Veronica loves Halloween…I secretly hopes she’d forgotten about it…

You see, she makes me wear silly gear . . .yes ridiculous ones. Supposedly I have to be in the “Halloween spirit”.


“Felicia you have to look festive” and “Oh that’s sooo cute” and “Dennis, come here and see how adorable she looks”.. etc  etc… Sure… more like “RIDICULOUS”!!!!


Indya never has to wear anything remotely as embarrassing, only a discreet pumpkin collar, look. Me…. well, you’ll see… and Veronica loves them all!


I did get this real cool toy, it squeeks! This drives her crazy, the squeeking (guess she hadn’t noticed  as she bought it).

Well, I squeeked big time, all over the house. I’ll show her “Halloween spirit”!


She tried to take the toy away (probably to lock it in some cupboard, she does that sometimes), I gave her THE LOOK!  The “don’t you dare take my toy” look.

Never works, can’t blame a girl for trying. Now listen to this; she gave up, yes, just like that… strange…

Guess she wants to make up for making me wear those stupid outfits!



The festive collar:

“Look Felicia, it comes from a very fancy dog store in New York”, yeah, like I care…

It has little bells on it, so when I run I feel like I’m a Christmas reindeer..  That’s supposed to be “Halloween spirit”?? Really??  Stupid!

Luckily she’s very worried it’ll get dirty or a bell falls off, so I don’t have to wear it out of the house! Or even in the garden. (Only for this photo).


The Halloween bandana:

Dennis chose the bandana on their last trip ( “California  style”  he told me),  I actually love it. Kind of cool, with big black spiders. Gives me the “Badass” look!

Yeah  “The badass Halloween Boxer” Ha.. that’s awesome!  I wish I could show off at Corinne’s, even Inook would envy me.

I hope I’ll wear it tomorrow on our walk, people will say; “Oh, here comes the Bad ass Halloween Boxer”!!


The Halloween leash and collar:

It was Lego’s set, it’s decorated with bats and the colors look great with my dark coat. I don’t mind at all. If Lego wore it, then I can too. This was the first Halloween gear, before Veronica took it to another level.


Yes, those were the more simple days. (Lego never had to endure this newer trend)

Let’s just hope that’s it, not the clothes….please! (I think I’m safe, she doesn’t like clothes for dogs, phew!)


The Halloween frilly collar:

This is the worst ever!!  I look so pathetic and ridiculous…it’s Veronica’s FAVOURITE!!!  What’s wrong with her??? Is this some kind of joke???  Has she lost her mind???

I am not leaving the house if I have to wear this… “THING”!!  Even with smelly meat balls, nope! I’ll just stay on my bed, she cannot lift me anyway.

I’m sure Dennis is with me on this one!


The Trick or Treat collar:

Very discreet and simple, can’t believe she actually allows me to wear it.

The whole day I have to wear these different outfits, “Oh, Felicia, you’re the most beautiful Halloween Boxer in the world”. Nice try, I’m not falling for that one!


Then comes the “waiting for the children”, I love that part of the day!  They’re so cute…  well  most of them…nearly all of them….apart from a few freaky ones…real scary!


Veronica makes me go inside, supposedly my barking might frighten them… ridiculous, they are the scary ones…pfffff

They get loads of candy, Veronica makes sure there’s more then enough.

Oh, I get treats too, well of course, what else?  IT’S HALLOWEEN!!

Trick or Treat!


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