Wedding and dog camp


Hey guys, great news, today Veronica told me they are leaving and I’m going to stay at Uncle Bradley’s for a few days!

It’s this really great place where I go whenever Veronica and Dennis are travelling. Lots of cool dogs to play with, wonderful people who look after me and cuddle with me.I will tell you all about him in later post.

I am very excited…


…and also a little offended! You see Veronica and Dennis are going away for NC and MBC big wedding ceremony far away.


(This photo is from Civil Wedding here, I was not invited there either.  They’re adorable though)

I mean was I not perfect? And cute? (you can check by yourself in “Flower girl” post)

Veronica told me NC would have loved for me to be there but flying with big dogs for such a short time is complicated… apparently… Yeah yeah!


Quick flash back: Now isn’t that flower girl just adorable, and look how well behaved she is, NOT jumping after the bubbles…?? Well this perfect, adorable flower girl is; ME!

At least Indya is not coming either.


I’m being totally unreasonable, I know… I’m very happy to be with my pals, especially since my awesome friend Inook, from Agility is going to be there too!!!


We are SO going to be wild together, playing all the time!


Guess this means I’ll be off the radar for some time.


See you guys!

2 thoughts on “Wedding and dog camp

  1. Olà girl, I can feel your disappointment not to be at the wedding. I’m too. So I was invited, but reasonably stayed at home to finish my work. Awful, don’t you think so, to let go the wedding of Nathan and Melissa for a work appointment. Crazy too, at my age not to follow my instincts. But you cannot follow your instinct either. That’s the way it is. We need both consolation.
    But, above all, if you agree (you can play with your dog fellows after this short moment) we wish Nathan and Melissa the best wedding ever celebrated in one of the nicest cities I know. Let’s make a toast, um brinde to our happy couple. “Be happy for ever”!! (you agree with me girl?)


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