Veronica loves shopping. She can spend hours in just about any store. Shopping with girlfriends, shopping with her girls, shopping with Dennis (not so much), shopping with her boys (even less often).

Sometimes I’m allowed to come with her. Not to all stores, but some special places, as on Mars.


A very cool small store with shoes, bags and  clothes. Sabrina is the owner and CC works with her, both are real cool and I know they like me.

I’m always welcome.  There is even a little yard I can hang out in if it’s too crowded inside.


Whenever we come here I know I better be patient. Trust me, Veronica spends A VERY LONG TIME HERE! She loves to try on all new shoes, talk to Sabrina, talk to CC, try some more stuff on.. etc…


Considering the time the “Shopping escapade”  takes, I usually get comfortable on the soft carpet in the shoe room.


Veronica just tells me I am not allowed out on the street, she gets a little bit bossy..  I  know the Mars/rules,  she still goes on about dangerous cars etc..

I am no puppy!! And what more; there is a Gate!


I have to say I don’t understand why trying on shoes becomes such an “ordeal” ?

And what’s this whole business with the: putting them on…taking them  off….  on again..  walk a bit…take them off and so on.. ?

What’s wrong with these  shoppers??  What’s the deal with  this  “shoe madness” ??


Usually Veronica comes here with CS.  Apparently shopping alone is too difficult. She needs advice, not that it makes it easier. I even think it confuses things and delays any kind of decision!

They just go on and on about; what to buy, and what is nice and what is to come.


Not to mention the:

“lets try these shoes on”…”what do you think about this bag”…”oh you need to try those pants on again”…”look at this dress, would look great on you”…”Check this coat”…”Let’s see the coat with that sweater”…This circus can go on for quite some time.

And then, as if CS is not enough, she texts her girls, and sometimes even Dennis, for advice…

Pictures are sent, FaceTime discussions starts.

I told you; madness!

IMG_5549 (1)

I  relax and  check out new customers.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy these little shopping excursions and Mars is  fun. At the end of the day what only matters is:

I LOVE spending time with Veronica.


I did hear Veronica tell Dennis Mars is soon moving to a new location.. I can’t wait to check it out. Well that is to say, if I am allowed to visit….





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