sleep…

Well…. that does NOT work, same all, same all… “up you go”…”out in the garden”… pfffff


Veronica’s morning starts with a swim, well that is after having pulled me out of bed and into the garden. I’m sure she thinks I should swim too but NO NO NO. Never going to happen.

I think she is crazy.

She needs to relax.. take i easy…


I go straight back to bed as soon as I can. Miraculously she leaves me alone, it is her “Green Tea, candles, classical music, reading” time and she is  not  to be disturbed.

I can relax, sleep, enjoy my morning and comfortable bed  for a while.


The other day she had this  TOTALLY CRAZY IDEA: start the day with a walk ?? What was she thinking? I would be happy ?  Full of energy ?


I walked far behind, I did not even want to run, I mean look at this: It’s still dark!


And then we have the rainy day mornings… I hate those, I DO NOT LIKE RAIN!  But does she care ? NO out it is as always.

I have tried  “staying on the terrace pretending to go out”…does not work. She checks if my coat is wet! Honestly what a control freak!!


When Dennis’s awake (sometimes I have to wake him, lot’s of fun)  having his coffee I feel I should get my breakfast too. I hang out on my spot in the Kitchen.. BUT NO!!

You see Veronica  read this Swedish book about dogs, “Follow me” (Kontaktkontraktet) by Eva Bodfäldt, (Yes my Eva) and I now get my food during  walks. I have to “Deserve it”, by “Working”… or even worse…


… search for it… apparently this is good for me…

Now I have to be honest; I do enjoy searching for the food, it’s actually real fun and quite a challenge.

I do NOT want Veronica to know this, NO! She has this thing about being right.

Dennis totally agrees with me.

Actually it’s a family thing this “I AM RIGHT, YOU ARE WRONG, I KNOW BETTER THAN YOU”!! They’re all like that.  Exhausting!!


Once I’m  up  and wide awake I get bored,  I need action!! Veronica goes upstairs to get ready so I usually hang out in their room  to make it perfectly clear:



As soon as the car is out I jump in and I get VERY impatient. C’mon guys “let’s go let’s go let’s go”!!!

I have to wait and wait.. Veronica keeps on forgetting stuff…”oh forgot my glasses”… “just a minute haven’t got my phone”… “did I put the alarm”.. and so on..

Seriously ?? She needs to get her act together;

(I know Dennis pretends to be patient but he is pretty fed up with this whole “I keep on forgetting my stuff” business!)

What’s wrong with  her ???


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