Veronica loves shopping, well you already know that, (see “shopping on Mars” post). She loves fashion, she reads magazines, follow designers, love to spend time in beautiful stores, and amazingly not only for shopping. No, just to admire the clothes, the bags, the shoes, touch all the magnificent dresses, coats, leathers,  all different materials.

She  enjoys the scents  of perfume, leather and new fabric. (You’d think she’d be more understanding with my love for smelly fields and holes, MUCH more understanding. But NO then it’s “Felicia, what are you doing ?” “Let’s go” etc  always!)

Today is a special day, we are going Eye shopping in a beautiful high end store. I am wearing my special collar. Ok so technically it’s not mine…it’s Indya’s, I borrowed it for the occasion.

Time  to meet…


… JMF, he’s Veronica’s fashion go to guy, her fashion guru, and  last but not least her friend. They go way back, he used to work in a great store, (now closed) where she bought most of her clothes. He always knew exactly what would suit her, knew her style. Never pushing her to shop, always honest when he felt the item was not right.

He even came home to help her declutter her closet. ( I think he should come back, there’s work to be done)

Even though he’s a cat person he LOVES dogs, and, thinks I’m very cute (goes without saying).

JMF now works in this gorgeous high end store, Veronica has bought a few bags there, advised and sold by him, naturally. She always makes sure he’s in before visiting.


JMF is very sweet, when Veronica and Dennis went on their honeymoon, he and SO (the manager) had organised, with the complicity of MC and the LV local team, flowers and champagne waiting for them in their hotel room.

I was of course not there, I was at Uncle Bradley’s, but she told the story over and over again. I think she’s still in shock.


As we arrive at the store she gives me THE TALK:  “it’s a very chic store, you have to behave”, “NO jumping on people”, “only a very discreet hello” “and no running around”…. she went on and on and on…CHILL!! I KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE! This is NOT my first rodeo!


Going to LV has its ritual, all while lecturing me, we have to admire the shop windows. Ok, I have to admit they’re quite spectacular.


Inside we take this bizarre lift, with glass walls, a bit weird and also quite fun.


Time for greetings, see, NOT climbing up! I know JMF has a fancy suit and needs to see clients all day looking dapper and clean.

He’s very happy to see me, as are all the other sales assistants and the manager. Yes, I saw, he smiled at me, well who wouldn’t, I’m a cutie,  everybody can see that. Even in high end stores.


Then comes the annoying part, the “Long time no see catching up”, I’m used to Veronica talking and talking for ever.  I relax patiently.


After the “catching up” session it is time for: “What’s new in the store”, and the touring begins.

I find these guys a bit freaky, they sure look like real people… I wish I could go closer and smell properly. Veronica will not allow that, of course, she thinks I might “drool” on the fancy clothes. I know, SO frustrating!

IMG_9434 2.JPG

We already spent some time by the shoe and clothes section, now the scarves, glasses and belt section.

Every stop they talk and talk, discuss latest trends, then they go on and on about a guy called “Nicolas Ghesquière”. Who’s he? Never heard of him! A friend? A dog owner perhaps? A famous client? Ohhhh I know, a famous dog that visited the store?


I later understood; he’s the head designer of LV. Well, I could NOT know that!


Time for the  “crème de la crème” the handbags. That’s Veronica’s favourite and her “talon d’Achille”!


This is going to take some time, she has to check all the new items, so she shows me  my spot “Felicia you stay here, be nice”. Yeah, yeah I know the rules.

I’m a very patient boxer (truth is I love spending time with her, yes even shopping)


The “looking at bags” starts, JMF brings out all the special pieces, Veronica is thrilled. She takes her time, admiring them, trying them on, walking around, checking herself in the mirror…

Honestly I think she’s ridiculous, she’s not even buying those items.  Why, tell me why, torture yourself trying  on gorgeous bags you’ll never own??? Crazy!!

Or does she have a secret plan?

Very strange…  She’s happy, and after a lot of Wooing and many exclamations like “Oh beautiful”, and “Amazing” and “Great bag” we finally  head downstairs to check…

IMG_9424 (1).jpg

…the latest LV addition, the perfumes. Boy, did that take a long time. She wanted to smell each perfume, at least 5 times, and then after a pause, 5 more times. Not to mention the eternal discussion with JMF about the various scents.

I tried a discreet approach to see what it was all about, I mean, I need to compare to my kind of smells.


So, that did not go well at all! I’m immediately sent away.

Here I am, behaving great, and one little freedom step, one little innovative move, I’m told off. I did not even drool, or lick, just a tiny, tiny smell.

She needs to look at the big picture, not focus one small detail.


At last, after what seemed like hours and hours it was time to say goodbye.  After all the appropriate  rituals, we left,  no new bag…. not today.

Not sure Dennis believed her this morning, as we departed, and she told him “just eye shopping”, (I can see why, but let’s not get into any  past embarrassing episode, for Veronica’s sake, we do love her after all ).

IMG_9503 (1).jpg

Once home Veronica praised me telling me I was “a perfect boxer”! You hear that:  A PERFECT BOXER! (Smelling incident apart, but let’s forget about that).

Wish I  could keep the collar, why can’t I have my own? Bet you it’s because Indya is older! Also, she can have a LV bag, but me no collar? Because I’m “just a dog”?   Not ok!  MC is much nicer and understanding.

Perhaps some other family member  will see the injustice and plead in my favour.

Now I need to rest. Eye shopping is fun but quite exhausting!


Thank you JMF for having my fashion back for all those years


Special thanks to my friend CS for all the pictures on this episode

More  Felicia and Veronica shopping:






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