We all love Corinne. She’s our “go-to dog person”, she loves all dogs, all “her” dogs. We come here as tiny pups. We learn how to behave with other dogs to socialise, we learn Obedience and  Agility.  Most of all we have fun, loads of fun.

When Lego was just five months old, Veronica wanted to train Obedience only using positive reinforcement (like there’s another valid method?)  Corinne was the one.


To get to Corinne’s place we need the car, it’s in the middle of nowhere. A huge garden with big trees, a small paradise. I’m always very impatient to arrive. It’s so cool!

She lives here with, three dogs, chicken, geese, and several cats.


I  often wonder “Why can’t we have more dogs”? Perhaps it’s because I have heard Veronica tell people that having me is like having three boxers… honestly she must always exaggerate!!

And cats ? I find them highly interesting. Now Corinne’s cats are not allowed out  during lessons, a pity, I would have loved to check them out.  Nobody trusts me…

IMG_7868 (1).jpg

There is plenty of space to run, to play, for Agility and Obedience. We start with puppy school then teenage classes.


I now attend Agility and Thursday big dog classes. I am not too fond of this last one, no need to get into details.

(Truth is; I might just have a teeny-weeny problem with some dogs I find highly irritating…  I will explain in later post, I’m sure you will see my point and be very understanding.)


This is Chance, Lilya and June, Corinne’s “girls”.


I  love June, she is so cool. In Agility she runs like a rocket! I wish I could run like that.  Sometimes she even plays with me.


Chance is the little charmer, a real cutie. She’s  such a quick learner, I mean REALLY quick. What can I say, some just need more time. I will get there in the end.

( Though, I do find it highly unfair that a much younger, and smaller, poodle learns faster then me..!!)


Lilya is  the youngest and the little rascal in the trio. She looks innocent with her pointy ears and big eyes.  Don’t be deceived though, she finds loopholes in Corinne’s vigilance and sneaks off for all kind of mischief, mostly  dragging Chance with her.

Veronica thinks they’re very funny, and  adorable. Grudgingly I have to agree. (You see, I’m a little jealous… ok I know I shouldn’t, but there you go)


All the puppies in the family attended play school here. Corinne would always have a watching eye, a helping hand if someone didn’t feel happy or secure.

There were so many cool pups there, we had a ball.


She guided us through every step, with much patience, her reassuring voice, teaching us even the most scary situation can be fun. For Indya…


…and me, we became little daredevils.

As you know, Indya came first. Yes, yes she IS older and wiser and so on, and  therefore has age related privileges.

(That’s so NOT fair! Who invented that notion? Whoever it was  clearly needs to reconsider)


Whenever I tend to let my slightly (yes only slightly) impulses get the better of me. I hear Corinne “Well Felicia, what are you doing” ?  I immediately feel very bad and snuggle  up for forgiveness.

(Especially on Thursday big dog class)


Whatever I do, however well or badly I perform, if ever my behaviour is not “perfect”; Corinne always cuddles and hug me. And most important, she still loves me.

She is so cool, AND I’m totally allowed to come up and say hello.

She understands us dogs, she knows what makes us happy.

I  do love her


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